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hello everybody and thank you for tuning
in to the liberty report
with me today is daniel mcadams our
co-host good to see you daniel how are
you doing
i am doing a lot better than i was a few
days ago dr paul
you're recovering too i'm recovering too
yeah good it's wonderful to see you here
talking about
modern medicine sometimes they do the
right thing they do that
when we criticize medicine on what they
do with with coronavirus
you know i think they're legitimate but
when the doctors are left alone i was
thinking about the technology that we
dreamed of when i was in medical school
the technology was very beneficial
and timing and everything else so and i
certainly appreciate a lot of the
concern expressed but i'm here today and
ready and rearing to go and
solve our problems once again there we
go but we have other good news today
uh we're going to talk about uh and
guess where we're getting the good news
from the cdc and they put it on the
front page and said
that daniel mcadams and ron paul there
right and
here we'll prove they're right here are
our statistics
so they come out with these statistics
and they're just a
wonderful it just shows this statistics
that we've been reporting on
you know that it's not nearly as deadly
as they say
and the pandemic is some people do use
the word fraudulent
and all these things but uh no i i think
i think this is great and i think you
might have a chart there to to show us
on uh on what what their report was all
yeah let's go ahead and put up that
chart actually now this is um it's a
this is from the cdc's own website
and it's uh it's theirs it's their
infection fatality ratio and it's very
important because
that is the proportion of deaths among
the infected
population in total and they have
several different scenarios that they're
dealing with
their current scenario which is the
current best estimate
infection fatality ratio ages zero to
point zero zero zero zero
three twenty to forty nine point zero
zero zero two fifty to sixty nine years
point zero zero five
seventy plus point zero five
four so that really is that is their
numbers and uh
i think you have something for to
translate that really the same thing
in different put in a different way and
sometimes numbers can get
confusing uh
it says one out of 34 000
uh would would i guess that was a death
yeah between 0 and 19. everybody knows
the kids aren't getting this and yet
the schools are being closed on this is
horrendous and that's continuing but
softening up and we'll talk about one
state that really softened the world
yeah and then one out of five thousand
so uh
that's a little more people from 20 to
49 but that's still not very many
when you look at it uh the percentages
and then then one out of 200 would die
from 50 to 69
and one out of 20 if you're over 70
we'll worry about that later on but
these numbers come out and you read the
uh the survival rates is essentially
the only time it gets below 99.8
percent a chance of dying is over 70
70 and then it's down to 94. so you're
still talking about
such a fraction but eric just think of
the harm done
because they use the scare tactics and
use this to be frightened
and uh there was one article today that
i might quote from
but they were using the word the whole
thing is it's this gim
this is a gimmick for submission
submission and uh i think that's a
powerful term
because especially when i think about
how the football games go
and the masking goes it's uh
and the people getting so route up
if you don't follow the rules uh
then then you're not submitting to what
is right and the
authorities so you're you're really an
of the state and that that's a bad thing
to be we want to be a friend of the
state by
helping him along by dissolving
themselves and these numbers are
the important part about this is that
they're not a denial of the illness what
they are is a confirmation
that you need to focus on that 94
survival rate
of those 17 above and we know that most
of those people have comorbidities
they have other problems uh the disease
seems to really hit
hardest the people we talked to dr
mercola about this on thursday
who have uh problems with uh insulin
obesity and these sorts of things so
these should guide what we do they
shouldn't tell us
that nothing at all is to be done of
course but it certainly tells us
that if you're from zero to 19 if you're
a school-aged child
99.997 percent
survival if you get the diseases there's
not even any guarantee you'll even get
it because of things we'll talk about
later like
t-cell immunity and in others but we've
ended up with mass hysteria yeah uh
hopefully uh we're going to back off
from that but uh
you know the obsession with this now uh
people walk around with
claws where if they touch something they
have to wipe
it's a hysterical reaction but it's it's
mass hysteria
and uh this is not good for progress
and it's not good for society it's very
very destructive
but the big question is has it been out
of ignorance no
there are some ignorance out there it's
been built on fear
and it's been also built on motivation
some people who think that this chaos is
beneficial that's how we can get the
to submit to submit the submission is
the big issue
and unfortunately are too many
submissions i just think the way the
sporting uh the sporting events have
been treated
people are submitting they're bowing to
it they take their knee
and say that now i'm a patriotic i'm a
good person now
because i'm pointing out the evil in the
world and uh
so they they submit and that i think is
very dangerous and you probably saw what
happened in ohio to this one lady she
was watching
i think her son's high school football
game uh she didn't have a mask on the
police came
they arrested her they tased her and she
said you know i can't wear a mask i've
you know got it
you know and she was out in the open so
anyway um all right let's move on
tomorrow this is good news
this is a good one let's put up that
next picture this is the hero of the
country right now
i think absolutely the governor of
florida ron desantis
uh he held up that chart that's the one
we just we're talking about
he had an extraordinary press conference
on friday
and he announced a new executive order
lifting all state restrictions based on
kovid no restrictions on restaurant or
bar capacity
and if a locality adds its own
restrictions they must justify that with
that prohibits local governments from
closing businesses
and from preventing people from working
everyone has a right to work
it prohibits collecting fines for not
wearing a face mask
among the localities and
it uh it uh
essentially opens the state completely
you have to justify
but you're not allowed to collect any
fines you do anything for not wearing a
mask so it's opening
never once did he diminish that there is
a danger out there it
still persists but he obviously is
is with us on the whole idea that the
lockdowns and the reactions have been
much much more dangerous than dealing
with the virus
and you know jeffrey tucker has a great
article and we put it up on the ron paul
institute website ron paul
where he congratulates the governor but
he also
quotes this is how the governor started
it first of all a few days ago
he had a press conference he had a
public meeting with three very
well recognized and well regarded uh
experts on the topic and they discussed
they went through painstakingly every
one of these things
and so when the governor went out to
make his his uh proclamation
his executive order here's here are the
statistics he threw out
covet hospitalizations are down by 77
since the july peak covet icu
hospitalization is down 72 percent
doctor visits for covert like illness
down 80 percent since the july peak
daily hospital admissions down 81
percentage of patients who test
positive 4.32 percent only 24 percent of
24 of hospital beds are empty 23 percent
of icu beds are empty
my guess is that those numbers are
pretty similar to what we have here in
in many other places that are still not
opening up but he said based on these
and as you say understand that there
still is a disease out there there's
still a risk
but based on this as tucker jeff tucker
says desantis came to realize
that these freedom-killing measures were
not addressing
the medical problem right that's
the difference so i wanted to follow up
on this uh
principle of submission and lou had an
article up on his side lou rockwell it's
by gary barnett
and the title of the article is the
state's response to this
virus and the assistant quote is nothing
more than a weapon of mass
submission and he goes on and explains
you know
why it is so bad and and what would it
be for
and of course he makes the point that uh
political power is at stake
you know power and influence and
philosophy and
and uh certainly elections the whole
works and a lot of money is involved
they think
oh you know the left are humanitarians
they wouldn't be in this for money
you know but it is it is very much uh
orchestrated for reasons that uh we
we shouldn't tolerate and you know and
and by the way i don't know whether
we can we can bring this up right now
that has to do uh
with uh dr atlas yeah
yeah and dr alice is and i think there's
that uh even uh the cdc
is out to how are we gonna stor get rid
of them get rid of it
well you can't you you can't i'll have a
in a position like that actually telling
the truth so that's been rumored around
and uh we should do whatever we can to
pass a message
he's doing his job the right way yeah
he's a public
policy professional as well as a medical
doctor so that's what we need is the
nexus between public policy
and sound medicine and he he provides
that let's actually skip ahead to two
because this is why we're bringing it up
this among another number of reasons we
can skip ahead to two more
this is a believe it or not a phone call
was overheard the cdc director who knows
who he was talking to but criticizing
quote everything he says is false and
this really
goes back to and we talked about i think
it was on thursday wasn't that that
senator paul
was interviewing fauci and people
thought it was amazing because
he first of all he pushed back on falchi
he said how can you say
new york is the best example of how to
deal with this when they had the worst
death rate in the entire world
right you know but he also said he also
brought up this
the topic of of of the t-cell memory
immunity in the crossover
from other coronavirus types providing
additional immunity to people
and fauci looked dumbfounded he said if
you believe that you're the only person
in the world who believes that
and then immediately because you can't
say these things because people will
check them
immediately if you go up and find the
people that there are at least 24
studies showing this
it's one of the most important things
that are coming out of this
and so atlas had a press conference
after that and said
well you know that he misspoke redfield
misspoke when he said the same thing
they're all
they're not saying the truth and it's
objectively true it'll be a shame if
they're able to get rid of
dr ellis yeah that'd be horrible you
know and they'll keep at it they'll
they'll agitate but they're being
distracted by that
nuisance of uh of an election yeah
of course that that may get pretty
important too because
even i now question whether or not all
the votes are going to be counted
and counted twice maybe i'll tell you
what that that is confusing
yes you probably need an army to try to
straighten that mess out it is and jeff
tucker in his piece he makes a couple of
good points and i think it's important
so why do they why do they persist in
this why do people even like our own
governor and others persist
in restricting their own citizens he
points this out that
the politicians who did this to their
they fear that opening up will actually
make them look stupid for closing in the
first place
and you know dr paul you've been around
politics for quite a while it's
very rare and i would say walter jones
is about the only one who publicly said
you know what
i was wrong i made a mistake and i'm
they don't want to do that they don't
want to do that they want to keep these
measures in place
to save face themselves and that is
wrong and i just saw something we don't
have a clip for it
i just saw something this morning out of
dallas that the suicide
um epidemic among young people is just
it's just they've
never seen anything like it young people
they've lost all hope
and they're turning to suicide as well
and once again there's a similarity war
is a big issue
back with uh walter it was the war that
he discovered
was based on on falsehoods and that's uh
and he was told that by the
administration so he changed his mind
about that
but the the and of course uh no not very
many hardly anybody would join them
but that's the same thing here it's the
it's this war on coronavirus
which allows this submission and the
growth of the state
this continues so this is in a way that
always used in this fear
if you don't do it you're unpatriotic
the world's coming to end
everybody's going to die in this case it
was everybody's going to
die from coronavirus but all of a sudden
cdc admits
it's not not quite as threatening as
you know or driving an automobile or
whatever lightning
yeah well it was just in march that uh
fauci said
this is going to be what 10 times more
deadly than a seasonal flu
well that isn't the case and his own cdc
is telling us that but
there is a political component and we
keep talking about it and we don't
endorse any politicians
by a long shot but you do have people
like joe biden saying that trump has
killed 200 million americans
by the end of my speech they want to
squarely blame
the president for every single death
from this coronavirus
and it's all about politics
unfortunately and politics is getting
the way
with from good public policy and public
health policy
and that's a shame because that's just
confirms what you've always said the
separation of medicine and state yeah
all right
i want to bring up an economic issue
which i find
fascinating and interesting because you
have to sort it out
and it's not easy to say he's right and
they're wrong it has to do with a court
court cases going on now the trump
and cdc are being sued by landlords and
the issue is
suspension of the ability of a landlord
to put somebody out of their building
matter of fact he's going in the
opposite direction
when they they'll put them out and
they'll build more government buildings
and open to the street people you know
this sort of thing
but anyway they're being sued because
they're being ruined and they say oh
yeah well they're billionaires and
there's a big
big room you know big hotels and all
this stuff and they have no sympathy
but i personally know some individuals
that might have two rentals
yeah and uh the rent isn't coming in
but there's two arguments one is they
can't do it
you can't suspend you can't throw
somebody out because they're occupying
they're breaking the law
they're breaking their contract and the
the other thing is is uh
uh argues that that would be more
would be well okay we know how to take
care of this we have a
money machine we just print money and
send the money to the people who are
and they'll be happy they pay the rent
and then also the landlords are going to
happy but but then you know
there's going to be a lot of sympathy
for these people who are losing their
jobs because of government action and
all this fear-mongering
at the same time are you going to put
all the burden on the
land on the on the landlords and some of
you know just really struggle they try
to get a half head they have a little
rental here
and the person's not paying and so i
probably what will happen it's going to
be easier to print money and pass out
the money yeah but it's interesting
property uh contract arguments on on
what one should do with it
if it were minor you know if we didn't
have these horrendous
government created uh lockdown lockdowns
and corrections made it wouldn't be so
massive and
it could be sorted out but uh and
protect uh both
the landlords and and and uh and and
make and base it on property rights but
but anyway
it won't be resolved easily but don't
sweat it
people the government knows how to print
money everybody will be happy
until the money goes bad i like that
picture that goes with it there's these
carrying a sign cancel rent right now
what are the morality of that cancel
that's good free stuff yeah that's how
you get votes yeah free for everything
well i want to circle back around to
texas a little bit and we do focus a lot
on it
part of it is because we live here but
part of it's because we're
we're unhappy and upset and i hope that
the the the the move taken by the
florida governor is going to put some
pressure on our own governor
who's been very mealy-mouthed let's turn
this next one here's someone who's got a
little bit of spunk
and who's not afraid of fighting this is
shelley luther and you'll remember her
dr paul
she ran a hair salon up in dallas she
said i'm not closing i don't care
she was arrested she was thrown in jail
and she got out of jail and said you
know what
i'm going to run for office i'm sick of
this so she's running for the senate
by the texas senate she called greg
abbott a quote tyrant governor
for the way he's handling the state and
closing down businesses
and picking if you're a bar you got to
close if you're a restaurant that serves
you can stay open so that's pretty
exciting and i think it's
it's it's good but the dam is bursting
elsewhere too and let's look at this
next one
this is a letter sent to the governor by
representative here in texas steve tote
basically what he's saying is governor
abbott i am withdrawing any support for
and for your leadership as a governor of
the state of texas and he talked about
the destruction of the the the
population of the economy
lack of leadership lack of of good sense
and here's a good here's a good example
of lack of good sense dr paul
this is who he's listening to instead of
listening to people who actually believe
in freedom let's have the next picture
this is uh the notorious the evil
the demonic judge hidalgo from harris
even when the numbers are as good as
florida here she says
you must keep businesses closed you must
schools closed you can't go outside put
on a mask you know it's funny i saw
she there was a press conference that
she was in and she didn't realize that
it had gone live yet
this was just released she didn't have a
mask on she was standing there right
next to another official
and then all of a sudden when she
realized that she was already alive she
ripped out her mask from her pocket
and threw it on as quickly as she could
you know so that that shows about the
double standards
does that qualify hypocrisy a little bit
of hypocrisy
you know i don't understand i mentioned
this to you a little while ago about
about abbott's uh you know recognizing
what's going on
because it seems like he's a reasonably
bright person he's been successful in
politics and people have liked him
he's not all bad yeah but all of a
sudden you know you know
i mean if you're coming from a political
view he has to be he's in politics
you know the democratic numbers are
going up in this state that
should be of a concern to him and also
the whole thing is is he
he has not performed well and
his numbers are going down because of
the coronavirus
and he's not he's not really with the
conservative yeah so i don't
you you sort of wonder what happens to
people like that
sometimes people get energized you know
desantis he's been energized
he didn't get worse i mean i mean he he
to you know study this through and went
along with it to a degree but then it
just dawned on him
this this is this he was awakened
and uh and and did the right thing
that's what we're hoping that habit will
because we live here but you're right
the democrats will automatically hate
him no matter what he does
and he's losing that base of
conservative republicans for
lack of better term free market people
who are being destroyed well i'm going
to close out if
we're done it's with the i'm going to
circle back to our good buddy
dr fauci and this came out over the
weekend this is going to be this is not
going to shock you i should say it's
kind of shocking let's look at that next
here's fauci he cautions that a vaccine
won't eliminate the need for masks and
public health measures
so he's saying even if this magic
vaccine comes
you're still going to have to wear a
mask you still have to gonna have to
social distance
and this is a shocker you're still going
to have to wash your hands because of
course before coronavirus
nobody ever washed their hands but
here's fouch this is the next one this
went around
over the weekend this little meme over
here if you can look at the next one
that next picture and this is uh this is
also hypocrisy
the one on top is fauci enjoying a
baseball game of course they cleared
everyone out but him
and he's there with some guests they're
not wearing a mask and underneath is the
woman from ohio
arrested tased manhandled
brutalized she was doing the same thing
sitting outdoor
watching a game without a mask on this
is the hypocrisy
of our so-called leaders and i'll just
finally my last thing dr paul is
encourage all of our viewers
to go to ron for
articles subscribe to this channel
hit notifications so you can watch and
keep up with
the ron paul liberty report very good
and i'm going to close by
talking a little bit i haven't done this
before talking a little bit about
my weekly report because i want to
emphasize it
because it was the incident that
occurred last week when we got
and we it was taken one of our programs
taken down
and we've been warned so you know of
course we've been warning ourselves all
along how do
how do we handle this state will be
bearing down on us now
if if we become more influential and
that more people we get more desantis is
out there that
that they're not going to back off and
say oh i guess we better back off
they'll put more pressure on us
but the the first statement they sent to
us and i think you sent in a a challenge
to them our next question
they said that their answer was they've
we've violated
uh the community standards
now what a community standards that's
interesting we wouldn't want to violate
you know the culture of a nation and uh
have been voluntarily agreed to you know
now that that isn't it the community
standards means
a few people and they they emphasize
the individuals in the government saying
what community centers are
not yours in mind so it's community
is what they want to uh set and they
could that could be anything that is so
much garbage
and and then uh then they had another
sentence in their
rejection uh youtube uh
does not allow content that
explicitly disputes the efficacy
of who wow oh do you think that's a
you think somebody you'd think they
would you'd think somebody would ask a
question to the presidential candidates
what do you think about that
you know and see what they say so
but anyway things uh things are moving
along in the right direction i think
that uh
that more and more people are coming our
way and believing we can't overemphasize
desantis is uh
you know coming out for the florida and
the uh silliness of
some of the other people who will stand
by and will submit forever
and will never capitulate and say uh
maybe i made a mistake but anyway i want
thank everybody for tuning in today to
the liberty
report please come back soon