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uh i was just looking at something real
quick here uh right before the show
um remember the abc town hall
with donald trump they had undecided
that were in the audience a very sparse
audience it was only those people
maybe seven eight people and they
got to to ask the president questions
because they were so undecided
that maybe that will tip them one way or
the other
you know unbiased undecided voters well
oh boy it seems um
it's seen and i can't really believe
this because uh
it just it's so unlike the media
to lie and be [ __ ] phony and uh
be so anti-american and anti-free speech
and they're just trying constantly to to
to [ __ ] us over
and through trump they're trying to get
to us
abc town hall masquerades anti-trump
as uncommitted voters so while they
present this thing like hey trump you
sit down
we have undecided voters ask you
and uh that's that's what it is it's a
it's a great way to
to get people um that are undecided at
maybe they watch and go oh this person
is kind of representing me
as an undecided voter they pulled up
tweets and other things from all of
these [ __ ] that were
undecided voters they are rabid
rabid anti-trump [ __ ] people
and pro like uh uh kamala harris this
one this is one of the
one of the nicer ones that she did she
goes i'll be volunteering she's a
[ __ ] kamala harris person
so how is she undecided
donald trump is pathetic no one knows
more about absolute not
a [ __ ] thing than donald trump like
trump is a [ __ ] [ __ ] undecided voter
donald trump is pinker than the piggy is
a little racism there too
feel sorry for melania oh my god i got a
visual gotta go earl
so so these are people that of course
were undecided loser
here's another one this is the pastor
that was on
i never once supported trump and won't
now what i will do is call him out uh
for their tomfoolery uh where's the
other ones there's one here
yeah no go back i totally get what he
means by
making america great again back when all
the oh
the m word did what they were told in
all industries would have the audacity
to try and enter a white establishment
and didn't talk back to cops
oh that great america gotcha so these
are the undecided voters
that abc decided to put in their town
to ask the president questions to see if
maybe they
do want to support trump they're on the
fence you know
biden trump and trump might have
convinced them
you could tell by their tweets all trump
had to do was tell him you know his
and they would totally be willing to
vote for trump this
is what state-run media is
this is state-run media the liberal left
the propaganda wing of the liberal left
is mainstream media so while they
load up anti-trump [ __ ] activists
for an abc town hall cnn did a town hall
with joe biden
and it couldn't have been [ __ ] nicer
just asked him the nicest question or
they just asked him
how bad is donald trump joe biden oh
well he's like it's terrible that's that
was the town hall so again
uh when you see [ __ ] like that why then
am i supposed to believe these news
when they put polls out when they put a
poll out saying
joe biden's five points ahead in
pennsylvania and
every indication that we see like those
tweets were an indication
that we see with our own eyes telling us
what really is going on
instead of what the media was telling us
that these are undecided voters
they were obviously rabid anti-trump
so when they say biden's ahead and in
pennsylvania by five points
the real thing i see are people from
pennsylvania supporting donald trump
huge rallies you see uh cars
with the trump parade flags going on and
um lawn signs
support all the comics tell me when they
go to uh pennsylvania and
uh they just see lawn sites people that
live in pennsylvania they just see lawn
signs for trump
that's what you see and then the media
says the one thing and we've been so
conditioned over our lifetime
so conditioned over a lifetime aside
from the past few years
to believe the news we're told we have
to believe the new they're the news
and we have this weird thing in us that
tells us we have to believe it that it's
and it's not they are liars they have an
they are shills for the left-wing
activists left-wing politicians
communists that's what they are that's
what they do
so when you see things like that
uncommitted voters and they turn out to
just be
people that have been tweeting
anti-trump repugnant [ __ ] for for years
uh you you say yourself it's just
another thing that goes oh they're lying
they're lying to us the media lies to
that's what it does to meet its end
which is at this point right now to get
uh and harris elected to get their
liberal agenda through
uh to cover up for politicians and
that's what they do so they lie to you
the people that have been conditioned
their entire lives
to believe this [ __ ] and it's
finally happening that people are going
hey wait a minute
because we always thought oh they lie a
little bit i guess sometimes they get a
story wrong or they like no no
they are constantly lying to you it's a
constant lie and if they ever say
anything that resembles the truth it's
to set up the bigger lie
that that's kind of what it is like the
three-card monty player
that has his partner like go look
oh i won and then you come up and
there's never any winning
that's the only time you'll ever hear
any form of the truth out of them
if it's purposefully done to set up the
lie that they wanted to originally tell
and this isn't crazy right-wing
hysterical uh [ __ ] conspiracy [ __ ]
this is stuff we see it we see it with
our own eyes
there you saw a great example abc
uncommitted non-committed voters abc
complete anti-trump people that were
just right there on twitter
all they had to do was check every one
of those people's twitters
and see wow these aren't uncommitted
voters they seem to despise trump
let's get them off the panel and get
what we've advertised this as as
uncommitted voters talking to donald
but no because they knew it and they
wanted that to happen
they wanted it to be uh anti-trump
just like they wanted it to be pro-biden
people for his town hall at cnn
where they gave him cushy questions
because he's a mental patient
so i i i i really people got to get it
in their heads
this is just they're lying all the time
to you they are lying constantly
there's no exception uh and and it's
it's for power and uh
to get a liberal agenda across
even fox news i love the people that
still go oh what faux news
oh trump's fox news you just you got to
pay attention to
the changing times because fox news is a
piece of [ __ ] now too
fox news constantly now all you see are
these anchors
or whatever the [ __ ] they are with these
crazy liberal nuts on and they don't
call them out on anything
they're able to still recite the stupid
trump uh calling the soldiers
losers and uh um what are they called
suckers suckers and losers uh and they
still run with that story and the people
on fox news go
well i'd like to thank you for being
with us today also we spoke with
they don't even call him on it go hey
that's totally disproven
24 people have come forward and said
that didn't happen
they have one guy over at the atlantic a
[ __ ] periodical
that said oh yeah trump called him that
so one unnamed guy
24 guys with with actual reputations
uh and and some form of prestige and
said it didn't happen
enemies of trump bolton he said it
didn't happen
but they keep running with it and joe
biden keeps getting it in his prompter
he gets all mad you see him
i just want to sell you and donald trump
called my son a loser
and he gets all excited and they have to
go in his earphone and go
hey don uh hey uh uh biden um joe
calm it down comment down you're getting
a little carried away
it's uh it's a crime
this is criminal at a huge
just a huge level what's going on the
deception we are getting from
politicians and the media
is is criminal at a level of of treason
it's it's that criminal it might not be
treason but it's a level
that is treasonous it's so
um insulting to the american people
that these are supposed to be our eyes
and ears much like the
the politicians are supposed to
represent our what we want
from the government what what they're
supposed to do representing us
the media is supposed to be our eyes and
as they watch these people to make sure
they are indeed representative
of the american people well they're
they've all said [ __ ] you
to america they've all just said go [ __ ]
yourself the politicians
are [ __ ] us left and right with no
representation of what the people want
and the media is blatantly lying to you
and covering your eyes and ears
and then occasionally whispering lies to
you that's that's exactly what's
and it's [ __ ] infuriating and like i
said it's a level of treason
uh it's a treasonous level of crime that
that's happening to the american people
these days i'm disgusted with it to the
point where i think i'm gonna have a
ah i should have been more patriotic
starting the show i want to start the
show every day
with the pledge of allegiance which is
very good i think we have it
here you could uh say it along
we're going to have a very important
dignitary say this i pledge allegiance
to the united states of america
one nation individual under god for real
thank you thank you thank you joe biden
for that rousing rendition of the
i don't remember for real being in there
for real one nation an indivisible under
the god for reals
for reals moniques
he's [ __ ] that's the pledge of
by joe biden did he try to do it without
under god and then [ __ ] up and then
went back to under god like he did with
when he said
uh all men and women created it says all
men created equal
he had to throw women in and it totally
threw them off
they said you're done and alabama
all women men and women are the you know
you know the thing that was the other
part he added in there for real and you
know the thing
do you have that one because that one
really i love that one all men and women
created the gods
and it's i pledge allegiance to the flag
to the flag he said i pledge allegiance
to united states of america yeah it's i
pledge allegiance to the flag of the
united states of america
and to the republic for which it stands
one nation under god
indivisible with liberty and justice for
all that's the pledge of a [ __ ]
allegiance we could probably officially
take out the indivisible part right
oh my god one nation completely
yeah because that's what it is i learned
that in kindergarten
and it never left my mind i could recite
perfectly every time without even a hint
and this [ __ ] it just
dimwit he [ __ ] it all up trying to
or take out under god i pledge
allegiance to the united states of
one nation individual under god for real
for real man it's for real
what the [ __ ] he's running for president
of the united states and he can't even
the national not the national the
present pledge of allegiance
he can't even recite the pledge of
every child especially when he was
growing up
every kid learned that you had to know
there wasn't a cue card up on the
[ __ ] wall maybe in first grade for
the dummies
but you just knew that you put your hand
on your heart you recited the pledge you
sat down and learned nothing in school
because school's useless kids
but uh that's exactly what what the what
the [ __ ]
the presidential candidate for the
democratic party
cannot recite the pledge of allegiance
of the united states of america
right there tells me it's a no-go
that's a deal-breaker that's the
that isn't trying to recite the [ __ ]
you know uh
10th amendment off the top of your head
what is it
uh what's this one what it's the pledge
children know this although now i doubt
he's not right
what are you doing and again the
mainstream media
wouldn't you say something wouldn't the
question they're supposed to question
that if the entire country is talking
about how
[ __ ] joe biden is mental why the [ __ ]
isn't the mainstream media
asking him that at these events
whenever they get this limited time with
his highness
to [ __ ] do an interview why don't
they say joe
there have been a lot of questions about
your cognitive abilities
and i know they've asked them that in
the past but not pressed them on it
we've noticed many times that you forget
your train of thought
you seem flustered you seem tired
can you tell us are you okay are you
willing to take a
test the cognitive test for the
they have to take physicals you know
they take a physical and it comes out
and goes oh the candidates in great
what about mental acuity tests what
about a drug test like trump said he
wants before the debates
which i'm still convinced will not
happen we are talking a week away
we are a week away from these debates
and i still
tell you this [ __ ] will not be
on that debate stage
yesterday he was doing a um he
was doing a speech with a mask on at the
which he doesn't do he usually walks up
to the podium with a mask takes it off
and gives his speech he was doing it
with a mask on he was coughing as he
came out
and today they called a lid at 9
30 a.m a lid by the way for you
political outsiders
is when uh the press uh the person in
of the media for joe biden tells the
rest of the media
that joe will not be doing anything
he will not be out he will not make
appearances he will not speak to the
it is an off day for joe biden it's
called a lid
and they put a lid on joe biden at 9 30
this morning
just a a little uh over a month away
from from the election in the heat of
all of this
and he's taking a day he's taking a day
where no one gets to talk to him
and like i said yesterday he looked very
bad at that podium
so uh my theory is there will be a
health reason and i believe
it will involve covid in some way shape
or form
where they say joe biden cannot
participate in the debates
he is ill he is ill
and camilla harris will step up this is
this is the democrats way of
proving camella it's sort of uh
a small scale version of what the
presidency will be
he's supposed to do this he's supposed
to do that oh my god joe can't do it
camellia steps up and they go she can
step up for joe
look she's taking his place just like
she will
if he's president we don't have to fear
she's doing a great job
this is their way to shove that down
your throat because again
everything's some [ __ ] psyop or a
goddamn just
blatant lie from these people so so
uh they're they're prefacing it the past
couple of days by getting a very slowed
uh sicker looking joe biden and now they
call a lid on him today
very early in the morning and i believe
this is the prelude
to saying joe biden cannot participate
the uh debates because of
and like i said i believe it will be a
covet thing he'll emerge from it
very quickly within a week he'll emerge
from it
and they'll look at him like well he's
got to be healthy he got over covered
look he's a hero trump almost killed him
with his policies
but now he i it sounds crazy doesn't it
it sounds crazy but if this actually
comes to fruition
you better [ __ ] knight me i want a
for brilliance is that it brilliant
i am [ __ ] brilliant i've seen this
[ __ ] too many times
i know this act it's an act we're
watching a play
we're watching horrible cinema and and i
honestly believe that's what they're
trying to do here
it's all scripted it's all [ __ ]
except for what donald trump is doing
the monkey wrench
the monkey wrench in the whole works the
[ __ ]
dog that runs out onto the [ __ ]
baseball field
you know the bird that flies across when
the big unit pitches
that's like what trump is he's [ __ ]
up the program for these people
but he's also exposing it we're now
seeing every [ __ ] thing that they've
been doing for years
and now the covers off we get to see it
and now it's just
it's not only blatant but it's at a
level that's so
[ __ ] high with their [ __ ]
that that it should be obvious to
everybody but there are enough mental
patients out there
that they just don't see what's going on
and they need to open their eyes
at least please before november uh third
you've got to open your eyes and realize
that a trump uh presidency is necessary
to continue
uh our lives as americans i honestly
believe that i think a biden
harris presidency will plunge us
into a a a dark a dark era
of socialism and uh pandering
uh blame white guilt uh
zero retribution for for horrid behavior
we we just that's what we're looking at
that's the potential here
it is a very important election i know
they say that every year
they go this is the most important
election of our lives i think yeah i
don't know
things are going good this guy doesn't
seem too crazy and this is that and that
is that
this really is [ __ ] uh like key
we really need to get out it doesn't
take long
we really need to get out it's a local
[ __ ] school building or whatever the
[ __ ] they do
you're sitting at home it's five minutes
you drive there you place your vote
and and you leave and and then at least
you did
something you feel like i did something
uh and and hopefully it it
comes up for trump and and trump wins
and you know we could get back on the
road to recovery like we were before the
the covid
uh and i think that'll happen very
quickly i think without a presidential
in the mix and even the down ticket
items believe me don't
miss out on those just [ __ ] get get
these mental patient liberals out of
but uh yeah it becomes um
that you did something uh we need this
to be
a mandate we need it to be such a
such a landslide that any fraud can't be
thrown in there uh and it tells all
these [ __ ]
no this is the american people voting
this is what they [ __ ] want because
that's what we're hearing with this
supreme court nominee
we ought to hear what america wants they
should elect the president and then the
president decides who the
the supreme court justice is yeah they
did donald trump
in 2016. that's how it works he's
president for four [ __ ] years
so he's still got a few months left
january 20th
until january 20th he could still do
things the president does
and then he can't unless he was
reelected on november 3rd but
to say that it's some unconstitutional
irregular thing for him to appoint a
supreme court justice during his tenure
as president
regardless of what time it is [ __ ] you
and like we should offer the democrats a
a common courtesy like they gave to
or they gave to trump with the russia
[ __ ] and the impeachment [ __ ]
and the steel dossier [ __ ] and the
grab her by the [ __ ] [ __ ] and [ __ ]
the stripper [ __ ]
all of it [ __ ] them they don't deserve
pelosi schumer those old fossils
they don't deserve a a minute
of thought by the republicans and donald
after all the [ __ ] they pulled like
they're supposed to go oh you're right
you know it doesn't say in the
constitution but we should be nice to
and let them pick a supreme court
justice this isn't a game of monopoly
with your little sister
this is [ __ ] life this is all our
lives are dependent
on who gets elected this election which
supreme court justices are appointed i
tell you personally i don't give a
flying [ __ ] about abortion
you could suck a kid out of you you
could keep it till term
i don't [ __ ] care but that isn't what
the supreme court's about
if you talk to liberals that's all it's
about oh boy we want the right
to kill our unborn babies how about
all the amendments in in the
our bill of rights how about that how
about those decisions that are supposed
to be made
by constitutionalists and purists
and not interpreted by these left-wing
douchebags who think uh uh
the other the second amendment where it
says shall not be infringed
means it shall be infringed that's their
based on their own political and and
moral ideology
[ __ ] you i like the idea that that
conservatives uh make up the supreme
that are more uh um staunchly adherent
to the constitution abortion
like that's all they [ __ ] do on the
supreme court
is arguing about your [ __ ] stupid kid
cause your boyfriend didn't pull out
that's what my [ __ ] problem my
problem is guns
my brown's the right to satiate into
this microphone
without being crucified for it that's
what the supreme court does
i don't care i don't care if you suck a
baby out and it sounds like thanksgiving
dinner i'll take a leg
cause that's what they do you know it's
not pretty i'll tell you that much