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well it looks like hollywood is
at least from the latest report on the
new york post
they're very concerned after both tenet
and mulan
completely tanked losing hundreds of
millions of dollars
proving out that hollywood literally
cannot exist
without the coasts cannot exist without
all the movie theaters being open and it
may just be
too late why disney's delay of black
widow means doomsday for hollywood
hollywood's hopes of a comeback this
year are officially dead
disney put the last nail in the coffin
on wednesday when it delayed
several of its much anticipated fall
flicks including black widow starlings
starring scarlett johansson and steven
spielberg's west side story
the move while not surprising due to the
still raging shutdowns
has experts calling a wrap on the 2020
movie going
season black widow about a kgb operative
set for november 6 will now hit theaters
in may in 2021
disney side west side story movie
version of the classic broadway musical
has been delayed a full
year to december 2021.
two films were among the biggest flicks
left in hollywood's schedule this year
and were in lingering hopes
that they might encourage people to
return to theaters in spite of
everything going on right now
but analysts say disney had little
choice to pull the film
after seeing the results of recent
experiments from the form of warner
brothers spy chiller thriller
tenet and disney's own mulan tenant
starring robert pattinson
reeled an attempted 36 million in
domestic box office
since hitting the screens on september
3rd which i'm cam
partners analyst eric handler says
proves that big releases
cannot make it without theaters in major
cities like new york and l.a
tenants us results definitively show us
that middle america cannot carry a tent
pole film
you need the coasts well that's not true
it's saying that middle america while
most of it still shut down can't carry
and also maybe we didn't want to see
tenant although i did want to see tenant
but i'm
fine jumping in a boat if you know what
i mean he said adding until that happens
studios will delay the release of their
and best movies disney bypassed the us
theaters entirely
with with its live action remake of
mulan by receiving the
release of the freak exclusively to its
new streaming service disney plus
it told customers who were already
shelling out seven dollars a month for
disney plus
they needed to fork over an additional
30 bucks to see the film which cost 200
million dollars to make
although disney has not released
official results third-party data from
samba tv suggests
about 1.1 million households downloaded
the flick
on its opening weekend of september 4th
which translates to 33 million dollars
a figure if accurate is a disaster
according to lightshed
partners analyst rich greenfield and i
don't know what they're going to do
i mean after this are they going to just
um re-release these films once theaters
open up
i i don't know i i suppose i'll try
mulan did not work it's not a viable
alternative to disney's theatrical
strategy he said
it works for smaller movies he cited
trolls world tour universal pictures
animated movie
that bypassed theaters and headed
straight to vaude for 1999 in april
that film garnered a hundred million
dollars in rentals according to
universal and appeared to be a viable
strategy to combat the doldrums of
lockdown so you know that
this is not a reasonable comparison i
don't believe
a couple of differences one this was at
absolute height of lockdown before
people had really
adjusted so many people were just
sitting around collecting their
collecting unemployment or waiting to go
back to work
and kids were home from school
so people were more likely to rent these
movies and it was priced correctly i
20 dollars is a more reasonable
is a more reasonable price uh for these
films especially when you don't have to
pay that on top of a seven dollar
monthly fee
so essentially 20 bucks clear or 37
bucks for milan it was just a greedy
comscore media analyst paul long last
pointing to mulan's hefty price tag and
the fact that disney said the movie
would be free to watch in december
as central to its paltry showing
consumers are price sensitive right now
shocking thirty dollars on top of your
subscription that's pricey for some
uh that's pricey for everybody he said
turning before
turning into the clouds is still hanging
over once a vibrant industry
it's profoundly different marketplace
than it was six or seven months ago he
we don't know the long-term implications
but studios and movie theaters are
facing a reckoning
and it's directly related to the
lockdowns i don't know if that's true
i don't know if that's necessarily true
i think that what i suppose it is
i i i suppose it is um
related but i think people are also
figuring out
that we don't necessarily need to go to
the movies
that we don't necessarily need to pay
for big hollywood blockbuster films
especially from people that don't care
about us and just want us to vote they
the way they want you know i think that
ultimately when we look at you know
hollywood rethinks movie release
schedule as tenant stumbles at the box
i don't know how long it's going to be
before you see movies with you know a
billion dollar
movie franchises is it over
i'm wondering if if the billion dollar
movie is just
gone the disastrous debut of warner
brothers spy thriller tenant at movie
theaters hollywood has fing as uh
hollywood hits the panic button 10 at a
200 million
christopher nolan production amassed
less than 30 million in ticket sales
since hitting the theaters
students are making decisions based on
what happens with tenant sid mkm
partners analyst eric handler
what i think you're going to see is more
movies get pushed back until we see
major markets reopen again
but that's the thing even if major
markets reopen
i don't think people are going to be
excited to go
back and sit shoulder to shoulder in
theaters i mean when i saw endgame
i was literally shoulder to shoulder
with people
and i didn't even care now do i care
going forward not really
but people do there are a lot of people
that will just
never go back to the movie theaters
again you know
but tenant with pre-lockdown was
projected to garner
850 million dollars
in global global ticket sales was
expected to jolt the industry back to
instead it arrived at the box office
with a whimper grossing 178 million
and just 229.5 million in north america
bringing his total global box office to
207 million dollars which means they
hundreds of millions on tenant too
given the blockbuster marketing budget
usually being
you know another 200 million on top of
that what we won't want to do
is make the mistake of putting a very
very expensive 200
million 200 million movie on the market
unless we're sure theaters are open and
operating at a significant capacity
but again i'm saying even if they're
i'm telling you people are just not
going to go back to the theaters like
they used to
i don't think we're going to see a
billion dollar movie for a very long
maybe ever i know that sounds hyperbolic
i i just i don't know i mean i'm you i
used to go to the movies
at least once or twice a month now i
haven't gone to the movies and like
geez it feels like a year right and now
i'm used to it
now i'm used to just waiting for this uh
waiting for
uh a digital version to be available
somewhere and then just getting it
so let me know you know are you
expecting to go back to the theater soon
has this me
has this reminded you um more like hey
you know what i don't need to go and
spend 50 bucks at the movie theater
um what do you think the future for
hollywood is
and how bad do you hope it'll be i hope
you enjoyed this video i hope
that maybe holly would take it on the
chin for
six eight months a year uh might you
make them think uh about
you know making good movies again i hope
you enjoyed this video we'll talk to you
again real soon