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Part 1

hello it looks as though I'm live again
on YouTube it's going on here it appears
as though I'm gonna just triple check my
buff buff buff ah stay tuned
yeah horror movie fanatics theory
projects it's live
okay so here we are we're streaming
again oh shoot
I need to test it out I have a feeling
that I'm still not a hundred percent
yeah horror movie fanatics theory
projects it's live okay so here we are
we're streaming again oh let me just go
over here we're gonna be professional
down the road folks this week is just
setting all of the everything up okay
this week is set up set up set up set up
more set up and then set up and then set
up and then set up so that's this week
next week I should have figured I I kind
of already know most of the everything
but there's always the fine details of
stuffy stuff that you have to kind of
work through and it appears as though
I'm doing that I want to play video here
to see how it's going
the final segment for me at least if
you're ready right now I want to talk a
little bit you may want to comment on
this so but I want to explain a little
bit about the mask mandate here in Texas
I think it's very important there's a
lot of confusion see how it's though you
can actually pull up that next this is
the actual wording from Governor Abbott
on masks in Texas because you never know
this from the
for me of each other's right every
person I wear mouth but I want to design
a commercial entity or other building or
space open to the public or when in an
outdoor space wherever it is not
possible to maintain six feet of social
distancing from another person not in
the same household this is not a mask
mandate again not a mask mandate what it
is is saying that if you cannot maintain
social distance you should wear a mask
indoors or outdoors and this is what
we've had all along and what's
interesting is someone pointed this out
on a great Facebook group that I that
I'm in open Texas there is no
enforcement mechanism in the governor's
mandate for businesses so the idea that
a business says hey you can't come in
it's illegal for you to come in without
a mask because the governor said read it
he doesn't say that there's only a
provision for finding an individual so
if I go into h-e-b and I start breathing
on people two feet away coughing on them
then I can be I could face this $250
fine so it's not to say that it's great
but it's there's no enforcement on the
individual you know and the same is true
actually with the local and it's
interesting I was looking at some other
County mandates and city mandates and
they're all pretty much identical to
ours here in Lake Jackson which is not
that you have to wear a mask as the
media portrayed in our own local paper
portrayed it but what it did and it did
elsewhere in other counties in Texas it
said you businesses you must develop a
plan a business plan which include a
safety a health and safety policy not
that you have to have force mass you
must have a policy and you must post it
on your business saying that if you
cannot distance
you're in this business six feet then
you should wear a mask that's all it
says and they've been so misrepresented
and you go into the stores dr. pol and
everyone is droning along with their
mass 99% of the people you have to read
the legislation have to that's not
legislation you have to read these
mandates because they know they can't
force it so they're weaseling around it
you know in medicine there was a an
answer to this because it was voluntary
if somebody was sick and had had a
deficiency in their immunity or we were
doing surgery it wasn't discussed we
just did it so it was targeted it was
done all the time I spent a lot of hours
with a mask on but this is this is
different this is being mandated and
claiming that it's going to keep you
from getting an illness that's going to
kill you
and I think there are two main reasons
why I think that we should do our best
to dispel the fear of the of not having
the people wearing a mask first it
doesn't help the hell health if it's
targeted you know for these incidents to
say yes we will do that but but not not
for everybody doing it every place you
go and and this there's no proof that
it's it's really cutting back down on
the disease and also it's the issue
those videos are playing really poorly I
want to just try a different one if not
looking forward to this I know he's
gonna love it
because he's a lefty he's brain-dead
let's see what he has to say about it
welcome to blood back and beyond today
we'll be reviewing the Invisible Man
2020 what you can't see can hurt you
written and directed by Leigh Whannell
starring Elisabeth Moss Oliver
okay so is this a good movie I don't
know I won't see it because Blum house
is on boycott from me but I think Leigh
Whannell okay just like the Upgrade film
ah I think these are good the well well
II well well wel L done well done okay
the problem is the commie infiltration
okay now the commie infiltration into
upgrade was he is a stay-at-home dad now
you could say that that's not too bad
that's just a little bit but then you
get into the don't abuse me with your
gender pronouns chick girly girl girl
girl hacker right so but then that was
just in and out again in and out in and
out so so she doesn't spend much time in
front of your face but it's still Jesus
Christ it was a good film I know they
had to emasculate the guy because
they're making him a super-powered white
man so they need to smack him down a few
pegs because that's what commies do and
the amount of call me call me call me
call me call me is is off the charts
okay do not tell me that I am over
exaggerating do not tell me that I do I
have a problem do not tell me that I
have a problem I'm over oversensitive to
the commie because the commies are
canceling everybody this is the digital
lynching this is communism and if you
don't understand go get a brain I'm not
doing it here this is about horror
movies and they're burning cities to the
ground so do not talk to me about the
fucking black lives matter is a
communist organization and everybody's
bowing down to kiss the feet do not come
at me with your gear you're just
exaggerating you're saying too much no
I'm going to be oversensitive over the
coming infiltration of all of the
everything and you're either gonna take
it or go away got it a or B so in Leigh
Whannell last blum house film upgrade it
was a good film it was well done all of
the goody good good good good good good
Leigh Whannell can do the job well very
well in fact but like I said him being a
stay-at-home daddy a daddy
boy boy boy toy stay-at-home boy toy and
then you run into gender-fluid fucking
chicky hacker person it was unfortunate
but it's like okay I got a good movie
here my name is Leigh Whannell I got a
good movie here here it is and then it
goes to the commie editors the CIA
communists editors of the thingy things
and they go well you need to inject some
communism in this film before it could
be made so here just make him a
stay-at-home dad and then bring in some
you know gender non-binary hacker chick
mitt there okay now you can go make your
film and he did a good job it's a good
thumb okay outside of those commie
elements but with this one Invisible Man
they literally just they're just
stealing the title again it's kind of
like another black Christmas although I
do believe although I will not see it
listen to me carefully I do not support
communism and I will not see this film I
know enough about it that I will you
know I I know enough about jason blum
and his communist mental insanity that i
will not be participating in any of his
anything I might even skip the Halloween
film like I mean he has fallen off the
cliff all of the every all of the every
way like he has completely fallen off
the cliff here
okay so yeah I don't know what to you
know so the is this another black
Christmas except for a better done they
just stole the title it's got nothing to
do with an invisible man it's an
invisible suit
the reason the purpose behind evilness
in the original was the potion is
actually that made him invisible is
actually making him evil but in this one
is just your standard abusive husband in
the original the movie is about the
Invisible Man in the in the remake the
movie is about his girlfriend and he's
not even dead and he's just like a
tortured like and when you go down this
road it doesn't even make any sense why
would you go through all of this trouble
to torture your wife just tie her up in
the basement and you know add snakes and
rats and stuff you know what I mean just
chained her up in the basement and
torturer that way why would you go
through all of this if you're literally
just an asshole that is looking for ways
to torture your wife or should I say
ex-wife or whatever it is right why
would you go through all this trouble
why not just chained her up into the
basement drugger
chain her up into the basement and then
torture her why would you fake your up
invent a suit offer her money if she
stays saying and then try to make her
insane so the premise of the movie is
stupid now is it well done probably
Leigh Whannell is behind the thingy
things but it seems to me just an excuse
to turn to Bank on the name The
Invisible Man and just make a story
about it another shitty man you know
another woman victimized by another man
the one thing I will say is he doesn't
look all that white actually let's find
out which is interesting
I don't even nobody knows who that is
right I think chicky ku has has had a
couple of things in her life but I know
he's ever seen this guy
while he's Jewish
his mother button his father was
Egyptian Jewish so he's a mix Jewish
Egyptian and white technically by the
ruling rules I'm pretty sure that from
the ruling rules of Jew Jewish Jew he's
not Jewish cannot because the mom has to
be Jewish and a dad is Jewish like mom
actually has to convert but Egyptian
Jewish is a weird II weird rear D where
D weird a weird a nerdy one to me I
didn't think that the Egyptians really
like the Jews that much and I thought
they would have got rid of them long
long long long time ago but I guess I
could be wrong
I don't know I have no idea
so that's his sort of you know sort of
Mediterranean look as I guess is the
Egyptian and then the Jewish is you know
I guess just the name but he'll come
across to most people as just white
which he is half white you know
according to this anyway so he's but I
just just you know like an abusive
husband you know and you know you can
say that Gary you're being too sensitive
you're just being too sensitive over the
comi or the commie agenda
yeah I've seen all of the everything
shut up I've seen it all and I see where
it's going and cities are burning to the
ground and there's no end in sight it's
only gonna get worse
and so the fact that I'm calling it out
people should be happy about that
right I mean really do you want all the
cities to burn to the ground what's
gonna happen when Trump wins again are
they gonna burn all the cities to the
it's getting out of control and you know
it is it's hard for you to call me
overly sensitive Hollywood is the
propaganda arm of Communists they're all
one brain they all think exactly the
same they're all communist retards
Twitter idiots they're all the fucking
same and if they're not the same they
pretend to be the same because they know
if they were to speak out in any other
way that they then they get cancelled
that's communism this all the canceled
culture everything that is communism its
spying on each other the communist
people Tommy Tommy Tommy people
understand that they can't control
everybody so they need to employ each
other to cancel each other to police
each other that's communism when
everything needs to be policed
everything ki think every thought he
thought needs to be policed you need to
employ the citizenry to do it and this
this is communism like what's happening
now the canceled culture and and all of
the shit this Puritan bullshit and I'm
you know one good kind of thingy thing
that comes from it is Hollywood is
canceling itself but I mean did the
Hollywood think that it was going to get
out of this unscathed I mean just right
ready ready now we now we now we now n o
w now there's a movie with two black
guys in the shooting shoot copy cop
movie it's called bad boys for life bad
boys 3 or whatever so uh what during the
thing you think
making make of that movie they didn't
realize that they themselves were being
insensitive and politically incorrect
but that's communism it's not supposed
to make any sense it's just supposed to
be retarded so literally they make the
fucking movie and release it and then
three months later it's politically
incorrect and it should never have been
made maybe it would get a pass because
it's black eyes blowin smoke up the
complete shock the serves I see Aziz I
don't know but as soon as you start
calling me overly sensitive I'm gonna
say well enjoy your city's burning to
the ground
dumbass Hollywood is the propaganda arm
of leftism and it's spiraling out of
control now don't get me wrong Trump
isn't God say that whatever anything
he's a loser do nothing bitch there's no
wall there's no wars that ended he has
done nothing he is flushed the country
down the toilet with the flu he's
playing politics instead of protecting
people oh I'm just gonna let the cities
burn yeah forget about all the citizens
that are and they just remember that if
Trump was going to put politics ahead of
you when they come to burn when the
commies come to burn the city down Trump
is just gonna sit there with his arms
crossed and go well see this is good for
me it makes me look good watch and you
know see the leftist do all the crazy
crazy and I'm just gonna sit here and do
and if you're caught in the crossfire if
you're caught in the middle of it well
fuck you
because Trump's politics are you know
Trump winning the next election and
Trump being popular it's more important
than him doing the one legitimate job
it could should what do protect person
and property the one fuckin goddamned
legitimate job or the one thing that you
pay them to do he decides to sit back
and do nothing
because it's making him look good that's
politics for you that's Trump do nothing
bitch as long as he looks good at the
end that's all he gives a fuck about
fucking egomaniac garbage do-nothing
he's got nothing accomplished except for
problems country down the toilet for the
fucking seasonal flu all your gay
friends up there encouraging everybody
to be fucking retarded and paranoid at
the fucking air stupidity absolute
garbage so if any of you left us think
that I'm some massive Trump supporter
think again now
so like I said this is just this is more
Hollywood bullshit this film was a it's
just like black Christmas plum house
touches something and then it instantly
turns into fucking beyond brain
so the original Invisible Man was a
kooky looky-looky-looky story about a
guy playing with invisibility potions
and then oopsy-daisy it works and then
his friend II friends girl and boy his
friends realized that oh this chemical
that he used is going to turn him crazy
so he slowly turns crazy insane
murderous and terrible batty bat person
person while he's invisible and he
disappears himself run he runs away to
look for his own cure but as he's buying
South off looking for it is a cure he is
slowly turning crazy because of this
come so it's his evilness was actually
not due to himself but this guy is just
a you know an abusive husband how would
you how do you go from A to B other than
it's the same thing with Naughty Dog in
the Last of Us right how do you go from
you know why why is it always the same
agenda it's the same thing it's always
the fucking same communism so you
fucking go ahead and tell me you know
you want to start you want to laugh at
the Conservatives you want to laugh at
right-wingers that oh you guys are just
so sensitive
overall this leftist stuff yeah yeah
you're burning the fucking cities down
that's where your stupidity leads burn
in the fucking City
you know terrorizing people murder
mayhem chaos destruction violence so
don't give me your shit we've been
warning against the sweepin we know
where communism goes we know that you
are communists and we know where it
leads and it doesn't matter why you're a
communist maybe you're just empty-headed
retard you're completely zero brain up
there you have nothing going on between
your ears
maybe that's why and you just oma
communism it means everybody's equal
right that sounds good to me let's just
do that
you're still advocating evil even if
you're just a dumb innocent person right
Hitler was also a lap 'test by the way
he's a socialist National Socialism
which are the Nazis were right up
snuggle close to the Socialists and the
Communists they're only the only minor
minor differences between the two your
regular standard liberal is further
right is further right further right
than your Nazi National Socialists so
calling Nazis far-right is stupid it's
wrong get that out of your brain
you're an idiot stop stop now Hitler and
the Nazis were right up close to the
commie socialists there were one in the
same the differences between the two are
negligible almost nothing they're the
dictator and socialism dictator and
socialist same shit slightly different
since I know I understand what the
differences are do not at me with your
dumb and you don't need to educate me
with politics you can educate me with a
lot of things but not politics you will
never ever be able to introduce
something you could we can have a
conversation and you could offer things
up to the plate and then I respond to it
but you you won't be educating me in any
way shape or form so don't even try
don't try to I'm Libby terian period end
of story all the way to the end and I
understand politics better than nearly
everyone you will not help like there's
a lot of things that you can educate me
on politics is not one of them I am
right 100% and that's all there is to it
there is no if ands or buts about
anything about that so
now so once again turning a quirky
lurking dirty work II little story into
an abuse a silly now I guess it was well
done I'm not gonna see it
I saw upgrade but I think that was the
last Lum House film I'm ever gonna see
and to be honest with you I didn't even
know it was I don't even think I knew it
was one else I was I'm pretty sure that
I did not understand that Lum house
connection when I saw it but yeah I'm
lung house and just the agenda this
craziness this insanity I'm just done
even flirting with it playing games
giving them the benefit of the doubt I'm
done there's no more benefits of the
doubt of course you you turned a quirky
lurking dirty working film like the
Invisible Man into the abusive husbands
he's not even an invisible man he's got
an invisible suit on the abusive
husbands girlfriend that's what the the
title should be is not the Invisible Man
he's not an Invisible Man
he's an abusive husband with an
invisible suit now you could say well
that's just uh you know they just switch
II switching it up me uh Pete okay but
really I just I'm done I'm done with
your politics even one percent of your
politics I'm done okay I'm done having
girls fight guys on an equal level and
you're in the movies I'm done you know
and I guess it's sort of good that he's
a little bit Mediterranean looking
Jewish you know Egyptian you know quite
a bit in his you know otherwise you
could have gotten a knock off with the
race thing oh of course he's a white guy
well and most people are gonna look at
him it's just a white guy but yeah I
don't have any any time or hope for this
at all this stuff you're gonna have to
leave a hundred percent of your
communism I can't even tolerate a little
bit of it as soon as you go woke I'm out
one percent woke and I'm done one
percent the other 99% could be a
masterpiece but I'm done I'm not
supporting I'm not supporting any of
that anything you know and by the way
that one percent woke this has always
been there it's been there way back in
the beginning beginning beginning
beginning write a film but it was okay
because it was just a small amount but
now it's fucking every movie every movie
person every TV every TV person
everything has just gone completely
and that's the purpose of this right is
to destroy everything and rebuild it in
the comi image and they're just using
when in in Cambodia when they were killi
killi killi killi killi killi killi
killi kill him kill kill kill kill kill
it's just all day killing people and I'm
not joking shut up and go learn it
yourself if you don't understand what
the killing fields were light in
Cambodia I believe in the 80s 70s or 80s
not that long ago 50 years ago 40 50
years ago if you don't understand that
was just they were killing anybody that
stood out and they just had to pull
reasons out of their assholes because
they killed so many people they killed
all the rich people all the smart people
all the tall people all the people with
glasses all the rich people and rich
meant they had two goats instead of one
they just had to invent it well I saw
three books in their little Hut so let's
kill him just kill kill kill kill kill
kill kill kill and it was all under
worship so they just making shit up just
to kill somebody it's just like the
cancellations of Twitter they're just
making shit up they just want somebody
to sacrifice they just wanna sacrifice
on the altar of communism it's the same
thing you've done this before you will
not help me out with politics in any way
shape or form you cannot do it I am
right a hundred percent of the time I
might miss speak now and again a little
bit cuz I am human but I am correct when
it comes time to politics period and the
the absolute commie takeover of all
media has gone insane the best thing
that has happened is that Hollywood has
been shut down
but the problem is is all of that
everyone in Hollywood has too much money
Hollywood is at the top of the cream of
the crop tompa tompa tompa tompa top
teeth be talk be top be Tippi of movie
music and television okay Tom
so obviously the top has too much money
Joe Schmoe making a movie in his
backyard that's not Hollywood Joe Schmoe
in his backyard is Zedd Lister Hollywood
is the a-listers and they all have too
much money they don't care if Hollywood
shuts down it's not gonna hurt them and
their bank accounts are now it's
possible that they could you know ten
houses and all sorts of expensi expenses
and they could have strapped himself
you'd be shocked at how rich people can
get themselves into debt no matter how
much money here's the same for you
no matter how much money you make you
can always spend more than you make
but the way Trump is just handing out
money to everybody and I'm sure a lot of
it is going to the the bunny bunny bunny
bunny bunny in Hollywood Hollywood
Hollywood Hollywood Hollywood I don't
think that they're gonna hurt
financially from any of this because
Hollywood is the propaganda arm of now
what do I see I'm a bit of an asshole
when it comes time to older you know
like I can I can get into the classic
old classic II classic classic because
the propaganda wasn't so strong or if it
was there it's kind of minor just comes
and goes but am I still supporting an
industry see this is where I'm a bit of
an asshole
maybe maybe even watching talking about
classic films classic oldie oldie oldie
oldie stuffy stuffy stuffy maybe I am
being an asshole I haven't quite worked
that out in my head yet I could be a
complete nutter total terrible jerk okay
so I could be just a jerk but what can I
say actually if I could do that
I'm not gonna name them it's just a live
show right
we where is my
it's crazy that we're never gonna see
we're probably never gonna see a black
bad guy in a movie ever again we're day
because they're always they're all going
to have to be painted as perfect little
angels to appease the will crowd
wait I can't that sure
wait two to upvotes
wonder why I have to know somebody else
gave me a nut boat okay so yeah I guess
we're on the website now yeah I can do
that ahead of time release shortly after
that stream starts
so um again I I believed Leigh Whannell
is is very talented and how he does and
stuff but it's it's kind of like it
reminds me so much of that short film
cargo and if you don't know what I'm
talking about look it up it's a short
film and then it was turned into a
feature film okay
the short film is fucking beautiful
brings tears to your eyes it's a zombie
thingy thing but it's really more of a
drama so cargo was beautiful
brings tears your eyes and then what did
they do for the feature film they turned
it into a white man bad fucking
propaganda it's like wow it's just like
there's no end to this is there there's
no end and it's just over and over
repeat rinse and repeat repeat and
repeat repeat and then all of these
defenders right we'll just like oh come
on Gary and people like Gary knew
conservatives are just so sensitive
what's it what don't you like strong
women are good such a bigot
you know come on white people do do bad
things you know why can't we portray it
in movies you know sometimes men do
abuse their wives and sometimes you know
guys do like to chop off their PBS and
call them soft michele and whatever
right even just a little while ago a
little while ago with the UM what
Halloween remake in the beginning of the
zombie film is he's probably gonna chop
off his dick and call himself
Michel I hate you
you know that's Michael Myers right so
like would that even be able to go in a
movie today it's just in a couple of
years I don't know and see the woke
crowd and this it doesn't make any sense
just like The Killing Fields doctor they
see they think that they killed the base
faced the actual Nazis you know with the
Richard Spencer's and the daily Stormers
and and the different thingy things like
that right but then they just keep going
down the list they just keep trying to
find more and more and more to sacrifice
and then somebody you piss off you know
a year ago or ten years ago cancels you
we've got people even cancelling
themselves I just have no time
you know jennamarbles a famous ode you
know original I don't know what Oh G
stands for I always wanted to know
Oh G original oh gee
original og Original Gangster um yeah
and because she was politically
incorrect in and you know even the woke
checked right super will check what
superwoman or Lily sing or whatever how
long is it going to be before if they
call her a self-hating um Indian it's
because she was born and raising here
she was in Canada for too long
she's people she's now become racist
against Indians even though she is
Indian you know but what how long before
stuff like that I mean when you
understand what was happening in the
killing fields in Cambodia they killed
between 25% and 40% of the entire
population were executed on the altar of
communism they were trying to they were
kissing the ring of communism they were
trying to make Mao Zedong China's Mao
Zedong happy they were kissing the ring
and there's people alive today in
Cambodia that we're killing kill kill
they were just slicing thin yet they
were too poor it was all knives and
machetes and just slicing throats killi
killi ill and like i said after they
killed you know a certain number of them
you know the obvious then they just
started to have to make shit up well
that person has really nice nails that
must mean that they have too much money
kill him that person still has you know
three teeth left in their face in their
mouth so that must mean that they've
been you know they're privileged so kill
him you know just making shit up and you
know like the the in twitch on twitch
that tranny deer person
how long before it goes well you're
white so you still have to go we need to
cancel YouTube after they go down the
list how long a bit how you know before
it's like no you make too much money
you're white you gotta go but I'm I'm
one of you guys
no it doesn't matter it doesn't matter
when you have a quota of sacrifices
communism and kills and you have a quota
you have to meet the quota and trust me
and they were given quotas and somebody
is gonna go out there and have no
problem you know like this digital
lynching this canceling this route
trying to ruin people's lives for long
thing that's just the beginning
it's actually gonna be bullets to the
head and knives to the throat now are
these sjw's going to be able to step up
their game and actually Oh in the
anti-shah areas oneĆ­s own zone zones
that have been happening in America
they've been stepping up
they've been stepping up that one chilly
kill kill looked like an execution guy
came in and with shooty shoot shoot and
then he got shot and then you know he
got shot by the Chazz police which are
nobodies and the Chazz police went over
oh you're still alive and boom shot him
again to kill him finish him off so you
talk about so they're talking about
they're doing all this over police
brutality look at the brutality that
they're gonna bring to the world you're
still alive boom that's what it's look
looking look look lookie lookie lookie
like an actual execution now you can say
say say say say whatever you want but I
I've never seen anything like that a cop
coming up to somebody who was shot and
you know all the way down in all the
ways down just come up and finish them
off and execute them I've seen some shit
in my day I've seen a lot of shit I've
seen terrible stuff but I mean I've also
seen a lot of great stuff it's it's a
mixed bag you know once you put a gun in
somebody's hand and you say okay this is
your job is to protect and providing go
into the worst places of all of the
worst works where it's worse
wo rst worst of everything sometimes bad
stuff is going to happen you know
whatever I have a lot of respect for
those guys for anybody would want to do
that job but these commies that are
coming in my lord
and I you know it's shocking that we're
even letting it happen but here we are
letting it happen
Canada is just kind of pretending to be
whoa like they did they go down that
road but it's like when Justin Trudeau
come came out to take a knee
for black lives matter which is a
communist organization period end of
story but and by the way it's the
organizers that called it they call
themself communists okay so shut up the
organizers the people at the top the
people talking talking people at the LM
the people the people the th e capital T
capital H capital e the people at BLM
are communists they say it with their
own faces I got a not the video on my
website check it out
so I don't know what you're talking
you know so like I said I'm done I don't
know if you're done are you done
because it certainly seems to me like
the commies ain't going to be slowing
down and I guess the anti commies need
to step up their game and by the way I
do think that most Republicans are also
communist themselves okay there's no
help from your political right-wing
there they're they're they're Patsy's
they're there to lose
they're just placeholders your
conservative is a loser idiot do nothing
nothing burger that's who your
conservative Republican is a loser
nothing nothing person a zero a zilch
err I just sit around and you know well
it's okay when we do it now the
conservative on the street the
conservative people people people people
people those are the good guys there's
four groups okay Democrat politicians
Democrat people both rotten to the core
there's a slim chance that maybe the
people are kinda nice some kind of
sometimes but generally no because even
if if you're doing evil even if you
don't know that you're doing evil you're
still doing it so that means you're you
could be an empty-headed retard and
you're doing the bidding of communists
that still makes you a bad person and
especially if you're older you have an
obligation to learn to open up your
brain input information and if you don't
have that ability and you're still
voting and you're doing the Democrat
thing then you need to like you're
you're evil
you're just a bad person you you don't
get you to play the stupid car
with me you're evil
you needed to open up your brain and get
information in there a long time ago and
you have chosen not to do it so you're
voting Pro evil but on the Republican
side so the leftist evil all the way
politicians and people and the right
the politicians are evil there is no
good politician okay so on the right the
politicians are if the people are good
generally speaking so there's only one
good you got those four corners of the
politics the only good people in all of
the everything and the whole thing thing
are the conservative people the
conservative individuals they are good
hard-working pull yourself up by the
bootstraps do it yourself you know just
salt of the earth they're the ones
keeping everything running they're the
ones going to work every day and making
kids and having happy marriages or
trying to they're the ones doing good
so yeah
yeah I don't see like this it just hurt
my feelings when this film and that was
quite a rant when this film decided to
go from a quirky Lurky durkee working
you know kind of interesting story about
a man developing an invisibility potion
and oopsy doopsy admit it worked
and oopsy doopsy double it is also going
to make him evil and crazy crazy and
evil it's going to turn him insane this
potion you know it's a but it's supposed
to be about a mad sign it's kind of like
a dr. Jekyll and mr. Hyde thing kind of
but what does an evil person do when
they're invisible
for somebody going in insane invisible
and so and unfortunately all the lefty
people out there that talk that use
their faces I don't know if you've
gotten it yet I don't know if you've
gotten the memo that communism is coming
your way and you I don't you I promise
you you don't want it but you still
advocated little bits here and little
bits there you just got well it's just a
girl that beat up a man in the movie
yeah that's that's that's part of this
communist shit this equality bullshit
this won't bullshit there is a 0% chance
and I said 0 listen to me carefully I
said zero there's a 0% chance that a
woman is gonna a random woman who's
going to beat up a random man the only
way she wins is if she wins the lottery
so she this random woman happens to be a
power lifter and he happens to be in a
wheelchair with no arms you know
something like that
so she wins the lottery or she cheats so
in other words it's supposed to be a
hand and
you know physical combat to fight to the
death and she pulls out a gun and shoots
him so she cheats or he lets her win
chivalry still exists even though the
Communists want to turn that off as well
but you know just look at the survival
thingy things into Titanic the movie
portrayed it accurately women and
children first couple of men weaseled
the way onto the boats but basically
speaking the men stayed back to die just
like Jack did in the movie Titanic and
if you look at the survival luck luck
luck luck luck luck luck luck in the
real Titanic the men stayed back to die
and put the women and children on the
boats but a higher percentage of women
survived the children so the women were
so selfish that they were kicking the
children out of the way in order to get
on the boats
that's a thingy-thing a women were
actually pushing the children aside to
get on the boats not too much that the
numbers are pretty close it wasn't
tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu too bad but um I
wonder how many of those them I think
they did they weren't counted it I I
haven't looked at the numbers a lot but
a large percentage you know and when you
break it up and you under look at lookie
lookie at all the ollie
it's telling them basically speaking the
men put the women and the children on
the boats and stayed back to that so
that's chivalry that is women and
children first and yet women still are
just endless bitching and moaning
complaining and moaning it the feminism
oh my god just shut up shut up
so and still and here's more just women
bitching whining moaning complaining
only I'm gonna be the husband
he's like satanic lis abusive - and and
it's all stupid now you can say well
Nightmare on Elm Street is stupid too
you know
you know somebody who can kill you in
the dreams and it wasn't even really
yeah Lissa the dream was it not a dream
and you know like really killing
somebody in their dreams like that's
that's the stupid premise okay but it
was kind of randomly stupid it wasn't
leftist stupid I know
it's kind of like these two things the
Invisible Man and a story about an
abusive husband we're just mashed
together it's just kind of like black
Christmas right I want to tell a story
about abusive men how bad men are but
let's call it black Christmas let's just
ran the black Christmas thing into it
it's that's what this feels like to me
again Leigh Whannell is talented but I
got a call out you know like I don't
care Lee I don't care if you are going
to create if you're going to do this go
down this road you might I have to go
down this road or else they'll cancel me
well then you're part of the problem if
you don't have the balls enough to
fucking stand up and and be a man then I
don't care if you don't care why should
I care
so yeah I don't know what to say folks I
don't know what to say other than I need
to trim couple of nails here I normally
don't trim nails I just they get too
long and then I end up biting them off
my fingernails toenails you gotta cut my
mouth doesn't reach down there anymore
I've never done that I think I tried I I
heard you know to the talkee talkee
about that as a kid you know people
biting their toenails so I tried it once
and I could do it but I was like I'm not
gonna try it once bit off one day
toenail no I don't know what that's
about but I'm not doing it so again with
this I don't care
when here's the thing if there's even a
microscopic amount of woke in the thing
you gotta trash the whole fucking thing
it cannot be supported cannot be
supported and you see what happens when
you get a bunch of retarded empty-headed
children filled with this dumb woke
bullshit fucking closed them down
highways burning cities to the ground
looting targets all of the rest of it
and Hollywood is not gonna back down
it's it's tripling down is this it is
this it is this the end it's just the
end of freedom and you got a bunch of
college kids cheering it on because
they're empty-headed retarded loser
idiots and they don't have a fucking
clue about anything it doesn't matter
that if the guy with the gun is a
complete empty-headed idiot
he still got the gun and if he pulls the
trigger then you're dead doesn't matter
if they're fucking dumb so I got a zero
percent tolerance for woke and like I
said transforming this film from a kooky
thingy thing thing you know watch the
original if you want it's all over the
place the Invisible Man watch the
original but wonder if it's on to be
wonder if it's on to be
20:17 really another fucking invisible
man really there's this many of them
of the 1959 vid is that the original
there you go
there's so many of these fucking movies
Jesus Christ we visible man
there it is it looks like it's there so
watch it it's for you to be is free
there's no excuses to not up do be by
the way tonight we are watching a double
feature I'm not going to be showing the
videos you can have to play it yourself
but we're just gonna talk so we're
having the watch party for the Invisible
Man all right
Texas Chainsaw Massacre and I'm gonna
I'm gonna do it under Texas Chainsaw
no I'm I guess
title where a movie fanatics about
can I change the title we'll leave it
for now I'm gonna change it afterwards
I'm gonna
but or maybe not so anyway the idea
right now is we're gonna watch the Texas
Chainsaw Massacre and a double feature
The Hills Have Eyes tonight okay so
let's see if he brings out he won't talk
about the woke because he he thinks he's
woke he you know he's a titty hound you
know like a 13 year old I like it
by the way I liked it to be on 13 year
old chips nice boobs and then giggle he
I like that I like it all I like it from
me from him and his buddy on this
YouTube channel
that's not woke but at whatever maybe
he's woken every other area or whatever
I don't release they talk about
themselves as well but they don't
present themselves as well so maybe they
just don't really know what what greens
or something I don't know I don't know
what I don't care I like them and they
don't talk about politics generally but
let's see what he says here Jackson
Cowan Harriet dire and Aldous Hodge
based on the familiar story of the
Invisible Man from HG Wells in this
rendition we have Cecilia who's abusive
ex Adrienne fakes his own death and uses
a suit that he developed to make him
appear invisible so he can stalk and
terrorize his ex-girlfriend when the
police refused to believe her story she
decides to take matters into her own
and fight back before we get into this I
do want to give a shout-out to the
Morphew a longtime supporter of the
channel who recommended this over on
it's kind of weird doing solo reviews
but I had requested specifically if we
can keep things you know a little bit
more recent and so he recommended this
one and that's great I had already seen
it but it was nice revisiting again
confirming what I already thought one of
the coolest aspects of an Invisible Man
movie of course I'm a fan of hollow man
from back in the day it's really cool to
see hollow man was okay
I returned and it was just okay I was
kind of disappointed how they can use
new technology like CG that we have
today to make this Invisible Man feel
like he's actually part of the
environment and it was extremely well
done and almost flawless to be honest
because it's used in so many different
environments and it always looks really
cool one of the standouts is when
there's rain Cecilia is in a parking lot
and she's running for her life she knows
that he's after her and you as the
audience member are just waiting for
like the rain to bend or just kind of
hit this person that is a physical being
and so when the rain starts dripping on
him or his suit kind of flickers and
flashes because it's malfunctioning it
just looks so clean not to mention
there's a really cool action sequence
that involves Elizabeth moss being
thrown over a table and I watched the
behind the scenes of this and it's just
so cool the way that it was done and
it's just perfect I don't know there's
nothing that I can complain about with
this suit or how the Invisible Man came
off because I thought it was great and
even just like the way the technology is
kind of explained where it's just like a
bunch of cameras it's kind of like a
honeycomb shape all over the place it
just seems like it's something that
could potentially work above that we
have great performances from the entire
cast but most specifically obviously is
Elizabeth moss who absolutely crushes it
because a lot of this movie revolves
around her not a hundred percent knowing
if she's being paranoid or she's
actually being stalked by Adrian because
it does seem a little bit far-fetched of
course but seeing her have this like
internal emotional struggle of
constantly like in fear looking around I
think it's just really well done her
performance was believable emotional and
you actually feel for her because you as
an audience are trying to figure out is
this even real and if it is how are you
possibly going to explain this to
somebody that's going to take you
serious because I know if I were to go
to like a cop or something right now
they'd be like you're on drugs see you
so I can't imagine being in that
position and that's what makes you
emotionally invested in the story on the
flipside our antagonist is fantastic as
well because he feels like a real
monster he's
controlling he's manipulative and his
character really fits into societal
issues that we have when it comes to
abusers that we're talking about today
where it's not always physical but it's
the mental game abusers keeping you
trapped feeling like you can't get out
of something and he did an excellent job
just being this disgusting scumbag and
again no mention and another men you
know like didn't didn't they just do
black Christmas what when are we gonna
get to see bitchy disgusting women again
women that are turning their you know
children against their ex-husbands and
trying to destroy their ex-husbands and
just they're just there for the money
and all of this kind of shit hmm no not
woken up for you can only go one way I
guess they got ma right ma was a woman
scorned but let's be honest that was
about race that was about a black woman
who was wronged by a white man who take
who decides to take it out on a bunch of
white people white kids I had I didn't
see that one either when I saw the fact
that she as soon as I saw in the trailer
that the MA
character whatever name is the big fat
black woman she's good actors actually
painted that one black boy's face white
I was like oh this is all
seem to be okay something bad happened
but now it seems to be back again okay
whatever but anyway yeah I just I can't
stop talking about politics when I see a
plumb house movie when I see anything
especially recent Hollywood and and it's
going to be a weird II weird weird weird
thing because all of the things that you
know like I don't know at what point are
somebody gonna say well he's a quarter
Egyptian and a quarter Jewish so that
makes this movie racist portraying
accorded you a quarter yet my guess
Muslim Egyptian whatever I guess it's a
little bit mixed anyway guy is an evil
abuser of women how long is it before
they come after this film and say you
know that's not woken up I mean there's
no end there is no end they just deal
with that I guess bigger and more sort
of random things in the face he faces
but then they have to start to dig
through the weeds and dig through the
basement there's stuff to cancel I mean
anything can be considered not woken up
just like in the killing fields of
Cambodia anything it could be considered
you know killworthy it's just like once
you've run out of good reasons to kill
things then you have to invent reasons
if you didn't like what he assumed I was
human and what human attention amongst
other things
then why like you're a 35 year old kind
of five out of ten why are you there why
did you decide to you know lower your
mouth down on a dick of an evil man you
know that's something that you know the
original original original original
listen to me when I say this word
original feminist abusive okay
the chicky chick poo the chicky chick
poo that opened up the very first woman
shelter in the UK has been cancelled
she was cancelled long time ago because
she had the nerve to say that most of
these women that are in abusive
relationships with men are just as
asshole as since the men are she likes
to beat on him just as much as he likes
to beat on her she said that with her
own face that these women are equal
equal partners in this abusive bullshit
and by the way I never saw my dad hit my
my mother but I did see that she was
just playing around but she smack him
knowing that you know it was the big
my mum punched me in the head she broke
her hand doing it yeah I women are a
heck of a lot and that the number is
buried out to that the worst the most
amount of domestic violence is being on
lesbian in the middle it's straight
couples and then at the bottom it's gay
males so it seems as though the more
women you have in your relationship the
more abusive it becomes but of course
you know that doesn't fit the world
feminist narrative so it's always got to
be switched around see once upon a time
they could do thingy things in the
correct way
like remember fatal attraction you know
psychotic women when was the last time
you saw a woman that was a bad guy well
I guess you had the word that month or
movie or whatever
Hellena or something you know but I mean
a real one and what I say to all of
these women I I almost don't have
sympathy for them like if if you're in
an abusive relationship like this
actress is 35 years old what is she
fucking doing having a boyfriend or I
don't know today married where's the
kids but why was she so stupid in to get
into the you know they like to think he
think they like to pretend that oh I got
into the relationship and then you
changed no he didn't he was like that
before you just didn't care were you
liked it because he was the bad boy or
you liked it because he was defending
you you know like you thought he would
be a good defender of you that's why
women lined up at prisons to date the
the guys getting out is because they
like that their vaginas get all moist
thinking about you know the big strong
tough guy that's been the defender and
and to be honest with me there's reasons
for that it's a legitimate proper
thinking thing but I mean it's just like
kind of men want to have sex all over
the place and with anything and
everything you know you men have to put
that in check while women have to put I
love the bad boys in check not marry
them not getting into relationship not
leave their husbands for them and then
when the world falls apart because they
married a bad boy you know are you
supposed to feel sorry for chickie poop
but he just started swinging right he
just why did why were you suck in the
deck and don't give me this shit about
you being
the the nonviolent victim in all this
it's just more of the same shit right
just more communist more leftist
communist propaganda bullshit so I'm a
poor victim and and she's talking to a
black hawk who's obviously a good guy
because go on are the days where black
guys are going to be the bad guys in
film that's never gonna happen again
for God's sakes they're canceling
everything with police in it so yeah I
have no have no time you know like it's
just more of the same bullshit
oh I'm just such a victim of men I'm
just such an innocent victim of men
really really okay again more of this
remember when the girls were screaming
rape on college campuses oh my god
one in one women are gonna be raped on
college campuses one out of every one
women are going to be raped there's a
there's a rapist hiding underneath every
single Rock and that was all bullshit
it's the same thing is here it's just
more bullshit propaganda dumbassery and
like I said where's it chicky who's
talking about their no they're stunning
and brave why don't you be stunning and
brave enough to pick a good guy instead
of one that you know wants to fucking
punch your fucking face it every night
I'm such a victim and such it okay look
at how old and ugly she is - you should
know better you know it's one thing
being like you know 16 years old and
liking that bad boy 20 year old right
who's your hormones don't know what the
fuck whether they're coming or going and
especially if you got like no parentage
no parents around the fucking guide you
like oh yeah I'll take the drug dealer
but I mean she's what in her 30s mid 30s
how old is she how old is she
one in 82 so 18 38 years old today so
I'll give her a 36 or 37 when the movie
was shot near near mid 30s mid late 30s
why are you still hanging out with an
asshole it's like where's your agency
you know they keep telling us that women
are gonna make these great
decision-makers and available to run
businesses and run countries and all
this other kind of stuff but they can't
pick a man that doesn't punch him in the
face it's the same thing with black
folks oh I'm just a victim I'm the
victim of a victim well where's your own
personal agency in the situation now
let's not talk about any of that let's
just talk about me being a victim okay
like kind of mentioned with the CGT the
production value of this whole movie is
just phenomenal and the camerawork is
master clip leave an elk and didn't
fucking like I believe all these people
can can could possibly do good things
and some of them kind of are but the
story parts of it are what the problem
is their politics basically their
politics their personal philosophies
their politics their own personal
politics there's getting in the way it's
stopping them from genius and and even
if there was a right-winger in Hollywood
when you even be able to get a
right-winger thing done it's just kind
of like Joe Schmo Joe nobody you know
who's at the whatever company and he's
surrounded by fucking leftist so he just
goes along to get along he says I'm just
trying to make a living and go home you
know whatever in a way I kind of don't
blame them but on something call it out
you gotta you guys stand up for what's
right and the cities are burning to the
ground more and more often
I can imagine what's gonna happen when
Trump wins my god
can you imagine what that's gonna be
like folks class I know that's high
praise but the way that the camera moves
around from scene to scene it makes the
audience tense because like the camera
is almost like is it just the camera or
are we actually seeing out of the eyes
of the Invisible Man himself they use
the camera in a very voyeuristic way
where there's lots of long shots or the
frame is partially concealed like the
camera is hiding in plain sight like
ready to kind of move towards cecilia at
any moment and in that way you start to
relate to cecilia a little bit more and
more like I said you're invested in her
and the camera work really helps you
feel on edge and even just watching it
if you're not even in that mind state
you could just be looking from one
corner to the next and you're like maybe
you're looking around for where the
Invisible Man could be or did I just see
something move over here like what's
gonna happen next so I truly believe
like this is some of the best
cinematography I've seen in a very very
long time it's tricky to come up with
dislikes for this movie because I
genuinely really loved it it's one of
the best movies I've seen all year but
so again whoa guy is not gonna bring up
the walk parts because just everybody
most of your youtubers not me well I
guess I'm gonna be doing it soon but
most are just far left wannabe Hollywood
people they're all the same I don't know
what it is that it's either leftists are
drawn to this form of this type of work
or whatever is but anyway they're all
Hollywood failures the reason why they
have a YouTube channel is because
Hollywood rejected them
so there are Hollywood I called them
Hollywood's most are just Hollywood's
endless there are some fans that are
just simply fan from they don't want to
make movies and and so on but most of
the big ones they're all just Hollywood
flunk outs
Hollywood didn't wanna you know they
went to film school and they so and they
couldn't get a you know a movie thingy
thing whatever anything that they worth
anything they couldn't so they started a
YouTube channel or they there was a
company doing a YouTube channel and they
just went to work for them like a screen
junkies or something along those lines
glider but they're just Hollywood zet
Lister's that's what I call them most of
these people on YouTube talking about
film so and again I don't know if
Hollywood attracts leftist or it makes
them but whatever it is it's just it's
all you know and there is some like
what's your face the grace from Will and
Grace she actually came out and said um
get out on Twitter she said with her
face on Twitter she said make a list of
everybody that went to the trunk the
trunk fundraiser in LA or whatever and
then blacklist all of them that's what
she said on Twitter that's grace for
mullen grace the Jew female rich super
mega privilege Hollywood elite you know
in the game show that's what she has to
say on Twitter that's and so that's
audio be open open open open
ow d ow d and open open and out imagine
what she's thinking on the inside
she's that probably probably probably
was the world around her said hey you're
supposed to that's supposed to be your
inner voice we're not supposed to say
things like that out loud yes we boycott
and we blacklist and and if anybody
shows any right wing this to them in any
way then we just but we don't say it out
loud because to do we keep that in our
inner voice inner that was supposed to
be an inner thing to say not an outer
thing to say well so like I said I know
see the good thing is is he doesn't
explicitly talk about politics on this
channel so I can I can take him I can
take them they will kind of bring up but
a microscopic amount of their left
retardation but if I were to nitpick
perhaps it would be some of the side
characters that didn't really maybe
react the way that you would think that
they would react given the situation
especially considering how convincing
elizabeth mosses i also think that the
ending i know a lot of people loved it i
think that it was maybe a bit overhyped
because I found that it was fairly
predictable you can kind of guess where
that's going almost halfway through the
movie so you're just kind of like going
through some of the steps but even with
that said I still really enjoyed the
ending even though I knew it was coming
this movie was far better than I thought
it was going to be I didn't see any
reviews or anything like that prior to
watching it this was one of those
expensive rentals that went straight to
VOD during the quarantine so I rented
this and the hunt at the same time and
it was a nice refreshing break to see a
new movie in this weird time that was
actually really quality the
cinematography was fantastic the
production value in general was
top-notch I really loved the pacing even
though it is a little bit on the longer
side because you can really relate to
Cecilia as a character
and no you can't because as soon as you
have the correct information in your
brain about this is just you know girl
being abused prop leftist propaganda
then it makes the whole film moot it's
just like the Last of Us when you
understand it's just an output drama a
soap opera with alphabet people set in a
mushroom zombie apocalypse then you go
no thanks the whole overarching all of
the everything this is when your
politics and fete have infected
everything and it is ruined everything
and by the way the last of us how long
is it going to be before you know Abbey
smash I don't know
Ellie's girlfriend right and go she beat
up a Jew that's racist or something you
know like I said it's only a matter of
time before they come for everyone
now it's like I said it's unfortunate
that these Hollywood commies are getting
paid off by Trump Trump's just doling
out the money to everybody and I'm sure
that the Hollywood thingy things are
getting a ton of it
to keep going through this time but at
the end of the communism once the
communism comes being in Hollywood is
hell on earth it's just propaganda just
try to go talkie talk talk talk talk
talk talk talk to a Chinese filmmaker
it's like goes through censor after
censor after censor after censor after
censor after censor after censor after
censor after censor after censor after
censor I don't even know how anything
gets created to be honest with you
because every team needs to be cross and
every eye needs to be dotted in the
Communist thingy-thing maybe that's what
they're you know maybe that's what they
want zero creativity and it's just like
literal propaganda communist propaganda
but it's going to be interesting right
because the commie propaganda today with
the trannys and the blacks and the blah
blah blah the the poor Woolwich women
and all that shit right that is not real
communist and that's just to destroy the
civilization the real communism is class
right and control it's just the
government controls everything every
every tea and every I the government
crosses and dots every single one
throughout all of the everything they
control everything so that's actual
community so there's going to be like
there's going to be a free communist
Hollywood and a post because first of
all there is no money right for all of
these movie movie movie thingy things
there's some a little bit but it's not
much cuz there is no money and it's a
thing thingy thing like China gonna
backtrack on their opening up and doing
capitalism are they going to retract are
they going to go back he back into their
strictly communist strictly communism
no but I'm telling you creating anything
you say one word out of out of line you
think that people are getting cancelled
fastly fast today even in Hollywood oh
you ain't seen nothing yet
sins like like any of the the current
the biggie batty stuff those sins will
be execute worthy not cancellation
you'll be canceled out of life and
you're emotionally invested you're
willing to hang in there and you're
excited about every single action that's
made and because there's variance in the
type of tension that's built up from
scene to scene see this cannot see this
is why I'm saying I think that Hollywood
is made Hollywood stuff today today
today now now now
it's made by leftists for leftist
because once you realize that this is
just like feminism propaganda man bad
women victim feminist propaganda
you can't like the film and then you
realize that they bastardize or they
just used a really interesting kind of
unique non-communist concept of the
Invisible Man even though the man is bad
there but he was turned bad by the
chemicals that he drank that made him
some of the best camerawork of all time
in that film by the way how they made
him invisible back in those days no
that's a documentary if you want to see
filmmaking that's the one that you need
to see not just well tell a bunch of
computer kids that do the graphic heat
graphics to do the things make this
happen make that happen okay because
that's the problem with computer effects
right they can do anything and I guess
if you believe that they're real then
they can be kind of cool but at the end
of all of the everything you just said
well it's just some guy that some city
face kid fucking work in the computer
which is fine and they're doing a good
job but it's there's something see part
of the magic of a movie was the magic
part what is magic okay
what is magic it's a tricky tricky trick
trick that's all they're making you
think that you saw this but and then
tricky tricks all tricky trick okay just
think magic a magic trick and that's
what movies used to be like wow how did
they do that thingy thing on the madidi
or on the movie how did that happen
because there was no computers it had to
actually be in front of the screen but
how did they make that make you think
that this thingy thing happened just
simple like a book floating or like a
you know like even in the Munsters that
TV show The Munsters the invisible man
in that television show would be reading
a book and flipping pages so it's just
floating book you go is there string how
did they flip the pages how the magic
key trick but now it's just
well we just send it off to the zit face
hits fuckin for them to do the do so
it's just the filmmakers themselves are
just and then you add in the communists
kind of bullshit it's kind of like when
your kid brings you a really super mega
shitty breakfast in bed
because it's your birthday it's shitty
but you love it because of the the
effort that went into making it like
practical effects or whatever the movie
people that are profiting off the movie
actually had to put in a lot of work in
they had to be really creative a manager
do we do do do do
but with the stories being crap and full
of agenda and then then sending off to
basically make the movie in fucking
zit-faced kid land I don't know the
magic that's not magical it's it's the
it's the difference between your kid
bringing you a really shitty breakfast
and you paying a home service to deliver
a breakfast to your home and eating it
maybe not in bed right and it's a
mediocre breakfast it's fine but one is
super special because of the TLC in the
lovin it and the energy it's just like
mommy serving you fish sticks and french
fries versus a homemade big loving meal
you can taste the love that went into
the hard work and the energy and the
work and the work and not energy and the
love and network and the energy and love
and that used to be filmmaking and it's
not anymore
like I said they just filmed some shit
in front of a green screen and then send
it off to the zit face the zit face army
to to make the movie
and I don't mean to I'm trying to make a
point I'm not trying to demean the
zit-face army I'm trying to get a point
across relax you guys are actually doing
a great job a fantastic job and it's
just I just wish that the people you
know your bosses it's just like the Last
of Us part two technically it's a
brilliant thing it's too bad about the
fucking story but you know all of that
gaming game making genius was wasted on
such a terrible fucking alphabet
alphabet soup fucking love story revenge
story drama soap opera and you got to
start pointing this out it's either that
or you know like I said I haven't seen
this film I have no intention to but I
Hollywood has just gone so far off the
deep end that it's just not even
possible anymore it's not possible to
like it in any way shape or form it's
just gone it's falling off the cliff and
it's the only way to like it is to be a
leftist and even even sometimes then the
leftists are getting pissed off because
there's too much like a black Christmas
there's too much going on in it too much
left ISM in there leftist movies we're
okay with half of the movie being
leftist propaganda but you know not all
of the movies being there's some action
I truly believe this is one of the best
films of 2020 so I'm gonna give this
four-and-a-half condensation hand prints
out of five as always thank you for
watching like this video and comment
below with your thoughts on the film if
you've seen it if you haven't you do
want to check it out links are in the
description first time a subscribe the
channel to stay up to date with
everything bloodbath and
to go down
so remember we're gonna be watching um I
think anyway the plan is to watch Texas
Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have
Eyes tonight
yeah per streaming all day today
see Hollywood used to understand that
they had to kind of sneaky sneaky put in
propaganda and for a lot of the people
people me included it would just go over
our heads because it was so sneaky but
not anymore now it's now the leftist be
good to women be good to blacks be good
to gays that sort of mentality it's
that's over now it's we're using black
women and gays to stir up anger and
resentment and hatred and hatred and
anger and ugly and evil so it's not
enough that we're just putting a lesbian
a black lesbian in the movie she has to
degrade everything around her just to
humiliate and degrade and dominated and
Shayn everything around her
I don't care
want to watch the alien series movie
reviews from james rolfe it's in a
massacres monster madness this week
we'll be talking about the alien friend
by the way it's not just me james rolfe
you can see his disappointed every time
he he came out of the the new movie came
out of the movie came out of the movie
came out of the movie and it's just like
various levels of disappointment and
kind of anger and frustration and kind
of zeromus you know Star Wars The
Terminator and Godzilla and this and all
of the things that I'm I like you know I
think he's right-wing - but he would
never say it he doesn't want to get
cancelled and that weird so but I think
we need to start yeah we need to start
saying fuck you to the mob stop kissing
the feet of the mob just that's all we
got to do is say fuck you and they say
what I want to say but anyway you can
tell james rolfe is just was getting
more and more and more and more
disappointed every time leaving the
theater solo the last Jedi this and then
he got to the point where not long ago
he said you know something I'm done
reviewing movies like current modern-day
movies because I just I followed out of
love with them and it's it's not just
that their agenda filled leftist commie
propaganda it's also that they're bad
like I like I was talking about with the
recent Invisible Man I think it could
have been a good movie if the you know
whatever ish
if you could get over the stupidness of
the story and the propaganda the story
itself it was still a well-done film I
think anyway I don't know what I'm
he's disillusioned just like I am and
like everybody is we're all being
disillusioned it's just what's happening
guys when I say alien you know exactly
what I mean
and that's the power this film it takes
a title that's as generic as alien and
makes it into a household name we'll
start with the first alien film directed
by Ridley Scott much like Halloween
alien is a slasher film about a killer
with a body count the only difference is
that the killer is an extraterrestrial
life-form and the setting is an outer
space whereas the tagline says no one
can hear you scream it's brilliant
it's fucking horrifying and it still is
I can't think of anything more
disturbing than a living creature inside
your body ready to burst out I still
think the movie is stronger before the
alien starts killing people because
after that it sort of becomes victim to
some of its horror trappings my point is
I like the first act better for it's
slow and suspenseful build-up
interesting to think that I like when
nothing is happening better than when
stuff is happening
to sum up alien it's distinctly a horror
film and a science fiction film it
perfectly balances the two and in both
categories reaches its full potential
it's a masterpiece an absolute friggin
masterpiece of the thumb
it's cinemassacre monster madness
making a sequel to a groundbreaking film
is never an easy task but when director
James Cameron was assigned to it he
nailed it nailed the shit out of it
aliens was released in 1986 that's about
seven years after the first one that was
back when they took time to make sequels
nowadays by the time a movie gets to the
theaters they're already working on the
sequel just like the first alien it
takes a lot of cliches from the 50s and
molds them into something that's fresh
and new one thing that's great about
this movie is that you don't need to see
the first one to know what's going on it
fills you in very quickly and since it's
a little more action-oriented it seems
to attract a wider audience which helps
act as a gateway to introduce more
people to the first movie a lot of
people saw the sequel first including
myself this movie put the Alien
franchise into our pop culture several
movies rip not me
I saw the number one first it was the
most beautiful television walk watching
experience of my life I'm not gonna go
into it right now because I'm eating
maybe one day I will watching alien the
original alien nut was the most
stunningly picture-perfect beautiful
movie watching experience anyone could
ever have period I think I'm not gonna
put money on that part certainly and if
I were to explain the movie watching
experience of number one to you which by
the way it was 78 I was born in 71 so
obviously I didn't see it in theaters
I'm pretty sure it was something here I
don't even know when aliens was but
anyway yeah they took time it's like
they had lots of good people and lots of
good ideas so they just had space
between them
breathing room but you know this aliens
was a masterpiece - and I like the
theatrical cut better than the
director's cut
I like the shortened version of aliens
better than the long one it off and it's
been parodied in cartoons like Ninja
it came out during the big video game
this was the Nintendo age when video
games were becoming more advanced
several of them got their inspirations
from the alien films such as Metroid
xenophobe and especially the contra
games which make blatant references to
not only the facehuggers and the
Xenomorphs but also the space jockey
from the first daily and is this thing
from Metroid also inspired by the space
jockey aliens is a great sequel one of
the best sequels ever made it's
debatable if it's better than the first
or not they both have their special
merits so fuck the review just watch the
movie aliens okay I put a lien over
aliens because I'm more Endor it's just
that simple but if you were they're both
equal it's just which genre do you
prefer do you prefer more action or or
if you prefer more horror than you're
gonna like alien better than aliens I
think it's that simple
three or alien 2 the third was an
unexpected sequel how do you top aliens
the answer you don't
it seems the number three is often an
unlucky number with sequels and this
one's no exception right from the start
there was a lot of trouble with the
project many different writers and
directors were involved with it when
David Fincher was assigned to the
directing task he had little time to
prepare didn't even have a finished
script when they started shooting and
the studio interfered with a lot of his
lots of film productions are troublesome
but all that matters is what comes up on
the screen in the end and alien 3
unfortunately isn't that awesome when I
saw this for the first time when I was
about 12 years old I could
you know one thing about making excuses
as to why your movie sucked at the end
of be everything it's they always try to
do the blame game when things don't work
out but if it worked out and everybody
oh wow alien 3 it was a masterpiece they
would be taking all the credit for it
right this David Fincher not wad would
be taking all the credit for alien 3
being a masterpiece there are a couple
of retards out there on planet earth
that think that alien 3 is a masterpiece
just like alien 1 and 2 but they're
wrong they're absolutely wrong I don't I
think it's like it in the middle of a
road it's not a bad movie but it's not a
good one either
like once you can you have to step away
from the genius of 1 & 2 but you can
settle into number 3 being okay like a 3
out of 5 stars or something 1 & 2 were
both 5 out of 5 stars
didn't even stand to watch it this movie
is so depressing it'll make you want to
blow your brains out after rewatching it
I've tried to appreciate it for its
somber tone it goes without saying we're
back to 1 hailing again which I'm all
for if it works there's no weapons on
this planet so they don't have any
resources to fight the alien it's a good
attempt at making it a scary movie again
about one monster but it fails at
generating any suspense alien 3 is not a
terrible movie it's just ok I wish I
could say it's underrated every time i
rewatch it i always hope it'll grow on
me and that I'll discover some artistic
merit that I overlooked but every time
I'm always just as disappointed they
should have stopped that number 2 alien
3 was meant to be the final film of the
franchise but with any movie that
doesn't satisfy its fans give it 5 years
and outcomes Alien Resurrection
literally trying to resurrect the
franchise with the cliche shitty title
like that the movie gives you exactly
what it advertises it throws away the
serious tone of alien 3 and goes for
simple entertainment for better or for
worse I saw it in the theater on its
opening day I remember enjoying it but
since then haven't felt any desire to
watch it again until I had to to do this
review it's that kind of movie its
purpose is to rack in some cash while
entertaining moviegoers for a few
weekends and then it fades from memory
this movie may not be a masterpiece
but it's more entertaining than alien 3
aliens it is more entertaining it's it's
kind of like a dum-dum comedy you know
it's dumb fun it's not a good you know
like yeah it's just which is there's
nothing wrong with dumb fun I kind of
like it it is more entertaining is it
better I guess because it's more
entertaining but it is a step up from
three not a big step up three went for
an artistic vision but failed Alien
Resurrection went for entertaining trash
and succeeded it's the golden turd of
the franchise it doesn't take itself
seriously and doesn't try to be anything
more than what it is
by the time alien vs. predator came out
in 2004 it built up so much height that
it couldn't live up to its own epicness
I watched it for the first time recently
so my expectations were very low and I
wasn't as disappointed as everyone else
I'm with you James it was better than
people grabbed it credit for it's not
amazing I think it's the third best in
the franchise it goes one two and then
AVP and then probably resurrection and
then three and that and then at the
bottom is a BB two
but yeah I I kind of like I kind of
liked it I thought it garnered too much
hate and over an over but it's not a
great film by any strikes like I said no
but like I said out but one and then two
and then a VP and then four and then
three and then a VP - this was it's not
terrible to me the perfect adjective is
underwhelming it's not as bad as
everyone says it's just not great
there's nothing specific in this movie
that sticks out to me is bad it just has
an overall aura of cheapness it has some
great action highlights but no memorable
characters and nothing else really worth
talking about if you thought the first
alien versus Predator was bad check this
aliens vs. predator Requiem yep they
tried it again and again
they failed I think eventually the
series had to go in this direction after
it exhausted every other possibility I
can understand why they wanted to set
this one in a common worlds that we
recognize as our own this gave it some
potential to see what kind of damage
these species could do in a residential
area but it doesn't live up to its
potential as much as it opens the door
for typical horror cliches in the US any
time a movie gets a pg-13 rating instead
of an R people flip their shit so with
this one they gave it an R and satisfied
everyone's demands it even says it on
the back of the DVD honestly comparing
the two movies I didn't notice the gore
that much the only thing I did notice
was how the series went on such a
downward slope it began with two
cinematic masterpieces and then
de-evolved into I know what you shit
last summer hopefully we'll see some
better crossovers in the near future
you know be awesome if there is no
humans in the movie yeah no discernable
dialog just aliens and predators in
space killing each other for an hour and
a half instead of focusing on a bunch of
douchebags caught in the crossfire
it's true
it's true
now this james james rolfe what is the
difference between his opinions and mine
like he's a big horror person I'm a big
horror person he loves the classics and
because of him I kind of go back and
touch on the classics okay he is super
mega super super mega mega mega super
into the classic horror films like the
classic Dracula Franklin all of that and
most of them I haven't even seen he
loves the fucking classics now I would
say that for my taste he goes too hard
on the classics like sometimes there's a
better version like the I think it was
56 and the 76 version I'm just guessing
really of invasion of the body snatchers
I thought the 70 whatever the 70s
version was better than the 50s version
but he won't admit that first for some
reason he is released now I don't think
it's a bad thing it's a different thing
and whatever and maybe but see there is
an accuracy and inaccuracy to things and
for some reason I am adverse to those
old classic black and white but I'm
still I'm doing it I'm doing it more and
more I'm going back and I'm checking out
the old classic you know horror films
but CEO
why is it am i subscribe to my own
channel that's weird
you keep saying the horror so I I
appreciate and I appreciate all of the
horror fans that try to draw you draw me
or their audience the drop people into
their specific like there's a there's a
grindhouse guy the bloodbath and beyond
their the modern B movies he is classic
horror the maniac is you know you know
I'm really kind of a middle-of-the-road
mainstream guy but I like I like you
know and then there's the blood guts in
the gore hounds
the horror film that almost wasn't
Oh check it out
in the early 1970s the independent
studio Sun classic began to produce what
they called small low-budget animal
films movies that would appeal to
families by having some sort of animal
element like when the north wind blows
the company was formed by Charles Sally
a junior and his associates Ray Jensen
and Clair Farley they had a big hit with
the life and times of Grizzly Adams
which spun off into a TV series and a
made-for-tv movie they were deciding
what to do next when they were submitted
a four year old German film called
Chariots of the Gods which was based off
the book of the same name they bought
the rights to both the book and the film
for seventy five thousand dollars they
released them both and they were hugely
successful the film made 25 million
dollars in the books sold eight million
recognizing that unexplained phenomenon
was quickly becoming the next trend the
studio branched out into making
made-for-tv documentaries like the
mysterious monsters in search of Noah's
Ark and the outer space Connection Selya
is all brand-new information to my brain
I've never seen his son's head of
production and later moved on to become
the president of the company wanting to
continue the conspiracy trend as well as
make more traditional entertainment they
produced their first sci-fi film hangar
18 which was directed by James L Conway
who'd been with the company for years
then went to follow this up with a
horror movie
Conway asked to helm the project he grew
up watching the universal horror
monsters so he was very excited to be
able to make a creature feature writer
David O'Malley want to write a script
about the things that scared him and
create a name for it that reflected
something that everyone was afraid of
the boogeyman
however in 1980 there already was a
movie about the boogeyman so he decided
to base it on the myth of that old
Scottish legend the begins the Scottish
legend that didn't exist in he totally
made up he co-wrote the script but
Thomas each I don't know if it's a
guarantee okay I heard of the bookends
but I didn't think that was a guarantee
this steak story I thought there's some
truth to it
there was a Scottish cannibal family
that was executed in the 1600s Chapman
who had just written has 18 they wrote a
story about creatures that lived inside
but I'm not liking this he's just
talking about so many different things I
had an old Colorado mine that start to
attack the locals when the mine is
reopened the bookends was also loosely
based off of those things that miners
have seen while in the caves those
things you see just down to the corner
of your eye or that weird feeling that
something a hungry is watching you which
ties back to the company's roots of
unexplained phenomenon this studio
settled on a budget of around $600,000
for the production shortly after that in
1980 the studio was sold by their parent
company to Taft enterprises
unfortunately tapped in by son for their
movies they wanted their TV contracts
tant liquidated the son movie library
anything that wasn't locked into a
contract was cancelled so they could
focus on TV development however since
the bookends was already booked for
theaters in the fall of 1981 they had to
allow the production to move forward
even though Taft had no interest in the
production they still took the time to
meddle with it sell EA one of the
bookends to be Journey to the Center of
the Earth for the 1980s which changed
when they were sold to Taft since son
was known for their family-friendly
productions Taft wanted to up the sex
and violence in the film as a reflection
top ten leprechaun kills okay this is
one of those series a C like this is
what I enjoy about bloodbath and beyond
those guys even though they are leftist
is they they're really into the sort of
cheesy modern b-movie stuff there's a
lot of cheesy modern b-movie stuff like
they do they talk about the plot but
they don't like the classics as much as
you know an ordinary horror fan would
which is weird right
ah she's got to be Sakura dye see when
it comes to horror the 90s were rife
with cheesy slashers of all shapes and
sizes but the most memorable and magical
was the Leprechaun from the Vegas Strip
and a couple trips to the hood to the
less than stellar adventure to space the
leppe has had some pretty cool locations
to play with when it comes to creating
epic kills I'm Jay from bloodbath and
beyond and today we're counting down the
top 10 best kills from the Leprechaun
in this list we're counting down a
variety of gory funny and inventive
kills from the entire leprechaun
franchise Wow
including the latest reincarnation and
critically pay and WWE reboot leprechaun
number ten pop belly from leprechaun - I
haven't seen all these films maybe I
should maybe we could do that one day do
a fucking oh god I I don't know with a
ton of memorable moments and unique
kills leprechaun - is one of the best in
the franchise one of the more notable
deaths is Morty's Cody traps the
Leprechaun in a safe and Morty takes
advantage of the situation by claiming
three wishes you know the routine you're
caught you owe me three wishes his first
wish is for the leprechauns pot of gold
which materializes inside of his stomach
stretching it out and obviously causing
him a ton of pain his second wish is
probably one of his bigger mistakes and
that's to let the leprechaun out of the
safe in order to help him this goes hand
in hand with his third wish which is to
have the pot of gold removed from his
stomach altogether
of course the Leprechaun is a sadistic
little jerk and decides to remove the
pot of gold by cutting open mortise
stomach killing him in the process
number nine super hot espresso shot
leprechaun - what should see I never saw
that I've never even seen that kill next
gig huh one of Santa's elves or one of
the Seven Dwarfs this death plays out in
a coffee shop where the barista played
by Michael McDonald best known for his
role as Stuart on MADtv continues to
insult and bully the Leprechaun until he
boils over boom gotcha making quick work
of the waiter by pinning him to the
counter with two forks the Leprechaun
blasts steam from the espresso machine
straight into his face causing severe
burns and a little bit of face melting
number eight shadi - hottie leprechaun
in the hood
and one of the most gory kills in the
franchise macdaddy Onassis played by
rapper ice-t is accompanied by his
bodyguard to confront butch and post
Master P in a hallway the Leprechaun is
lurking in the background and when he's
in the hood he's generally up to no good
but on the matter
no good no good the leprechaun ends up
using magic to blow Wow in the hood to
do no good actually
did let leprechaun in the hood do wow it
obviously did well enough for a sequel I
mean but it's just so see this is cheese
this is extreme levels of cheese that's
what this is a hole straight through the
henchmen like a shotgun blast it's quick
its gory and we even have a little bit
of dark humor number 7 one deadly bong
hit leprechaun back to the hood with all
the shenanigans going on in the
leprechauns life he finally finds a
place to just hang out get some R&R and
you know have a dabber to some people
get paranoid when they're stoned and
well I guess a leprechaun gets a little
more murderous the lip ends up smoking
some killer bud and then proceeds to
stick his new stoner friend in the
stomach with a bong as we watch it fill
up and bubble with blood thanks for the
number 6 babes and lawnmower blades
leprechaun - just a second I took the
whole night off for you and what about
those chili dogs growing up and catching
the first few leprechaun movies on
late-night horror movie marathons this
kill holds a very special place in my
is it was one of the first set of bear
breasts that I had ever seen Bridget who
moments earlier turned down Ian stands
in her garage and begins to undress she
asked him to kiss her but what Ian's
about to kiss is actually a set of
vertical lawnmower blades and Ian learns
the hard way that his fantasy was just
an illusion despite being an off-screen
kill this is a death that many will
recall as being much more graphic than
it actually is simply because of how
unique it was was it as good for you as
it was for me
number five chimney fake out leprechaun
origins that's crazy I think I've seen
that kill
12 the day Donna the fuck does that mean
leprechaun leprechaun origins was almost
unanimously hated by fans of the
original series instead of casting
Warrick Davis who played all previous
renditions of the character WWE opted to
cast wrestler Hornswoggle as the
Leprechaun who beared little to no
resemblance to the leprechaun we came to
love and instead looked more or less
like pumpkin heads baby brother that
said there are a couple great gore
effects in this film including a
shocking kill where Sophie and Ben
accidentally killed their friend Jenny
while attempting to lure the leprechaun
into the cabin
number four the pogo stick leprechaun do
you want to play with me
well the leprechaun grew to become a
funny over-the-top killer the original
played it fairly straight it's
definitely goofy but it's still much
darker than it's light-hearted sequels
this kill however was the first time
where we get a taste of the lips playful
okay I'm going to take a break from
streaming and then we'll be back okay
later on nature when he grabs a pogo
stick and decides to jump on a man's
chest until he can't breathe number
three the sexbot leprechaun three easy
one of the most ambitious and most
memorable kills in the entire franchise
this death has a sexy and hilarious
build up in which casino owner Mitch is
watching some late-night sex line
infomercials one of the models climbs
out of the TV and begins to seduce him
well this is happening the Leprechaun
decides to put his acting chops to the
test on a couple late night commercials
at the exact moment that Mitch finally
realizes that this has to be fake the
model turns into a life-size robot with
a big set of Bolton's the sex pod gives
him the ride of his life until she
eventually electrocutes him
number two officer down leprechaun back
to the hood oh it's your goal of course
you're a leprechaun
so we'll just hand it over to you Rory
and Emily are stopped in harassed by
officers Thompson and Whitaker the
Leprechaun appears and decides to go
toe-to-toe with the officers first he
swiftly takes out Thompson by using his
own flashlight against him and sticking
it right through his stomach next up we
have the epic standoff between officer
Whitaker and the leprechaun after a
quick action sequence the officer steps
back not knowing that the leppe had
already ripped off his leg completely
not letting this minor flesh wound get
in the way he attempts to hop Oh
over on his good leg but inevitably
falls over before bleeding to death
off-screen before we get into our top
kill from the Leprechaun franchise let's
take a look at some honorable mention
number one the inflation leprechaun 3
what do you keep her RAM for anyway
she's not worth a damn she's got a way
of filling out a costume I could look
just as good Jenna the most epic death
in the franchise is that of casino
employee Loretta played by Carolyn
Williams most famous for her role as
stretch in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
Loretta is envious of the casino
magicians younger assistant and she
wishes to have her 20 year old body back
me the body of us that 20 year old the
Leprechaun grants her wish and she's
walking around the casino floor looking
better than ever
that is until Fazio steals her magical
coin forcing the Leprechaun to revoke
her wish is a big small but still he
starts by inflating her chest an
abnormal amount of cup sizes then adding
a little too much lip filler
and finally plumping up her booty to the
point that she basically looks like a
weird ass duck anyway she tries to
escape but gets caught on the doorframe
forcing her to pop like a balloon what
did you think of our list
what were some of your favorite kills
from the Leprechaun franchise if you're
a horror fan be sure to subscribe to the
channel for more horror related top 10s
and reviews ok we'll talk to you guys

Part 2

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