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hello and welcome to the max bernier
today i have the pleasure to have with
me rocco galati
he is a constitutional lawyer in ontario
and as being has been practicing law
for 31 years so and
right now it's very important for the
future of our country
because mr gallady is suing the
federal government the provincial
uh kovin 19 and some measures
that these government want to implement
so mr galetti if you want if you want to
explain a little bit more to our viewers
uh what is the detail of your action
against the federal provincial
okay thank you mr bernier for having me
today uh
on july 6th of this year we filed i
filed a 191-page statement acclaim in
the ontario superior court
suing the federal provincial and the
municipal government for their covet
in a nutshell what the what the lawsuit
wants we're not seeking money we're
seeking the cleritory relief to declare
certain things the first thing we say is
under the provincial legislation
the re the the prerequisites to declare
an emergency were not there
secondly that the measures that are
are neither scientifically nor medically
they're simply political measures taken
because the science and the medicine
does not support those measures and we
plead the science and we plead the
there's been an overreaction of the
measures which have inflicted
constitutional rights the right to
free thought assembly association
the right to life liberty security the
and the infringement of equality rights
especially for
the physically and neurologically
disabled and
as importantly the aged population
84 percent of all those who have died
they say of
covet complications have died in
long-term care facilities
and so that's the and if i can add
that's the same thing here in quebec
also yeah
in italy it was 96 for instance
so all the older people these seniors of
this country who've
contributed their entire life to this
are meeting an end they don't deserve so
jane in room two can visit john in room
they can't have their family visit
they're so restricted and they're
dying more from the measures than they
are from any
influenza or covered virus or or
sars cove to virus so
all these measures infringe our
constitutional rights
and there is no justification because
the government
cannot cannot justify these measures
or medically in the statement of claim
we cite over 43 world experts
who from the first two weeks have said
these measures are unwarranted
they're not justifiable yet
youtube facebook and the cbc radio
censored these voices three of them are
nobel prize winners in their
in their field yet they their their
messages get taken down as quote
misinformation we have a totalitarian
imposition of measures that are
but no less devastating as if these were
military measures on the ground
when you're speaking about uh certain
measures uh
are you thinking about military mask and
the lockdown and everything that
happened right now
that the population or uh you know when
they are listening
their government they have to have a
mask in the
public uh places uh and in
also in the in the public transportation
in montreal in certain cities they have
regulations at the potential
at the municipal levels that are asking
to uh wear a mask so the measures that
you are
against are ladies kind of mystery
they're the the compulsory masking the
the the congregation of people
and the the distancing because for the
first four months in toronto for
instance in our public transit system we
have 1.5 million people using the
and the buses there was no masking and
there was no social distancing
all of a sudden after four months we
have these vicious
masking requirements through all the
but it goes beyond that mr bernier in
this sense but just over a week ago the
provincial government in quebec
announced that through blockchain
technology they're going to assign
everybody a number
identity and you have to mount your
driver's license your health records
your bank
accounts your credit cards all on that
one numeric
identity that any government official
can access that's a totalitarian state
and that's got nothing to do with covet
nothing absolutely to do with covert
and now even in toronto if i want to get
a slice of pizza
i have to i have to produce my medical
records and identity
well that's ridiculous and and and this
is being done now if you look at what
happened today in australia
australia has the lowest covet numbers
in the world
and yet now you need south african
style written permits to walk the
streets of melbourne in a few days
you know this is basically a concerted
globalist agenda
we're losing we're losing our rights
and i ask people you know if you don't
have the where
with all to research the science the
medicine or even the law
just use your common sense and ask
are the political and policy choices
that the governments are making in
do they make sense for instance does it
make sense
that a local hardware store clothing
store shoe store
had to close down yet walmart
costco the big corporations they could
sell everything under the sun
because they had a corner of their store
was selling food
and now you have a point there you have
a point there because i said
previously that you know every
business is essential and the government
you know is
the government was speaking uh winner
and uh and loser they were they were the
one who decided
which kind of store can be opened during
that lockdown
and i think it was unfair so are you
having that argument also
in your lawsuit yes we we seek a
declaration that the irrational
and illogical closure of business is an
unlawful search and seizure
contrary to the charter it's like taking
that property from the store owner
and there was no rational i mean there
are more people in a walmart than there
are at a local hardware store it's
it's easier to social distance in a
small business than it is in a big mall
and so people have to ask themselves
this is not logical
if it's really truly a health measure
measures are not logical to that health
so for instance look at schooling now in
ontario they said
kindergarten to grade three the children
don't have to wear a mask
a grade four to grade 12 they do well
wait a minute
they're in the same air space they're
going to be in the same school
you say well is this a health measure no
why do they say
kindergarten to grade three they don't
have to wear a mask because they know
children that young won't abide they'll
take it off
but starting in grade four they will
listen so this is a
this is more of a control conditioning
than it is a health measure do you think
mr galati that
you know people some people are saying
you know you can
try to uh win your your
lock your action against the federal
government and the financial government
but at the end
uh they can do it because under a
charter of rights
uh there's a sentence saying that
that must be uh we we can limit some
if it's reasonable in a in a democratic
do you think that would be a little bit
hard for you to prove your case uh
no because under that section one they
have to show that it's
demonstrably justified in it and the
onus is on the government
to prove that their measures are logical
rational and don't overreach they can't
be bigger than the problem they're
trying to solve
so i feel confident that they won't meet
that test
furthermore mr bernier there are certain
constitutional rights that are at play
that predate the charter so if people
are familiar with quebec for instance
the ron corelli case the same war case
before the charter the supreme court
the right to assemble the right to
thought to religion
and the right to be free of restricting
your liberty through habeas corpus
don't rely on the charter and section
one doesn't not apply to those
pre-charter constitutional rights
which are the same as some of the ones
you see in the charter so they can't
that burden i'm confident in that
and to prove that on your side you'll
have some
expert or medical expert that will
will say the opposite of what we are
hearing from the
people from the government the expert
definitely government
definitely we cite 43 of them that
they've censored in the statement of
one of our plaintiffs is a professor phd
uh dr deniron kur who's an expert in
masking he's a world expert in masking
and he says this is nuts
and he's come on board as a as a as
a as a plaintiff in the action he feels
so strongly about this
so we have the expert evidence to say
now the public health officers it's
interesting are saying
okay we know that masks do not
stop airborne viruses but we're trying
to stop when you sneeze and you cough
and what we say to that is two things
first of all
transmitting the the virus by coughing
or sneezing wet
droplets it's very it's very rare the
antivirus is transmitted 99 by the air
and the mass don't stop that that's what
the science says second of all if you're
trying to stop
wet droplets well then have people wear
the plastic visor at least you can see
their face
they can breathe normally they can talk
to you and they can be understood
why the mass covering half of the face
it's a very
it's a very psychological devastating
to to to to to enforce
compliance and remind you
psychologically who's in charge
that you're not in charge of your body
you're not in charge of your freedom
the government is and we're muzzled like
it's a prop of compliance and so
why do you think uh governments are
doing that is it because
the they impose a kind of fears in the
beginning they were saying that this
virus is so dangerous that everybody can
and so now the population
wants to have some measures that will
will be safe for them and
i don't understand why they're going so
hard on these
mandatory magisters that they are
well if you think back they didn't start
imposing these hard measures
with masking until about four and a half
weeks ago five weeks ago
and and we plead this in the statement
of claim
that was as a result of a survey that
said that 50
of canadians did not believe justin
on what he was saying about the covet 19
of canadians said we don't think this is
more dangerous than the annual flu
16 of canadians said we think this is a
surveillance conspiracy directed by the
w.h.o and the globalist
and seven percent of canadians didn't
believe the covet existed
whether natural or escaped from a land
so one quarter of the canadian
thought that this is just a political uh
uh hoax and the the other 19
said it's no more dangerous than than
than the flu and 50
said we don't believe anything justin's
telling us as soon as that survey came
you saw the strict masking laws come
as they felt threatened by people's
common sense
in reading what was going on
and we've destroyed the economy
you know and we have a study in the
statement of claim mr bernier that we
from four weeks ago from the university
of mainz in germany
they studied all the countries that did
not impose measures
and they found that they did no worse
than the countries that did impose
except they kept their economies they
didn't destroy their economies
so everything that you just said
is is in your uh declaration and
do you do you know if people uh if they
want to read it
do we have access to that can we have a
and we'll be able to look at all your
your arguments sure the easy way if i
can give your audience my
twitter handle yeah it's at
rocco galati r o c c o
g a l a t i law
l a w rocco galati law if they go to my
tweet there's a link to my client's
website it takes you right to the
statement of claim
directly and you could read it yes and
they would be able to have more details
about all that i
you know it's uh i said in since the
beginning of that uh
crisis that the lockdown was not
and unfair for small businesses and
actually right now it's a little bit
you know during the the time of the the
pandemic in the beginning of february
and march
we didn't have to wear a mask and now
it's supposed to be
the end and we are waiting for a second
but now they are asking everybody to
wear a mask in a public
places so yes when you were saying you
is it logic it's not logic and so
i hope that you know you'll um you'll
your case and we'll see because i'm
afraid of
the reaction the future reactions coming
from our government
uh i'm always fight for more freedom
and you know in quebec we had the
minister we said
i like quebecers because they're docile
and you know i don't want to be docile i
want to be
free and responsible and you must take
your own responsibility
but right now the states and the federal
and provincial
governments they impose limit on our
rights and
you are there to fight for us you know
mr bernier
win or lose the only time you can fail
is if you don't try
the lawsuit has already brought a lot of
conscience people
are looking at the issues more carefully
you can go to the statement of claim
because i plead all the
medical facts the scientific facts the
history of this
and they're quite right you know i have
never seen
an influ a virus that conducts itself
according to a government schedule how
do they know when the second and third
wave is going to come
i mean they're telling us on a calendar
when the second and third wave is coming
people should just use their common
sense they should remember the swine flu
of 1976
that never happened when we went to a
certain a a similar
a similar uh uh exercise
but you're quite right the backbone of
our culture in canada and north america
and the economy
is small independent business and
they've they they've gone a long way in
wiping this out a lot of small
independent businesses
will not cert will not survive this
second of all
they've overnight in four months have
changed their entire
uh way of life that it's taken us 700
years to evolve into a free and
democratic society
following so many revolutions civil wars
and world wars
that overnight all of a sudden we're
supposed to be slaves
on a leash with a mask it's just
and it's supposed to be the new normal
it's uh but you know we we are there to
inform people
and the most important you know we
count on a government to solve are your
and you must count on you and you i
think in the beginning
we must protect the older people and
that's that's uh
what the government did not do in quebec
and also in
ontario and that that's why
now they try to do everything to be sure
that this
virus won't come back but we don't know
we just have to use our common sense and
i'm very pleased that you are fighting
against that
kind of tyranny i can say that uh you
know imposing
a mandatory mass to people when they are
in perfect health it's a little bit too
but we'll see what will happen and we'll
i hope i'll be able to have an interview
with you next time
uh when do you think it will be uh
you'll be in from the court uh
this fall or next uh next year or
well where i'm preparing the injunction
against the masking
and the hope to file before the end of
this month and the earliest date
i can get in the in the court i'm going
to be going to
stop the masking in the city of toronto
and at the schools in ontario
and i'm in i'm three quarters of the way
from preparing that injunction and i'll
file it
obviously it's up to the courts to give
me the
quickest date they can but you know the
courts have been tied up too
that's that's the biggest the biggest
damage in my view not because i'm a
is they have suspended parliament
they've locked up the courts they have
they have
frozen our rule of law here we're living
in a dictatorial environment right now
it's it's ruled by prime ministerial
and the ministers the parliament has
basically been suspended and the courts
are just
afraid and they're closed not
have if they want available have more
details about that lawsuit but
uh i wish you a big success on that
for for us for canadians and for our
freedom that would be important for the
future of this country
thank you very much for having me mr
burns thank you

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This episode is a surprise episode NOT connected with me in any way. Here is someone with the EXACT same idea though. Enjoy!

it's hard to be a dissident
these days it's hard to take a
contrarian point of view the whole world
is in a mania
and if you dare speak out against the
control well something's wrong with you
you're a nut a conspiracy theorist
so who will stand up to the mania
and i'm referring to the panic that has
surrounded the pandemic we see even
when doctors speak out with a second
opinion like dr calvin decor
they're hit with ethics complaints to
the colleges of physicians and surgeons
no politician has standard has stood up
to it
is there a lawyer in this country
who will be a gadfly a challenger
someone who will take the pandemic
craziness to court
and the answer is yes and his name is
rocco galati and he filed
a 191 page lawsuit
taking on the entire political reaction
to the pandemic and he joins me now in
studio to talk about it rocco golotti
what a pleasure to have you
in studio thanks for having me ezra you
are an interesting character
i would say that and i don't know if you
would accept this
in some ways i would call you a lawyer
for the damned a lawyer for cases that
others wouldn't take
a lawyer that would seek out
unpopular missions is that accurate well
let's put it this way my career has been
defined by
let's say nietzsche who said that to the
stone-deaf audience who can't hear the
music the man dancing by himself must
appear to be insane
but if there's music you can hear it
i've often taken
unpopular cases and the problem with my
is i win a lot of them so what does that
you know society has a hard time facing
truth sometimes
especially with the nasty issues i think
that many of our professions
uh i mentioned how dr kelvin decor is
being picked on
i think it's the same in the legal
profession people want to uh
appear politically correct they're
thinking about well will i get a qc will
i get appointed to be a judge
i want to get an invitation to the fancy
christmas parties
i think a lot of lawyers would not dare
to challenge some of the pandemic bylaws
or health orders
because it's too politically um
well alienating of the powers of being i
that's exactly right you know most
lawyers are titans in their own mind
they think that if they do anything
that's going to besmirch their
they won't get to be a supreme court of
canada judge and 99.9 percent of them
think they're getting there i mean it's
just delusional right
uh and for instance you know and
probably my most noted case where i took
down justice nadan from the supreme
court after he was sworn in
and constitutionalized the court when i
filed that challenge in 2013 and won it
2014 everybody was calling me crazy i'm
glad you raised that case because that
i remember seeing that and i'm a
sympathizer to stephen harper and i
would probably
have the opposite opinion of you but i
remember thinking that's a long shot
that's obscure
well wouldn't you know what it worked
right right and it was right
it was right in the law but our culture
didn't like the idea that you could
challenge the powers to be because we
don't really live
in a republic or uh even we fancy
ourselves a constitutional democracy but
that's a lot of political correctness at
the end of the day
we devolved from a monarchy and favor
rather than merit
an affiliation to a political
tribe or any kind the tribe takes
over rationality in our society and you
see it right now with this covered
measure nonsense i i took the morning to
this very lengthy lawsuit you filed it
in early july
in the superior court of justice in
ontario july 6th yes um
i want to read some of the defendants
here because it's clear you're not
looking to get a senate appointment
you sued justin trudeau dr theresa tam
mark garneau uh the transport minister
ford christine elliott you sued the
mayor of toronto john tory you sued
various counties and medical officers
you even sued the cbc
you're suing every single power that is
um that's not normal for a lawyer to do
it is for me my career i've sued many
prime ministers and people
always mistook me as somebody who had it
in for instance to private from
prime minister harper i sued gretchen i
sued paul martin
i i've sued trudeau uh you know it's it
to me it's not about
what color you're you're wearing in the
intramural football team in high school
uh red uh red blue or orange
it's about are you respecting our rights
are you respecting the constitutional
framework that gives you the very
authority to even govern
and so and so i you know i had nothing
personal against prime minister harper
i thought it was the right thing to do
as i do here i'm a member and a donor to
the canadian civil liberties association
and i joined them so i could pester them
right you know so i have so i have some
standing with them i've been trying
to nudge them towards making civil
liberties lawsuits
in this time of crisis i feel like
they're absent
and i look around all the traditional
civil liberties groups
that i think uh would have gone to bats
if it was like donald trump who was the
boss or stephen harper
i feel like they're sitting this one out
where are the traditional civil
they're absent as i said before when you
take such an unpopular cause
they tend to be absent they're all
plagued with a certain measure of
political correctness
and a certain measure of trusting of
governments and i always say to people
you know yeah if you're lucky enough to
have a good government
that's fine but and they say why don't
you trust governments i said
why would i trust governments i see
governments as an institutional
manifestation of the beast and homo
only governments have engaged in the
endeavors war uh
genocide crimes against humanity massive
persecution based on
a rational basis you know other private
groups don't do that it's only
in the face of the history that's there
for everybody to read and see how
dangerous governments can be they have
to be
kept in check but people have this
uh uh respect for whatever government
does and i think i have my own theories
as to why i think we're basically an
alpha mammal
and we gravitate to this this type of
political structure
and the rule of law since the romans
invented it attempts to flatten that
to save ourselves from our own debased
nature but
eventually it goes back to a pyramid
type structure
and people do not want to risk personal
or professional
or uh reputational interest
even if they know deep down it's the
right thing
you know you know i don't know if i
would peg you as left-wing or right-wing
i would call you
a troublemaker i'm i'm i'm i'm a
uh i'm a proud anarchist
not a purveyor of chaos as anarchy as
political doctrine has been maligned in
north america
i believe and if the those of you who
are not
familiar with italian culture or even
even israeli culture an anarchist is
somebody basically who says listen
i take care of myself government has a
role but it should be
limited leave me alone and so in english
an anarchist is a libertarian and so i
i'm a free thinker
i don't let others do my thinking and
nobody should let you do your thinking
during this covert crisis
well let's jump in to the lawsuit i read
it this morning it's
it's very long and so we obviously don't
have time to go through all of it but
i've made
i've taken it and let me just hold this
up i've gone through it and i've
put little sticky notes and i've
highlighted things
some very interesting things here it
feels when i read it to be candid i felt
in some parts like i was reading my own
china virus for example let me read uh
from one of your early paragraphs here
you're seeking a declaration from the
that the covet measures i'm quoting now
taken by both trudeau and ford
and their respective governments at the
blind and unquestioned
dictates of the world health
bureaucrats constitute a constitutional
violation of the abdication of the duty
to govern
so you're saying that one of the things
you're looking for is for the court to
you can't just directly parrot what the
world health organization says is that
is that because they obviously have
self-interested agenda and the people
who run and fund and direct the w
health organization were not elected by
canadians and so they're just
so for instance if you want i can two
minutes summarize the entire statement
of claim
we're seeking declaratory relief that
trudeau and ford
are have dispensed with parliament and
are acting under the
pretense of royal prerogative something
that was banned in 1688 under the
english bill of rights
they have abdicated their duty to govern
because they're just
delegates to the who
and we see we seek a declaration that
the coveted measures are neither
nor medical medically based that the
covet measures are extreme
irrational and unwarranted and that the
coveted measures
to a large extent uh breach sections two
seven eight nine and fifteen of the
charter and i can break down those
it's very interesting okay let me that's
the statement of claims yeah
but the rest of it has to plead the
facts yeah which takes a long time
because this is a complex issue it's
yeah well that was the very next
paragraph i was going to look at here
you talk about violating the charter of
rights specifically the following
measures so let me list them because
you're right i think of these and i
think is there any
scientific basis for them and even if
there is
does that outweigh my personal freedoms
that are being infringed
so you outline self-isolation social
the compulsory wearing of face masks
arbitrary and unjustified closure of
and you say in that the measures are not
scientifically normatically based
nor proven to be effective whatsoever
they pose
physical and psychological harm and they
are extreme unwarranted
and unjustified and here's the thing
i think some politicians would actually
admit that
in fact the edmonton city council for
example when they brought in their mass
bylaw they didn't base it on science
they based it on some
public opinion survey well mpp randy
in the ontario legislature produced
evidence from a health officer
by way of email to him that said well
the polls show that people want masks
well you don't make a decision that's
going to affect society burn the economy
just on the mob
but to violate someone's mask you use a
phrase in here the right to breathe
right which i've never thought of it
that way before but it's the most
essential thing to life the right to
and to have that over your face and if
there's no science for it
that's a that's an incredible
infringement on the
on your body's integrity and where's
your science
where is the science there is no in fact
one of the plaintiffs danny rancour is
an expert on masking he wrote
he wrote an article reviewing all the
medical scientific literature
going back 25 years and published it in
april of this year
and he wrote the article and it's called
masks don't work
now even the health officials are
agreeing that masks
cannot keep back airborne viruses and
you need very little of a virus to
infect you
they're now saying oh yeah but it's not
for you it's for the other person in
case you sneeze
or cough well when you sneeze or cough
you see the studies show mit and the
university of western ontario
it projects 16 to 20 feet we don't have
20 feet social distancing because that
would be impossible
i see some places it's one meter some
places one and a half meter
some places it's two meters and
is that is that science or is that just
a rule of thumb and
and how can they all be scientifically
accurate they're not in fact
bonnie henry the chief medical officer
for british columbia when she was asked
bc has maximum 50 people who can gather
yet ontario has 10. you know what she
said quote
well it's just it's it's it's not
scientific we figure we can
we can contact trey's 50s other
jurisdictions it's 10 but she said it's
not a scientific it's just a number we
that's from the medical health office
and then you say well why is it that 40
people can
congregate in a church or a political
meeting but they can congregate at
yeah well that's an interesting subtext
in your
in your statement of claim is the
economic impacts
i mean as you probably know jeff bezos
has doubled his personal wealth
um amazon is nearly a true trillion
dollar company
walmart's they all they never closed for
a minute but corner stores did
you know what and you one of your
is a developmentally disabled man and
yes and
in this statement of claim you've
blocked out some of the names of the
i didn't think about that but let me
quote one of your
paragraphs here what's happened because
of this mania
the discontinuance of access to
education medical dental chiropractic
hearing dietary therapeutic and other
for the physically and mentally disabled
particularly special needs children with
neurological disorders
and when i read about that one client of
an autistic man i never thought of that
right but all the things that he
needs to do needed to do was used to do
and his whole world has changed
so he must be tortured everything it's
torture and we're talking about people
in the hundreds of thousands
we're not talking about a few people no
provision was made by
ford's government the section 15
charter breaches that we cite are for
the physically and mentally
and neurologically disabled and the
agent in these
long-term care facilities who are banned
from meeting their own family
banned from there and they're in a gulag
yeah they can't even visit each other in
the home
and it's 81 percent of the so-called
kova deaths
are these old people right after giving
their life to society this is how they
and and and it's just it's just horrific
the other thing you know what i i say to
people ezra is
you know people are not equipped to
parse the science or the medicine or the
i'm always asking people you have common
sense now apply your common sense to the
political and policy decisions
that the government has made and ask
yourself does this
wash so for instance for the first four
theresa time and everybody was telling
you masks don't work
there was no social distancing or masks
in the toronto subway we were packs are
like sardines
all of a sudden oh no everybody's got to
be masked like a chihuahua even outside
now france and germany have mandated the
masks even on the sidewalk
ask yourself why does a mon paw hardware
clothing store shoe store have to close
because of social distancing
yet walmart because they sell food and
medicine which were the
exceptions gets to sell everything under
the sun is it easier to socially
distance in a crowded walmart in a
crowded mall or the mon paw shop
that makes no sense to me those are
political economic
arbitrary choices that favor one group
over another
so the end effect of this has been that
small business
around the world has been decimated it's
gone under and the mega corporations
are making a killing like never before
the other the other effect of this has
been that with the social distancing
we have virtualized the world economy so
so you got
vaccines uh they want mandatory vaccines
so now we have google classroom zoom
court hearings
everything's been virtualized so the
people who own the vaccine companies are
the people who own the it companies or
the people who say
it's the same bill gates he's in both
google now is in the pharmaceutical
business i didn't know that yes
yes and so who benefits here and i say
listen even if it were a legitimate
that meets the definition in the numbers
and the threat it does not justify
imprisoning the world and burning the
economy to the ground we will never
recover from this
and it's only those who have profited
that will be
in a position along with the governments
they control
to restructure the economy to their
interests and needs prime minister
trudeau has also
already announced that post covert we're
going to have to rebuild infrastructure
but of course we're going to have to do
in conjunction with private with private
actors because of course we don't have
any money anymore i
i understand we may be applying for a 52
billion dollar
loan from the imf you imagine canada
being an applicant to the international
monetary fund
my only uh surprise is that the amount
would be so low we're talking with rocco
the lawyer for a group of plaintiffs
uh the pandemic response by various
of the canadian government well there's
so many little phrases in here that are
interesting to me
i can't go through it all but there's
just not enough time but you're looking
various declarations uh and a
declaration is sort of when a court
makes an official finding it's not
really a
it's not a fine or a it's just sort of a
statement that
has the power of law am i right that's
right so when you say
a declaration by the court that the
concept of social distancing is neither
normatically based and is an ineffective
and fictional concept
which has no scientific nor medical
basis and hither too unknown
right with respect to a seasonal viral
respiratory illness
and that's the thing this social
distancing i had never heard that word
before this year
was that just an invention had that ever
been used no before
it got invented just got invented and
just just to clarify
as against all the government actors
ezra we're seeking a declaration so that
the court declares certain things
for a lot of reasons we're only seeking
damages from the cbc
oh okay because they as the national
broadcaster publicly funded by canadian
uh with a public statutory mandate have
failed us miserably
and intentionally they never once have
a covert measure critical article they
never once interviewed an expert
we cite about 42 or 43 experts in here
and there's many more
who've since day one have said this is
crazy including canadian experts and
they blocked them they pulled them down
oh that's no surprise to me they they
take that approach with a number of
let me ask you it's been almost two
months since you filed this now
the courts are sort of um really in
gear because of the pandemic have you
had any
response from the various defendants
have you heard back
from any of these governments or the cbs
they've all yes they've all
fi they've all issued a notice of
appearance we have we've had that we've
communication and in fairness to them
this is not something that
they could normally respond to in the 20
days under the rules
and uh also i'm also preparing an
injunction an interim injunction
against the masking bylaw in toronto and
the education minister's ordinance that
i'll be filing
in the very near future and then i'll be
asking for the quickest date i can
obviously the defendants will say well
we need time to respond
as is their right but as far as i'm
concerned this is progressing
and you know and and the task is
daunting you know as rope because
you asked earlier why aren't other
groups doing this first of all you
you have to you know fortunately i have
clients who've
stood up and said no we can't have this
and so they have
mustered up the resources to be able to
have us go to court
and then just the work it took me eight
weeks to just draft the statement of
and and that's just the start and i can
tell you i spend three hours of
my day every morning in my office just
clearing phone calls and emails i don't
necessarily even respond
to them all i got 300 400 of these of
crying on the phone telling me you know
this is what's happening to me what's
going on this is insane
experts calling me medical and
scientific experts calling me and saying
this makes no scientific sense
whatsoever what's going on here and i
i tell them go read my statement of
claim and go do some research because
unless you understand the geopolitical
forces behind these measures the science
will never make sense to you
because teresa tam and the other medical
officers have been vacillating like palm
in a hawaii tornado every every week
it's something contradictory as fouchy
yeah have you had a straight line from
these people the goal post keeps
the lock step keeps increasing yeah the
biggest one was 15 days or 14 days to
slow the spread while we're we're past
14 weeks i mean
well initially it was so that our our
health services don't get overwhelmed
over 90 percent of all the icu units
that were set up never saw one patient
meanwhile they they closed everything
down four
there were 40 percent more deaths from
heart attacks
because of the covet cancellation of uh
and people not seeking medical attention
because of the fear 40
we're talking tens of thousands of
canadians unnecessarily died from
heart attacks we're talking five-fold
suicide rates five-fold drug overdoses
these are all documented in the
statement of claim and and you know the
it's no it is no debate that the
measures have caused
far more deaths than they purport uh as
a result of covet now the cdc last week
i don't know if you saw it
they corrected themselves quietly and
they stated that
of the hundred and fifty three thousand
deaths in the states
that they said were coveted they said
only six percent of those were actually
coveted so only twelve
thousand i would have thought that would
have said okay shut everything down all
these measures
but no they're proceeding with mandatory
vaccines yeah well that's
the next point i was going to read you
looking for a declaration that any
mandatory vaccine scheme
against any purported covert 19
by way of a mandatory vaccine without
informed consent
is unconstitutional i am completely
that that is the next step we can see
that of course
in other jurisdictions uh trudeau was
37 million strangers 88 million uh
doses um and we've seen teresa tam i
don't know if you saw her national film
it's in the statement of claim i might i
must have missed i transcribed
from 2010 in the statement about how she
wants tracking bracelets
and detention centers yeah and terrific
um oh let me read that i mean there's so
many interesting little phrases here
that i hadn't thought of before this is
the one about the right to breathe
that the compelled you this is another
declaration you're seeking that the
compelled use of face masks
breaches in restricting the right to
breathe at the crux of life itself
and the liberty to choose how to breathe
that's how i feel
when i put that on my face all right you
know what
this we've got to i want to speed up i'm
talking too much
and i want to get through this thing
there's so many things i've
i've put a tab on you you talked about
the economics here let me
you're looking and let me just read this
and then maybe you can expand on it
you're seeking a declaration from the
court that the unjustified irrational
and arbitrary decisions of which
would remain open and which would close
as being essential
or not was designed and implemented to
mega corporations and to de facto put
most small businesses and activities out
of business
and that's happened that's happening i
feel so bad
for restaurants which are for barber
for places which are the lifeblood of a
neighborhood and it seems to me that the
decision makers that theresa thames
justin trudeau's
doug ford's they never lost a day's pay
maybe they got to work from home and get
a paid vacation
but there's such a divide but i put it
to you
that if the deciders including the
judges lost their pay the way waiters
and waitresses did
this pandemic would have been over in
two weeks i totally agree and that's
what i've said
as well if government employees were not
paid during the pandemic
you would have had a different reaction
including as you say from the attorney
general's uh department and the
the judiciary and and and
excuse me why why was my kid's clothing
my kids are growing they're 10 years old
got shut down but
the liquor store was an essential
service by the way another
government-controlled mega corporation
why was booze
such an essential service but kids shoes
are not
that's a great point you know um you
have a number of plaintiffs like
individuals who have
interesting stories and and one woman is
talking about how she now hates to go
and be grilled just when you enter
stores let me read one line that really
spoke to me she now has to disclose
personal health information in order to
enter stores with which she disagrees
and is otherwise denied service one of
the things that bothers me the most
and i note that all these mass bylaws as
you said only came in in august
like the pandemic was essentially over
it peaked in april it was over by may
but all these politicians said august
september let's bring in mass bylaws
and they really they turn
shopkeepers into cops right they turn
people into informants and snitches
against each other scolds and instead of
having a
natural neighborhood hey shopkeeper how
you doing hey nice to see you again hey
what's up
why haven't we seen this before is there
well soviet union yeah
i lived in china often off with my first
wife for five years
this is soviet chinese communism
fascism is what it is and i think some
people thrive on being tattletails
and other people say well i hate this
but if i have to wear the mask you have
i think it's pitting us against each
other right and it's out of fear
and and you know they they're playing on
something that they know works
because fear of survival is the
uh sorry fear of dying is the strongest
instinct survival is the strongest
incident and i tell people and people
often bash me for it saying how do you
mussolini and hitler convince their
that certain ethnic groups need to be
because they blame them for their
economic woes and said we're suffering
because of them yeah
you know here's the story about the 23
year old male with
autism right let me just read a
paragraph here and i didn't think of
this because i
i don't have people close to me in this
situation so it wasn't top of mind
but you want to talk about health listen
to this he has been totally
mentally devastated by the coveted
in depriving him of his routine
activities in social and emotional
without recourse he suffers severely
from not being able to understand
nor accommodate under the covet measures
why he cannot play where he has played
or anywhere else why he cannot do the
other physical and social activities he
he will not countenance wearing a mask
does not understand and therefore cannot
comply with social distancing
or isolation given his severe
neurological disability
and it goes on and and that's so true
and i mean i i raged at the playgrounds
being shut down with police tape
but maybe you could convince a certain
child but
that autistic gentleman you're referring
to he must
think that the world is ending never and
you know what
and they could have accommodated for
that even if they felt these measures
were necessary
they've could have caught they don't
this government the trudeau government
is abusing and torturing the most
vulnerable members of our society
physically disabled
neurologically disabled and the elderly
and they don't give a
shellac and you know that may be
the silver bullet that gives you success
i say again when
i remember when you uh filed the lawsuit
bump one of harper's supreme court i
thought there's no way
not that i mean what did i know what did
so many people know you were correct in
the end
and i look at this and i've got some
quite i mean 191 pages
i mean certainly there's a lot of like i
i think it's like it's very long
right and i'm thinking well is that a
stretch is that
but you know what that may be like how
do you fight
a health mania well with another health
issue that's real and provable right
here's a 23 year old autistic man
who is really suffering because of your
bs unscientific
arbitrary made-up rules so maybe the way
you beat a health
scare is with the health fact maybe that
23 year old autistic male
is going to be the guy that the judges
say you know this guy is really is
and because politician 1 and politician
read the polls it's not an excuse to
infringe this guy's rights at the end of
the day
all our charter rights attached to the
human body physically
and psychologically right that's what
the charter rights are for
to protect and let me say something else
as well the
what we point out in this statement a
claim two over two months ago the world
the u.n world food bank said that 130
million people by this december
would be put on the brink of starvation
they revised that two days ago to say
that as much as 10
of the world's planet will be on the
brink of starvation by the end of the
that's 700 million people that to me is
a crime against humanity ezra
well and the crazy thing and you you
have a section in your lawsuit that goes
historically and there was something
that caught my eye
i'm just reading from page 47 of your
in 2011 a review of the literature by
the british columbia center for disease
to evaluate the effectiveness of social
distancing measures
such as school closures travel
conditions and restrictions on math
mass gatherings to address the influenza
pandemic concluded that
quote such drastic restrictions
are not economically feasible and are
predicted to
delay viral spread but not impact
morbidity so you have all these studies
that say look this doesn't work it's
just for show right
and yet all of a sudden what's crazy
maybe i have an
idea here i think that politicians were
looking around and said well
he did that so i better match him or i'm
going to get in trouble at least
if we all stick together if all those
politicians do the same rules same laws
the same mass bylaws
same social distancing laws then there's
sort of safety in numbers because they
all did it at the same time
no i think i think whether knowingly or
unknowingly they're doing it at the same
time but it's
very well orchestrated listen bill gates
and his foundation pumps
money into all major cities bill gates
a meeting of 400 mayors and according to
bonnie and bonnie crumby from
mississauga she proudly tweeted that
had had a zoom meeting with bill gates
and 400 mayors he's seeing us through
the covet
time out who the hell is bill gates to
see us through anything medical he does
but he dumps 100 million to toronto and
and they they throw money at research
institutes right
you have to understand that this is
being orchestrated so you have one or
two decision makers of the whole
directed by their funders then you have
world leaders
and then you've got provincial and their
health office we're talking about a
a handful of a vatican committee that's
running this
like the roman catholic inquisition you
dare say anything against it you dare
say that the world is not flat
we ostracize you we persecute you we'll
take your tweets down
we'll ban your books my book was banned
my book was banned
and take it as a compliment you know
you talk about bill gates in here and
you were just talking about him
i've seen reports on this and it's hard
to ignore
october 18 2019
the bill and melinda gates foundation
the world economic forum in davos
and the johns hopkins center for health
security convene an
invitation only tabletop exercise
called event 201. yeah it was a dry run
of the pandemic
to map out the response to a
hypothetical global coronavirus right
pandemic and the thing and let's just
stop there 10 years ago in may of 2010
the rockefeller foundation
wrote a report that was leaked that
that uh uh uh that uh theorized
uh a virus escaping wuhan china
and then the thrust of the report is how
to obtain global governance in a
pandemic it's just
ten years ago they scripted as a
hypothetical what we're living through
well that's the thing it's so eerie um
it's you can it's a strange combination
because you have
global billionaires mucking around
blurring the lines between
business philanthropy politics
economic who is bill gates i mean we
he's got a lot of money i think he's the
second richest man in the world if i'm
not mistaken
but by what authority is he meeting with
making policies the weight of money and
his club listen this has been a slow
this has taken decades to develop
through globalization and all that
you know in that short eight weeks that
we filed the statement of claim a lot of
our assertions and statement of facts
have actually been admitted
and proven so for instance the whole
thing about microchipping which people
were saying oh that's insane it's it's
right here it's now it's on the table
uh in england they already have the
one state in the in in the states is
already voluntarily
microchip embedded under your skin the
economic forum forum that you just
mentioned that had been
a driving force along with others in
this whole thing
just issued a report co-written with
mcgill university in canada
with reference to the human 2.0
and it says what are the best options to
use the human body as an information
platform they're talking about a merger
of a.i and electronics and robotics and
the human body
so you know eight weeks ago it was a
conspiracy theory now it's out in the
and what did they just develop this in
eight weeks no this has been in the
planning for decades
and the thing is when you censor critics
like my book was censored by amazon so
contrary or skeptical points of view on
this virus are
blocked deleted on twitter on social
so you you censor skeptics
and you have these massive oligarchs and
transnational billionaires corporations
shadowy philanthropy groups like the
rockefeller brothers um
you're going to stimulate conspiracy
because the characters are just so
the the ideas are so
shocking they're done in shadowy places
like the world economic forum
so adding a layer of censorship
like it's bad the facts are bad enough
as they are but they're causing people
use their imaginations what are they
hiding why don't they want us to it's
not even the imaginations
it's it's it's out there and visible to
see let me
let me let me explain something to your
viewers so
this lock step as they go up and that's
the term they use in the rockefeller
foundation report of 10 years ago
so initially you had social distancing i
used to observe
four or five people six feet apart
talking once they got the masking on
i don't see people talking through their
mask socially distancing people are not
congregating they're not communicating
but others will say oh yeah but mr
gillardy you know we have the social
media and people are communicating on on
and no they're not because they're
censoring that so they have put
a stop a complete censorship on even
we cite these experts you know youtube
has pulled down three nobel prize
winners in their field
giving an opinion on issues with the
disinformation can you imagine i
remember those doctors in the states
they had a contract
anything on hydroxychloroquine and i
think partly it's because
trump said hey that's a good idea so
there's a partisanship there but partly
it's because
that's a cheap effective uh drug
response that's
you know been in the field for decades
uh a vaccine is the high profit
right you know that the big money
response is mandatory vaccines
if something is common as
hydroxychloroquine that's being used for
decades against malaria
where the solution here that would make
a lot of would be rich people not rich
can i put some
numbers to the to the profit of vaccines
for your viewers
bill gates wants to vaccinate seven
billion people at 105 dollars per shot
one kovic shot is 750 billion he wants
to do four in the first
year that's three trillion dollars the
u.s budget is between four and a half
and five trillion
that's the kind of money you're talking
about that's one vaccine for the covet
if they make every vaccine
mandatory they're they're positing a 90
trillion dollar
uh uh uh industry now just the kovid at
3 trillion
let your viewers understand what 3
trillion dollars is it's 4.2
million dollars a day for every day of
the year
since the day they put jesus christ on
the cross it's 4.2 million dollars a day
for 2 000 years without counting the
interest in between
that's just one vaccine okay
and can i just briefly say something
about conspiracy theories
i don't think of myself as a conspiracy
theorist i'm a conspiracy analyst
i used to prosecute i used to work for
the department of justice and we did a
lot of drug prosecutions we used to
conspiracy and drug dealing all the time
and what
the term conspiracy theory comes from it
was invented by the ciaa
to deflect and given to the media to
deflect questions about the jfk
assassination and to undermine martin
luther king's
civil rights movement okay what a
conspiracy theory
is it's a propaganda tool to actually
deflect and hide conspiracies
that's what it is and conspiracy
conspiracies are both a criminal code
offense in canada
and actionable tort if you all a
conspiracy is ezra
is two or more people agreeing to a
certain end if that end is criminal
it's a criminal conspiracy if that end
is not criminal
but it harms somebody else in their
rights civil rights
they can sue you in conspiracy the last
case on conspiracy from the supreme
court of canada was hunt versus kerry
it's it's it's a tort like like anything
i my point of view is that the world is
so insane as it is
we don't need to invent things because
just look at the facts out there and let
let me skip i want to be cognizant of
the time
um we're not even halfway through your
claim there's so many interesting things
but here's a paragraph that i thought
was excellent and i think
that this could be one of the silver
bullets in this claim
let me just read paragraph 162
the plaintiff's state and the fact is
that these defendants
are the people you're suing while
purportedly relying on advice from their
medical officers
are not transparent as to what the
advice was
nor the scientific medical basis was and
in fact suppressing it
in fact to date they refuse to disclose
where they are ultimately getting this
and from whom based on what medical
the fact is that they are simply
parroting the advice and dictates of the
who without any scrutiny whatsoever and
without ever addressing or recognizing
and international experts who took and
continue to take
a contrary view and criticism of these
directives from the who
i think that's right right i think that
part of our system of government is that
we see how the sausage is made
right we have bills and they're debated
and we have committees and we have
experts in access to information
and even if we make the wrong decisions
everyone can see how we made the wrong
here things just appear out of the blue
teresa tam who still works for the world
health organization
and suddenly every city in the country
has a mass buyer where did that all come
from well and the other thing is too
not only don't they tell you they refuse
to tell you and so
just think about this on our primary
declaration that they've dispensed with
parliament some people say
oh no parliament sits they select 25
mps there's 338 mps your mp may not be
there that's not parliament
that's that's a reduced version of
royal pretense and executive
action right i've been on zoom calls
with 700 people participants they can't
why has parliament not met fully on zoom
yeah that's a good point you know i uh
one of the things i found i mean your
statement of claim
it really did remind me of a book you
could make a book out of this it
reminded me of my own book in some ways
but one of the useful parts is you list
what you call consequences of measures
to the plaintiffs and other citizens and
violation of constitutional rights so
you just list
the side effects of this pandemic panic
i'm just going to list some of them a
dramatic increase in reports of domestic
violence right
over six million canadians have applied
for unemployment
the deepest and most rapid loss of jobs
bankruptcy deficit
uh illness and conditions have gone
untreated uh
not related to the virus have gone
dying in home due to lack of medical
care denial
none of these things have been properly
dramatic increase in mental health i saw
a story in the edmonton journal that
said their icus their intensive care
words are full of
mental illness cases intensive care
that's codeword for someone trying to
kill themselves of course
that's what that means two sides are up
fivefold fivefold
and uh you know uh it's just horrific
ezra it's just
and and they do it without shame and
without thinking that they need to
answer to canadians fathers denied
access to be present for the birth of
their child elderly parents in
supportive care
denied access to their family and
friends the closure of the course the
closure of parliaments
it's this is a very long
statement of claim well i gotta tell you
i did a masters of law and tax
litigation at osgoode hall
and it took me three and a half weeks to
write my thesis and i had about a
hundred and something footnotes
this took me eight weeks at 279. i i
regret i didn't enroll for another
master's program
well listen i but what's what your
viewers should know
i i encourage them to go read this even
if it's
five or ten pages per visit to the
because it's it's not you know it's not
ninety percent of this is simply
reciting the facts of what's happened
what's happening why the measures are
not scientific why the measures
are constitutionally flagrant why none
of this makes sense
rationally or legally
and people should know their rights and
people should not
readily accept panic
when will this be heard well i'm hoping
the injunction will get heard before the
christmas holidays that's my
you know but courts even in the best of
times are not known as being speedy
gonzalez but i'm going to do my best
to get the initial injunction for masks
you know because the masks and the
the hospital the the report that was
by the hospital for six children june
17th recommending no mass
no social distancing in the schools
which was
later they brow beat them and steven
ordered masking for grade fours to 12.
people are not understanding the
the long-term irreversible psychological
and sociological damage that these
measures are going to cause your
okay that age group in elementary school
people i was a clinical linguist before
i was a lawyer 72 of all language
is facial and body language they are
they are developing their skills to
people at this stage you're going to
interfere with that they're identifying
their ability to understand
people you're going to interfere with
that you're going to have a fragmented
psychologically scarred generation of
who do not understand how to socialize
get close to each other
understand each other and that will lead
to nothing but
more depression and more suicides and
that damage is
irreversible yeah i agree completely
in a lawsuit like this especially when
you touch on so many things
uh there's typically disclosure
documents and tree disclosure
cross-examination of the different
institutions or people here um that
might be interesting
because if you say well there was no
scientific basis
for toronto's mass by-law for example i
would imagine that they would be
compelled to disclose
things other than subject to litigation
like maybe the disclosure
that would come from this lawsuit in
itself would help
uh this battle i i'm hoping so the first
thing they're going to try to do is
convince a judge
and they're not all judges are
forthright that this whole thing should
be struck
and swept under the carpet on a motion
to strike however you are right
so under under charter breaches once you
show a prima facie charter breach
under section one if they try to justify
that breach as the
demonstrably justified in a free and
democratic society
the onus is on the state to show that
one there's a valid legislative
two that the measures taken to affect
that valid objective are proportional
right rationally connected and
proportional and not
overreaching right they'll never meet
that test because they're engaging in
hysterical censorship insanity here when
you have
for instance our former chief medical
officer for the province
richard shabus who said quote don't wear
a mask unless you're planning to rob a
and people like him who are very adept
who are very qualified
you have 640
doctors in madrid spain with the
conference in turn representing tens of
thousands of doctors around the world
saying this is a scam and you don't want
to investigate that you don't want to
address that
all you do is suppress it you had
millions of people on the streets in
europe over the weekend
and hardly a mention in the mainstream
north american media
yeah well it's very interesting i'm very
to you for coming down to our studio and
spending an hour with me
um and we only scratched the surface i
probably 50 notes and we only got
through about 20 of them but i think
people have a good feeling
for uh the scope of this lawsuit i'll
put a link
right on our website if people want to
go through it it's so it's a long
uh piece of work but there's a lot of
interest it felt like a book
right and i i'd encourage people to uh
i'm i'm the founder and executive
director of the constitutional rights
center and we've been working quietly
for 16 years we just went public
in large part because of covet and so if
you want to was
visit our website it's constitutional
rights center dot
ca and we spell center the canadian way
all right
r-e and and and that'll send you to my
twitter parade
the twitter page which is roccoglari law
and there's a link right there to the
statement of claim and i
i would encourage people to to read it
all right okay
well you know we call ourselves rebel
news and i think you're a bit of a rebel
and you're making some news thank you
and to me a rebel is a conservative
well there you have it rocco galati the
who has filed this massive lawsuit
against all the official people who have
been the panickers
in the pandemic if you want to read the
lawsuit we'll have a link
to it on the website below
that's an excerpt from my daily show the
ezreal event show
every day i do a monologue on the news
of the day then i interview an
interesting guest
and then i read my hate mail you gotta
go to

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I, Gary Johnston, God King Ruler of Mibutt have found all governments on earth guilty of lies, theft and violence and order all governments pay every citizen ∞ in recompense. These payments must be made immediately upon request in any non-violent way the citizen chooses.

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By the power invested in me by Mibutt I have won all the court cases against all the governments of the world and will commence collecting all of their possessions next week. Stay tuned.

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