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A original.

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hello everyone
um welcome to the very first episode
of um
we're uh let's get out of here
this is me loving google earth and
traveling around
and experiencing other places
via google earth basically
there's a chat over there you can linky
um to um you know
like maybe images from around the world
some things we're gonna travel the world
it's travel travel travel travel travel
and we're gonna do it together we're
gonna have fun we are companions of one
as we travel travel travel travel
travel travel it's this is a traveling
show so just think about what you would
be doing as you were traveling
um to a new place with a friend
you know let's say holding hands you and
i are holding hands
we're going through the thingy thing the
lazy place
in in somewhere bill
on earth um maybe we'll
get to other places other than earth
um and yeah we're just gonna
we're just gonna stop and have fun and
we're gonna do and we're gonna travel
and we're gonna walk and we're gonna
talk and and discuss
and talk and discuss and discuss and
as we travel that's it let's get out of
so um
the question is i don't know why i'm not
close but
where do we want to go can we just get
is there a home
there is a voyager
rooftop gardens five beasts of africa
i don't know what that is united states
um so where do you want to go
what's this oh i'm feeling lucky
it could be interesting they could pick
for us
okay we're going to germany
let me um just triple check to make sure
that the live stream is looking good
so um there's the spot
um a town in northern
whatever germany capital of the
district yeah just that same word over
and over again
um we can get rid of that because we're
mostly going in blind but i guess we're
in germany today
and we'll get um look at these little
wait a second
why is there no road
why is there no roads to travel
well i don't want to go there if there's
no roads we can't walk down up and down
the street
okay so we'll go to a place closer
so just as uh oh geez
i guess we're going in
going in oh
um are we gonna is this
computer going to start responding
or not like what are we doing here
okay i don't know what's going on but
i'm not liking it
it's like what it's a photo i don't care
about the photo
maybe that's my problem i'm inside of a
and i don't want to be inside of a photo
i want to be on the road so i can travel
god damn
show me the blue lines
sometimes blue lines sometimes no blue
lines what's going on computer
oh i'm getting annoyed already
see blue lines flashy flashy
you're supposed to do exactly what i
hate computers that are
not 100 perfect anyway
i'm i'm i'm over this place already
a location highlighted to enter street
view duh
i've been doing this for a very long
period of time
and my this whole computer is being a
complete 100 piece of garbage
and driving me and saying it's my mouse
is not clicking
the website is not responding this is a
hundred percent
mega perfection required um
because there's clicky clicks all over
the everything
boom there
okay i'm gonna just i'll just start at
now get in there
okay i guess we're gonna go down some
or a road i don't like traveling against
the traffic
it's just annoying
i want to travel with the traffic
there's something wrong about
traveling against traffic right
no i don't mind it inside the towns but
going down a highway
is just no good no good at all
okay see this is
wait a second they're on the right side
of the road
why am i not tilting
really are they changing the all of the
everything i have to click on this
i'm supposed to be able to click middle
click here
and move around the around e
are they changing everything
this is mouse zoom in and zoom out
but what about look around
why can i not look a round
there's no look around anymore
wow so i don't know maybe they did he
something something to the the program
so i click this but i'm supposed to be
able to
click and drag around the around the
around the around you around
everything around i'm supposed to have a
360 degree view
of all of the everything
is this like google camera 1.0
and i'm used to 10.0
why can't i move around
why can't i click around
okay obviously i'm in the midst of just
trying to figure out how to reuse this
piece of software
see now there is a zero percent reason
why i shouldn't be able to just turn
a round up
turn around and why is it taking so long
is there zero internet in world on my
planet earth
why is everything so blurry did you what
is there a trillion people on the screen
here you had to blur out every single
facey face and
the hell's going on
oh oh it's about time
now i get to look at blurs
i don't want you to show my house this
is some
kind of wealthiest neighborhood a little
side place
really well uh gardened
perfectly hedged yeah these are super
wealthy but i don't understand why their
houses are so small
and they're all so secretive they every
single one of them when google came
around every single one of them got on
the phone
blur out my house i don't want my house
to be shown on your thingy thing
because you know i'm special and i don't
want anybody to see my house
right this is you know like super snazzy
but super small i guess maybe that's
europe right
europe is uh lots of people in a small
i'm canadian so it just seems weird
no i get it big cities
but um
what the heck is this at school
everybody so blurry
okay so there's um i guess getting out
of the freaking
super rich or whatever
more commercial resident
residential areas can be actually quite
that's the problem with um just normal
i don't know see there's nothing
interesting about this right
you know like in lifey life not
everything has to be super interesting
right you kind of want things to be
boring because that means you know
nice and decent what the heck is this
oh those are windows i thought they were
wait are they windows
no they are holes
that's an interesting architectural
it's by um this person's trunk
stuff oh um
some kids and some stuff in the
in 2017 i can see that you can tell by
copyright logos
people that blur out blur out my whole
house please
i don't want people to see my house why
because i'm a criminal oh
it's just a house nobody cares
and tell that to the sjws that are
trying to dodge and go to people's
okay um
wow let's uh we'll do um
we'll try this again
black hills
see this is what you want
wait yeah
unfortunately there's a big gap in there
right there
now there's going to be a bunch of gaps
everywhere so i'm just going to have to
wait i don't want to go i thought that
looked like a trail
needle highway
let's start here
gotta turn around
oh geez this is quite the road
i was clicking the wrong button earlier
it's my fault
oh my lord
too bad it's a shady day
okay so um
traveling oh my
and this is i guess the lookout point
that's what it looks like
needles no wonder they call it needles
it's like rock needles
that's weird eh
i'm already there
oh here we go
wait those are them
they look much better in that photo
bikers that's a thing eh
but with some honor i don't know about
you know what i mean
i guess if your crime is victimless then
i'm okay with it
a victimless crime is like um
a drug deal
the person wants to sell it and the
person the other person
wants to buy it there's no victim
but i don't know all of the everything
that those guys are actually into
so if you check out the website let's
get out of here this is uh
i switched it from you laugh i laugh
because i'm no good at comedy
i'm not a comedy person um
so i switched it to um
uh you know just today let's get out of
here travel the world i wanna i wanna
travel like this i
to see this see the planet
and you know we can do it together and
we can talk and laugh and have fun
and it's right here on google earth now
people can do this on their own but i
think it's just more fun when you do it
as groups
and then you can tell places you know
like we can have
oh how about your high school how about
um uh
places where movies took place you know
the sets for
the location movie locations movie
shooting locations
or the top 10
restaurants in the world um
you know whatever we can just travel and
we can get super mega creative all over
the everything
place right
and uh just hang and travel
um what do we got here these are the
needles i guess
but once you're right up close to them
what the hell oh my god we're traveling
through them
no it's not too far not too far at all
the damn
way you can kind of stop in the middle
of them
there's there they are more of them
into that thing
yeah i don't know about the uh the
like i said as long as their crimes are
victimless then whatever
them driving up and down the street
and strutting their stuff it's
so what do the needles look like from
oh look at them
just drive up through the mountains for
something to do let's go see the needles
you know people are going to want to
stop there so let's create a little
off-ramp and some railing and
i don't know sd87 i don't know what sd
but all of a sudden yeah it's all it's
already gone
i wonder if this is because they're so
um this should have been done in the
okay let's do another one
what the heck um
brussels it's a what
is a landmark 61 centimeter
bronze fountain
what's up
there you go
are you sad about plaque there or
okay so we got a a bronze fountain
okay i'm feeling lucky oh wait no not
that one
formation of the proclamation text
formulation of proclamation
text the hell
jakarta indonesia the building is where
the proclamation of
indonesia okay so that would be a big
you know like uh the
piece of paper that helped
um but let's stay in indonesia
i don't want to see the building nice so
i can see the photo from here
let's stay in indonesia you know that um
number one is china for population
number two
is india number three is the united
number four is brazil and i think number
five is indonesia
not certain about that but
we're there but i just need to see the
oh it's over oh indonesia is this group
of islands
you got vietnam and thailand up there
india over there
sri lanka
it's the it's part of the string of
islands going down to australia
i think it's bigger than that
okay so um let's just do the main island
let's just do here i think
yeah oh geez you can turn around
see this is more interesting to to
travel to
something different than what you're
used to right it's
like they would want to travel through
my neighborhoods and
i want to travel to theirs because it's
different like driving down the street
in germany
it's just like okay
like you really have to to see something
for you to get wowed you really have to
get off just the street and go in and
talk to people and
figure out how they think and and what
they eat and
you know but this is obviously so very
right so what do we have here
we have a shop
looks like they're selling candy
it's awfully bright colored
and we got a truck
what's that a school
is that a wheelchair
i'm zoomed in as far as i can go
indonesia i don't know where i'm at
is that what they're saying i'm at
i'm not gonna even try to pronounce that
it's a waste of time i'm just gonna
butcher it anyway
there is somebody with a couple of bikes
see how it's sunny and it's it's a
you can see things better it's brighter
it's not so dull
don't get me wrong i could really use
some freaking
cloud coverage in canada in my area
anyway it's
been so it like
when it they just turned up the
heat volume in
canada and it's just like oh god okay
normally we only get to 30 degrees like
a little bit here and a little bit there
but it's been 30 degrees for like
friggin online
check on the stream
looks good
looks good
get out of here
okay um
what do you think they're selling here
oh that's all that's like a thing on a
they're driving that around
that looks like a young man and his bike
um doing the lucky king
whatever that is
it's the problem with places right
there's nobody in them
it feels kind of weird being there
you got to have some like you don't want
too many but you always want some people
right or i do i don't know what kind of
business you could go to where you
well i guess you just don't want to be
it's a chore to be there like a grocery
it's kind of nice when nobody's there
sort of
i don't know about zero people actually
actually i never i don't really care
campbell ben ganty ollie
spare part
so a mechanic shop
mld black series
i don't um what that is
i can't read that
so we're in indonesia
have you ever been i've never been
i haven't been well there's so many
places on earth
maybe one day i'll i'll do an episode of
just all of the places that i've been or
at least a highlight
i couldn't do that i'm an old guy
maybe separated out
movies what for sale
something we fire
is this a movie theater
so now what do we got here
no idea
got some food pictures of food
oh kids play things
i wonder if that's a school behind
look at this that's quite the road eh
oh this movie thing again
and this
just a store
whatever that was it's beside this
kind of i think their owns
i've never seen a i was like that's an
awfully big bird bath i
was like oh i bet that's a satellite
it's like
you got a trail here whenever that goes
this is customers
a busy messy garage what the heck
what's this
what the heck is that eh that building
in the back
is it really that tall
it's a weird looking freaking building
there's another i wonder if they weren't
built for some war or something way back
in the day
and they're just still there like look
out posts
you know what i mean that's what it kind
of looks like to me
with these windows there and nothing
else anywhere else
quite a bit of poverty eh
those are pretty fancy windows for just
maybe it was a church but maybe it's
nothing now
church in the house that went with the
you know i heard a person you know like
atheists will say things like um
all that money is wasted on church stuff
and i'm like
was it always is it all a waste i don't
know i just
yes money is being spent on it and maybe
a lot of money
are you calling it a waste isn't it
helping out people which actually helps
out everybody i don't know
don't know
but i will say that you know probably
those people burning down the freaking
america recently i don't know
that seems pretty damn expensive this
fake coronavirus bs
costing everybody a hell of a lot of
money that seems pretty expensive and
seems pretty non-christian to me
the heck is that
shack in front of the shack
the front shack
and the back check
oh we got kind of another one what is
this a wow
sand no dirt concrete
it's concrete one rain turns it into a
mountain but it's everywhere
there's another freaking satellite dish
slash bird bath
too much poverty
don't you think
it's kind of weird though that there's
no there's almost no people
and almost no traffic is this like
sunday or something
okay i'm gonna take a break from
and uh i'll see you again in a few hours
okay we'll talk to you later
bye now

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