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show y'all something else
just go with me go with me here i'm
gonna type it in because i already
pulled it up
for donate
what does this say up here y'all can't
see it cause it's small maybe i can zoom
it in
act blue oh it ain't gonna zoom that
y'all can do it on your own act blue
that's what it says here
at blue dot com forward slash donate
this is why think about this
they ain't doing nothing for black
people act blue
has their stuff online where it shows
that they give 1.1 billion dollars to
political candidates who
have all been democrat none of this
none of this shows or is sent to the
black community
none of it uh george floyd's family
didn't get none of this money
uh sicario turner's family didn't get a
touchdown elite family didn't get none
of this money
they got merch on here though they got
all this stuff that they pushing
and getting all these sign ups and you
get your email though so they can sell
your information
what are they doing none of this goes to
black people
none of it and just let's just go let's
just for the sake of argument let's go
let's go to antifa because i don't even
want to click your body
for takes you to joe biden this is that
let me see if i click 15
what's the what's the url up here act
blue dot com forward slash donate four
slash abide in 2020
money from his site money for blm
is all going to act blue
it's all going to act blue now you
should know
you know what happens when the money
goes through at blue as a payment
they get a cut out of money from all of
the people that donate through them they
get a cut a nice little cut
and acts blue as a company they donate
to whoever they want that's going to be
uh democratic people so if joe biden
gets a big donation
aside from what they raised through
active blue
if they get a big donation from act blue
where is that money going
you think can you donate into a black
lives matter it's gonna stay right there
nah like a big piece of your money is
going towards
joe biden it's going toward people that
don't really think that black lives
matter to abortion causes and everything
so what's really going on look at this
this is actually it's all
it's all feeding a cycle it's one
vicious cycle man
it's just feeding it
look at it look at this look at this i'm
just reading what the
blue websites say it says powering
democratic candidates
committees parties organization
and c4s around the country that's what
that's what act blue says
this on their website this is what they
and y'all just saw who have act blue
associated to their donation tab
but they put the black folks up here get
you emotional
get you round up so you want to go uh
get rid of the police
and you want to go on here and be an
activist you go here
they take your money here you go to
biden they take your money here act blue
is powering democratic candidates
committees parties organizations
and c4s around the country black lives
matter is not a
certified 501c3 i don't believe they're
are it's a for profit i believe it's for
profit now i could be wrong but i know
for a fact they're not a 501c3
because if they were to follow 501 c3
they'll take their own donations
but they don't they feel the through act
blue now i don't i want anybody
anywhere to explain to me
how y'all still talking about black
lives matter
and y'all know it's going straight to
democrats it ain't going to black folks
and most of the candidates on there are
white candidates look who they put up
the president
a white man