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everybody that's here is healthy
if you're not healthy and you have
common sense you should be staying at
home getting your health up
your immune system you know vitamin a
vitamin d vitamin c and zinc
you cannot talk about how you can
prevent this from healthy ways
they just tell you put the mask on put a
mask and put a mask on and there's
people that are out here
if you really care about your people
really teach them how to protect
themselves in a healthy way why
do you freaking put a muscle on
everybody absolutely not absolutely no
vaccine absolutely no to a mask it's
more than just you
black lives matter
all right thanks boys skate on
welcome back you guys this is andrew
we're here at the anti-lockdown
anti-mass protest at young
dundas square we're going to see how
people are feeling for the lockdowns
against the lockdowns mask mandates
let's check it out i see you have a very
nice button here today
yes so you want to let me know what
you're doing out here today
i'm here for freedom and to end the
draconian and tyrannical
laws that are trying to be rolled out on
the people this is a peaceful
demonstration nobody is here legally
we are all here just practicing our
rights making sure that you know you
have the right to consent
you have the right to say no especially
if you are a healthy individual
this tyrannical i will say it
is not right we have kids here we have
adults here we have
elderly and everyone is here just
practicing their rights as
canadians and as soon as this thing
started i knew it was a plan of fear
i didn't buy into it from the start now
i'm just here to support the brothers
who are out here every weekend
uh just spreading you know more truth
what do you say to the people that think
this is dangerous a lot of media sources
are probably going to say this is no
social distancing they'll probably make
fun of them
how do you feel about um that argument
have the
mainstream news have they promoted
eating healthy have they promoted
boosting our immune system no they
what would you say to the people that
think that are completely in the
opposite side of the spectrum than you
that's their choice if it's something
that they feel they need to do to
protect themselves by all means they
should do that
the virus is not fake it's not it's it
is deadly
so it is something that if you feel that
you need to protect yourself that way
you can protect yourself that way
i don't think it's the best way to to
fight the virus i don't think it's the
best way to
as a society to move forward from there
and be able to have a strong economy and
and be able to support ourselves but in
others perspective i can't ask them to
respect the way that i know and i feel
i can't judge them for doing the same
thing on their end so i feel like it's
important if you want to wear your mask
and you feel that's something that you
must do then by all means do it
you guys want to comment on what's going
on over here i think it's a lot of
all these people out
here protest
just cause they can protest
stand for something
sheep are like yeah we can
protest it now i can actually fight for
like you're out here like uh don't wear
a mask like what the
be like be conscious of other
people around you
you're more than just you it's more than
just you
black lives matter
that's all i gotta say i ain't saying
that's all all right all right thanks
skate on boys
they're ending their own lives
to be honest you're endangering your own
health and your own well-being and your
own rights
the carbon dioxide that you're breathing
out so and you're able to tell by the
way that people's faces look your face
is physically changing and breaking out
with acne and bacteria you should be
able to tell
that this is just harvesting bacteria on
your face so they're protesting
lockdowns and mandatory masks how do you
guys feel about that
do you think they should be distancing
and wearing masks do you think this is
dangerous or do you think
do you agree with them how do you feel i
mean definitely yes
or masks safety first i feel like
safety first
that's the most important thing right so
so basically it's an anti-lockdown
anti-mandatory mask
protest i see that you're wearing a mask
how does how do you feel about that do
you think it's dangerous give me your
um i feel like everyone should be
wearing a mask i don't know if
i don't know exactly what this is but um
yeah i feel like masks are important and
practice social distancing
what do you make of it as a person just
walking by do you disagree with it do
you think it's dangerous how do you feel
about it
i'm not sure confused which part are you
confused about
uh like uh because the government says
to wear a mask and to stay distance
but then people want love and to be
united did you want to comment on what's
going on across the street
it's awesome it's awesome so um do you
what do you i talked a lot of people on
this side uh previously
most of them disagree with what's going
on over there what do you say to people
want mandatory masks for everybody
completely on the opposite side they're
saying this is dangerous how do you feel
about that
well we're in a battle for good versus
evil right now
and the media everybody's lying about
the science and the facts behind the
watching are you part of it or how do
you feel about it i agree
um yeah i know we're just here to
i think so a lot of people i've talked
to on this side
have not been in support of it they
think it's dangerous
a lot of them think that mandatory mass
should be given outside as well as
how do you feel about people disagreeing
about that and have you had to deal with
that yourselves
well i think it's a freedom of choice
right like everyone's talking about
freedom of choice and we don't have that
right now it's like
i say if you are scared of the virus you
should stay home and i agree with that
but i think you should like if you want
to do whatever you want to do you should
continue your life
you shouldn't be ruled by the government
to do that people just don't want to
listen to facts anymore
you know like you just keep corrupting
the human consciousness with so much
people will straight up refuse facts and
not accept it as
something that they should actually look
into for their own health everybody
that's here is healthy
if you're not healthy and you have
common sense you should be staying at
home getting your health up
your immune system you know vitamin a
vitamin d vitamin c and zinc
you cannot talk about how you can
prevent this from healthy ways they just
tell you put the mask on put a mask and
put a mask on and there's people
if you really care about your people
really teach them how to protect
themselves in a healthy way why do you
put a muscle on everybody absolutely not
absolutely no
vaccine absolutely no to a mask got a
lot of onlookers that aren't
part of the protest across the street
although they are being
infiltrated by the rest of it how do you
feel about people that completely
disagree with this
um i've spoken to some people who want
mandatory masks outdoors
they think this is dangerous how do you
feel about that i'm just
giving them some time until they wake up
because it's only a matter of time
before they start to see it's only a
matter of time before the whole world
wakes up to see
in the meantime i'm not going to engage
with them i'm going to send them love
from afar
and fight for their freedoms until
they're ready to do the same
do you think mass should be mandatory or
should it be up to the person to decide
for now i should i feel like it should
be mandatory
if you are apart it's fine obviously but
like if you are in a common area
like with a lot of people like them it
should be mandatory
it's for their own safety i feel like
it's just a mask you know
why not why not wear it and to the
people across the street
i asked them to come over ask some
questions ask the right questions
linda's happy to answer i'm happy to
answer but standing over there judging
we're not judging them for wearing their
masks that's their right they can have
it on
their own freedom you can wear it if you
want you don't have to wear it if you
don't want to there is nothing mandatory
the march has started we're marching
north on yonge street
we've moved away from yonge and dundas
square um
we talked to a lot of people some people
think this is stupid
some people think this is the exact
right thing to do we're gonna try to
talk to more people let's go
no it's about time that people started
standing up for each other right
we have to stand up with each other
otherwise it's not a singular fight it's
about you know
community how do you feel about the
um it's great the strip clubs are the
first ones to get shut down
um why do you think that is um people
are awkward about sex
so obviously if people are consentingly
choosing to use their own bodies to work
and make money in a capitalist world
what are we supposed to do i think we're
supposed to convert to communism
oh okay you do that then so fight for
your freedoms
and you don't have to wear a mask you
know we we can have religious exemptions
there's medical exemptions
fight for your rights and your freedoms
don't let these fascists
justin trudeau bill gates all these
demons tell you what you should be doing
so a lot of the people i spoke to today
that were disagreeing with this
said that they don't want to get rid of
master or
lockdowns or anything until there is a
vaccine how do you feel about that
here's the thing i think that's
completely that's okay
that's their opinion and their own
reality right it's a projection of their
own reality
the thing is when people are imposing
things on to each other
without your consent then it's becoming
a totalitarian dictatorship
and this is the first step people think
it's just about masks no
no that's just how they push the next
phase back seats then
shipping people with market the beast
now people can think i'm crazy but it's
all good because
i know i've researched i know there's
lots of people that are waking up it's
time to wake up
20 20 vision baby did you want to give a
comment on what's going on here
um i think it's really stupid to be
why is that uh i mean i guess the mass
protects us
protect us from something you guys want
to comment on this
how do you feel about it yeah i don't
like it
i like it i i don't think i asked
although we're not wearing masks
we are we just no this is not it
i came from america and i thought i left
this behind there
we're done with it we're done with it
it's too much mental illness
that's created from a virus that kills a
little bit
so it turns out nobody here is for the
for the masked mandates we've talked to
people some people across the street
they're very against what was going on
they didn't think it was smart of them
at all they think they're
a lot of them are going to get covered
from this so don't forget to go to mask
exemption dot ca don't forget to like
share and subscribe hit the notification
bell and we'll
see you next time

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not too bright folks not too [ __ ]
right but if you talk to one I'm about
this if you isolate one time you sit him
down rationally you talk to him about
the low IQs and the dumb behavior and
the bad decisions right away they start
talking about education that's the big
answer to everything
education they simply need more money
for education we need more more books
more teachers more classrooms more
schools we need more testing for the
kids he said oh well you know we've
tried all of that and the kids still
can't pass the test so I don't you worry
about that we're gonna lower the passing
grades that's what they're doing a lot
of these schools now they lower the
passing grades some more kids can pass
more kids pass the school looks good
everybody's happy the IQ of the country
slips another two or three points I'm
pretty soon all you'll need to get into
college is a [ __ ] pencil
got a pencil get the [ __ ] in there it's
physics then everyone wonders why 17
other countries graduate more scientists
and we do education politicians know
that word to use it on you politicians
have traditionally hidden behind three
things the flag the Bible and children
No Child Left Behind No Child Left
Behind oh really well it wasn't long ago
you were talking about giving kids a
head start
Head Start left behind someone's losing
[ __ ] ground here
but there's a reason there's a reason
there's a reason for this as a reason
education sucks and it's the same reason
that it will never ever ever be fixed
never gonna get any better don't look
for it be happy with what you got
because the owners of this country don't
want that I'm talking about the real
owners now the real owners the big
wealthy business interests that control
things and make all the important
decisions forget the politicians the
politicians are put there to give you
the idea that you have freedom of choice
you don't you have no choice you have
owners they own you they own everything
they own all the important land they own
and control the corporations they've
long since bought and paid for the
Senate the Congress the state houses the
city halls they got the judges in their
back pockets and they own all the big
media companies so they control just
about all of the news and information
you get to hear they got you by the
balls they spend billions of dollars
every year lobbying lobbying to get what
they want well we know what they want
they wanted more for themselves and less
for everybody else but I'll tell you
what they don't want they don't want a
population of citizens capable of
critical thinking they don't want well
informed well educated people capable of
critical thinking they're not actually
didn't met that doesn't help them that's
against their interests that's right
they don't want people who are smart
enough to sit around a kitchen table to
figure out how badly they're getting
[ __ ] by a system that threw them
overboard thirty [ __ ] years ago they
don't want that you know what they want
they want obedient workers obedient
workers people who are just smart enough
to run the machines and do the paperwork
I just dumb enough to passively accept
all these increasingly shittier jobs
with the lower pay the longer hours to
reduce benefits the end of overtime and
the vanishing pension that disappears
the minute you go to collect it and now
they're coming for your Social Security
money they want your [ __ ] retirement
they want it back so they can give it to
their criminal friends on Wall Street
and you know something they'll get it
they'll get it all from you sooner or
later because they own this [ __ ]
place it's a big club and you ain't in
it you and I are not in the big club by
the way it's the same big club they use
to beat you over the head with all day
long when they tell you what to believe
all day long beating you over the head
in their media telling you what to
believe what to think and what to buy
the table is tilted folks the game is
rigged and nobody seems to notice and
nobody seems to care good honest
hard-working people white-collar
blue-collar doesn't matter what color
shirt you have on good honest
hard-working people continue these are
people of modest means continue to elect
these rich [ __ ] suckers who don't give a
[ __ ] about them they don't give a [ __ ]
about you they don't give a [ __ ] about
you they don't care about you at all and
nobody seems to notice nobody seems to
care that's what the honors count on the
fact that Americans will probably remain
willfully ignorant of the big red white
and blue dick that's being jammed up
their [ __ ] everyday
because the owners of this country know
the truth it's called the American dream
because you have to be asleep to believe

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hello everybody and thank you for tuning
in to the liberty report
with me today is daniel mcadams our
co-host good to see you daniel how are
you doing
i am doing a lot better than i was a few
days ago dr paul
you're recovering too i'm recovering too
yeah good it's wonderful to see you here
talking about
modern medicine sometimes they do the
right thing they do that
when we criticize medicine on what they
do with with coronavirus
you know i think they're legitimate but
when the doctors are left alone i was
thinking about the technology that we
dreamed of when i was in medical school
the technology was very beneficial
and timing and everything else so and i
certainly appreciate a lot of the
concern expressed but i'm here today and
ready and rearing to go and
solve our problems once again there we
go but we have other good news today
uh we're going to talk about uh and
guess where we're getting the good news
from the cdc and they put it on the
front page and said
that daniel mcadams and ron paul there
right and
here we'll prove they're right here are
our statistics
so they come out with these statistics
and they're just a
wonderful it just shows this statistics
that we've been reporting on
you know that it's not nearly as deadly
as they say
and the pandemic is some people do use
the word fraudulent
and all these things but uh no i i think
i think this is great and i think you
might have a chart there to to show us
on uh on what what their report was all
yeah let's go ahead and put up that
chart actually now this is um it's a
this is from the cdc's own website
and it's uh it's theirs it's their
infection fatality ratio and it's very
important because
that is the proportion of deaths among
the infected
population in total and they have
several different scenarios that they're
dealing with
their current scenario which is the
current best estimate
infection fatality ratio ages zero to
point zero zero zero zero
three twenty to forty nine point zero
zero zero two fifty to sixty nine years
point zero zero five
seventy plus point zero five
four so that really is that is their
numbers and uh
i think you have something for to
translate that really the same thing
in different put in a different way and
sometimes numbers can get
confusing uh
it says one out of 34 000
uh would would i guess that was a death
yeah between 0 and 19. everybody knows
the kids aren't getting this and yet
the schools are being closed on this is
horrendous and that's continuing but
softening up and we'll talk about one
state that really softened the world
yeah and then one out of five thousand
so uh
that's a little more people from 20 to
49 but that's still not very many
when you look at it uh the percentages
and then then one out of 200 would die
from 50 to 69
and one out of 20 if you're over 70
we'll worry about that later on but
these numbers come out and you read the
uh the survival rates is essentially
the only time it gets below 99.8
percent a chance of dying is over 70
70 and then it's down to 94. so you're
still talking about
such a fraction but eric just think of
the harm done
because they use the scare tactics and
use this to be frightened
and uh there was one article today that
i might quote from
but they were using the word the whole
thing is it's this gim
this is a gimmick for submission
submission and uh i think that's a
powerful term
because especially when i think about
how the football games go
and the masking goes it's uh
and the people getting so route up
if you don't follow the rules uh
then then you're not submitting to what
is right and the
authorities so you're you're really an
of the state and that that's a bad thing
to be we want to be a friend of the
state by
helping him along by dissolving
themselves and these numbers are
the important part about this is that
they're not a denial of the illness what
they are is a confirmation
that you need to focus on that 94
survival rate
of those 17 above and we know that most
of those people have comorbidities
they have other problems uh the disease
seems to really hit
hardest the people we talked to dr
mercola about this on thursday
who have uh problems with uh insulin
obesity and these sorts of things so
these should guide what we do they
shouldn't tell us
that nothing at all is to be done of
course but it certainly tells us
that if you're from zero to 19 if you're
a school-aged child
99.997 percent
survival if you get the diseases there's
not even any guarantee you'll even get
it because of things we'll talk about
later like
t-cell immunity and in others but we've
ended up with mass hysteria yeah uh
hopefully uh we're going to back off
from that but uh
you know the obsession with this now uh
people walk around with
claws where if they touch something they
have to wipe
it's a hysterical reaction but it's it's
mass hysteria
and uh this is not good for progress
and it's not good for society it's very
very destructive
but the big question is has it been out
of ignorance no
there are some ignorance out there it's
been built on fear
and it's been also built on motivation
some people who think that this chaos is
beneficial that's how we can get the
to submit to submit the submission is
the big issue
and unfortunately are too many
submissions i just think the way the
sporting uh the sporting events have
been treated
people are submitting they're bowing to
it they take their knee
and say that now i'm a patriotic i'm a
good person now
because i'm pointing out the evil in the
world and uh
so they they submit and that i think is
very dangerous and you probably saw what
happened in ohio to this one lady she
was watching
i think her son's high school football
game uh she didn't have a mask on the
police came
they arrested her they tased her and she
said you know i can't wear a mask i've
you know got it
you know and she was out in the open so
anyway um all right let's move on
tomorrow this is good news
this is a good one let's put up that
next picture this is the hero of the
country right now
i think absolutely the governor of
florida ron desantis
uh he held up that chart that's the one
we just we're talking about
he had an extraordinary press conference
on friday
and he announced a new executive order
lifting all state restrictions based on
kovid no restrictions on restaurant or
bar capacity
and if a locality adds its own
restrictions they must justify that with
that prohibits local governments from
closing businesses
and from preventing people from working
everyone has a right to work
it prohibits collecting fines for not
wearing a face mask
among the localities and
it uh it uh
essentially opens the state completely
you have to justify
but you're not allowed to collect any
fines you do anything for not wearing a
mask so it's opening
never once did he diminish that there is
a danger out there it
still persists but he obviously is
is with us on the whole idea that the
lockdowns and the reactions have been
much much more dangerous than dealing
with the virus
and you know jeffrey tucker has a great
article and we put it up on the ron paul
institute website ron paul
where he congratulates the governor but
he also
quotes this is how the governor started
it first of all a few days ago
he had a press conference he had a
public meeting with three very
well recognized and well regarded uh
experts on the topic and they discussed
they went through painstakingly every
one of these things
and so when the governor went out to
make his his uh proclamation
his executive order here's here are the
statistics he threw out
covet hospitalizations are down by 77
since the july peak covet icu
hospitalization is down 72 percent
doctor visits for covert like illness
down 80 percent since the july peak
daily hospital admissions down 81
percentage of patients who test
positive 4.32 percent only 24 percent of
24 of hospital beds are empty 23 percent
of icu beds are empty
my guess is that those numbers are
pretty similar to what we have here in
in many other places that are still not
opening up but he said based on these
and as you say understand that there
still is a disease out there there's
still a risk
but based on this as tucker jeff tucker
says desantis came to realize
that these freedom-killing measures were
not addressing
the medical problem right that's
the difference so i wanted to follow up
on this uh
principle of submission and lou had an
article up on his side lou rockwell it's
by gary barnett
and the title of the article is the
state's response to this
virus and the assistant quote is nothing
more than a weapon of mass
submission and he goes on and explains
you know
why it is so bad and and what would it
be for
and of course he makes the point that uh
political power is at stake
you know power and influence and
philosophy and
and uh certainly elections the whole
works and a lot of money is involved
they think
oh you know the left are humanitarians
they wouldn't be in this for money
you know but it is it is very much uh
orchestrated for reasons that uh we
we shouldn't tolerate and you know and
and by the way i don't know whether
we can we can bring this up right now
that has to do uh
with uh dr atlas yeah
yeah and dr alice is and i think there's
that uh even uh the cdc
is out to how are we gonna stor get rid
of them get rid of it
well you can't you you can't i'll have a
in a position like that actually telling
the truth so that's been rumored around
and uh we should do whatever we can to
pass a message
he's doing his job the right way yeah
he's a public
policy professional as well as a medical
doctor so that's what we need is the
nexus between public policy
and sound medicine and he he provides
that let's actually skip ahead to two
because this is why we're bringing it up
this among another number of reasons we
can skip ahead to two more
this is a believe it or not a phone call
was overheard the cdc director who knows
who he was talking to but criticizing
quote everything he says is false and
this really
goes back to and we talked about i think
it was on thursday wasn't that that
senator paul
was interviewing fauci and people
thought it was amazing because
he first of all he pushed back on falchi
he said how can you say
new york is the best example of how to
deal with this when they had the worst
death rate in the entire world
right you know but he also said he also
brought up this
the topic of of of the t-cell memory
immunity in the crossover
from other coronavirus types providing
additional immunity to people
and fauci looked dumbfounded he said if
you believe that you're the only person
in the world who believes that
and then immediately because you can't
say these things because people will
check them
immediately if you go up and find the
people that there are at least 24
studies showing this
it's one of the most important things
that are coming out of this
and so atlas had a press conference
after that and said
well you know that he misspoke redfield
misspoke when he said the same thing
they're all
they're not saying the truth and it's
objectively true it'll be a shame if
they're able to get rid of
dr ellis yeah that'd be horrible you
know and they'll keep at it they'll
they'll agitate but they're being
distracted by that
nuisance of uh of an election yeah
of course that that may get pretty
important too because
even i now question whether or not all
the votes are going to be counted
and counted twice maybe i'll tell you
what that that is confusing
yes you probably need an army to try to
straighten that mess out it is and jeff
tucker in his piece he makes a couple of
good points and i think it's important
so why do they why do they persist in
this why do people even like our own
governor and others persist
in restricting their own citizens he
points this out that
the politicians who did this to their
they fear that opening up will actually
make them look stupid for closing in the
first place
and you know dr paul you've been around
politics for quite a while it's
very rare and i would say walter jones
is about the only one who publicly said
you know what
i was wrong i made a mistake and i'm
they don't want to do that they don't
want to do that they want to keep these
measures in place
to save face themselves and that is
wrong and i just saw something we don't
have a clip for it
i just saw something this morning out of
dallas that the suicide
um epidemic among young people is just
it's just they've
never seen anything like it young people
they've lost all hope
and they're turning to suicide as well
and once again there's a similarity war
is a big issue
back with uh walter it was the war that
he discovered
was based on on falsehoods and that's uh
and he was told that by the
administration so he changed his mind
about that
but the the and of course uh no not very
many hardly anybody would join them
but that's the same thing here it's the
it's this war on coronavirus
which allows this submission and the
growth of the state
this continues so this is in a way that
always used in this fear
if you don't do it you're unpatriotic
the world's coming to end
everybody's going to die in this case it
was everybody's going to
die from coronavirus but all of a sudden
cdc admits
it's not not quite as threatening as
you know or driving an automobile or
whatever lightning
yeah well it was just in march that uh
fauci said
this is going to be what 10 times more
deadly than a seasonal flu
well that isn't the case and his own cdc
is telling us that but
there is a political component and we
keep talking about it and we don't
endorse any politicians
by a long shot but you do have people
like joe biden saying that trump has
killed 200 million americans
by the end of my speech they want to
squarely blame
the president for every single death
from this coronavirus
and it's all about politics
unfortunately and politics is getting
the way
with from good public policy and public
health policy
and that's a shame because that's just
confirms what you've always said the
separation of medicine and state yeah
all right
i want to bring up an economic issue
which i find
fascinating and interesting because you
have to sort it out
and it's not easy to say he's right and
they're wrong it has to do with a court
court cases going on now the trump
and cdc are being sued by landlords and
the issue is
suspension of the ability of a landlord
to put somebody out of their building
matter of fact he's going in the
opposite direction
when they they'll put them out and
they'll build more government buildings
and open to the street people you know
this sort of thing
but anyway they're being sued because
they're being ruined and they say oh
yeah well they're billionaires and
there's a big
big room you know big hotels and all
this stuff and they have no sympathy
but i personally know some individuals
that might have two rentals
yeah and uh the rent isn't coming in
but there's two arguments one is they
can't do it
you can't suspend you can't throw
somebody out because they're occupying
they're breaking the law
they're breaking their contract and the
the other thing is is uh
uh argues that that would be more
would be well okay we know how to take
care of this we have a
money machine we just print money and
send the money to the people who are
and they'll be happy they pay the rent
and then also the landlords are going to
happy but but then you know
there's going to be a lot of sympathy
for these people who are losing their
jobs because of government action and
all this fear-mongering
at the same time are you going to put
all the burden on the
land on the on the landlords and some of
you know just really struggle they try
to get a half head they have a little
rental here
and the person's not paying and so i
probably what will happen it's going to
be easier to print money and pass out
the money yeah but it's interesting
property uh contract arguments on on
what one should do with it
if it were minor you know if we didn't
have these horrendous
government created uh lockdown lockdowns
and corrections made it wouldn't be so
massive and
it could be sorted out but uh and
protect uh both
the landlords and and and uh and and
make and base it on property rights but
but anyway
it won't be resolved easily but don't
sweat it
people the government knows how to print
money everybody will be happy
until the money goes bad i like that
picture that goes with it there's these
carrying a sign cancel rent right now
what are the morality of that cancel
that's good free stuff yeah that's how
you get votes yeah free for everything
well i want to circle back around to
texas a little bit and we do focus a lot
on it
part of it is because we live here but
part of it's because we're
we're unhappy and upset and i hope that
the the the the move taken by the
florida governor is going to put some
pressure on our own governor
who's been very mealy-mouthed let's turn
this next one here's someone who's got a
little bit of spunk
and who's not afraid of fighting this is
shelley luther and you'll remember her
dr paul
she ran a hair salon up in dallas she
said i'm not closing i don't care
she was arrested she was thrown in jail
and she got out of jail and said you
know what
i'm going to run for office i'm sick of
this so she's running for the senate
by the texas senate she called greg
abbott a quote tyrant governor
for the way he's handling the state and
closing down businesses
and picking if you're a bar you got to
close if you're a restaurant that serves
you can stay open so that's pretty
exciting and i think it's
it's it's good but the dam is bursting
elsewhere too and let's look at this
next one
this is a letter sent to the governor by
representative here in texas steve tote
basically what he's saying is governor
abbott i am withdrawing any support for
and for your leadership as a governor of
the state of texas and he talked about
the destruction of the the the
population of the economy
lack of leadership lack of of good sense
and here's a good here's a good example
of lack of good sense dr paul
this is who he's listening to instead of
listening to people who actually believe
in freedom let's have the next picture
this is uh the notorious the evil
the demonic judge hidalgo from harris
even when the numbers are as good as
florida here she says
you must keep businesses closed you must
schools closed you can't go outside put
on a mask you know it's funny i saw
she there was a press conference that
she was in and she didn't realize that
it had gone live yet
this was just released she didn't have a
mask on she was standing there right
next to another official
and then all of a sudden when she
realized that she was already alive she
ripped out her mask from her pocket
and threw it on as quickly as she could
you know so that that shows about the
double standards
does that qualify hypocrisy a little bit
of hypocrisy
you know i don't understand i mentioned
this to you a little while ago about
about abbott's uh you know recognizing
what's going on
because it seems like he's a reasonably
bright person he's been successful in
politics and people have liked him
he's not all bad yeah but all of a
sudden you know you know
i mean if you're coming from a political
view he has to be he's in politics
you know the democratic numbers are
going up in this state that
should be of a concern to him and also
the whole thing is is he
he has not performed well and
his numbers are going down because of
the coronavirus
and he's not he's not really with the
conservative yeah so i don't
you you sort of wonder what happens to
people like that
sometimes people get energized you know
desantis he's been energized
he didn't get worse i mean i mean he he
to you know study this through and went
along with it to a degree but then it
just dawned on him
this this is this he was awakened
and uh and and did the right thing
that's what we're hoping that habit will
because we live here but you're right
the democrats will automatically hate
him no matter what he does
and he's losing that base of
conservative republicans for
lack of better term free market people
who are being destroyed well i'm going
to close out if
we're done it's with the i'm going to
circle back to our good buddy
dr fauci and this came out over the
weekend this is going to be this is not
going to shock you i should say it's
kind of shocking let's look at that next
here's fauci he cautions that a vaccine
won't eliminate the need for masks and
public health measures
so he's saying even if this magic
vaccine comes
you're still going to have to wear a
mask you still have to gonna have to
social distance
and this is a shocker you're still going
to have to wash your hands because of
course before coronavirus
nobody ever washed their hands but
here's fouch this is the next one this
went around
over the weekend this little meme over
here if you can look at the next one
that next picture and this is uh this is
also hypocrisy
the one on top is fauci enjoying a
baseball game of course they cleared
everyone out but him
and he's there with some guests they're
not wearing a mask and underneath is the
woman from ohio
arrested tased manhandled
brutalized she was doing the same thing
sitting outdoor
watching a game without a mask on this
is the hypocrisy
of our so-called leaders and i'll just
finally my last thing dr paul is
encourage all of our viewers
to go to ron for
articles subscribe to this channel
hit notifications so you can watch and
keep up with
the ron paul liberty report very good
and i'm going to close by
talking a little bit i haven't done this
before talking a little bit about
my weekly report because i want to
emphasize it
because it was the incident that
occurred last week when we got
and we it was taken one of our programs
taken down
and we've been warned so you know of
course we've been warning ourselves all
along how do
how do we handle this state will be
bearing down on us now
if if we become more influential and
that more people we get more desantis is
out there that
that they're not going to back off and
say oh i guess we better back off
they'll put more pressure on us
but the the first statement they sent to
us and i think you sent in a a challenge
to them our next question
they said that their answer was they've
we've violated
uh the community standards
now what a community standards that's
interesting we wouldn't want to violate
you know the culture of a nation and uh
have been voluntarily agreed to you know
now that that isn't it the community
standards means
a few people and they they emphasize
the individuals in the government saying
what community centers are
not yours in mind so it's community
is what they want to uh set and they
could that could be anything that is so
much garbage
and and then uh then they had another
sentence in their
rejection uh youtube uh
does not allow content that
explicitly disputes the efficacy
of who wow oh do you think that's a
you think somebody you'd think they
would you'd think somebody would ask a
question to the presidential candidates
what do you think about that
you know and see what they say so
but anyway things uh things are moving
along in the right direction i think
that uh
that more and more people are coming our
way and believing we can't overemphasize
desantis is uh
you know coming out for the florida and
the uh silliness of
some of the other people who will stand
by and will submit forever
and will never capitulate and say uh
maybe i made a mistake but anyway i want
thank everybody for tuning in today to
the liberty
report please come back soon

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uh i was just looking at something real
quick here uh right before the show
um remember the abc town hall
with donald trump they had undecided
that were in the audience a very sparse
audience it was only those people
maybe seven eight people and they
got to to ask the president questions
because they were so undecided
that maybe that will tip them one way or
the other
you know unbiased undecided voters well
oh boy it seems um
it's seen and i can't really believe
this because uh
it just it's so unlike the media
to lie and be [ __ ] phony and uh
be so anti-american and anti-free speech
and they're just trying constantly to to
to [ __ ] us over
and through trump they're trying to get
to us
abc town hall masquerades anti-trump
as uncommitted voters so while they
present this thing like hey trump you
sit down
we have undecided voters ask you
and uh that's that's what it is it's a
it's a great way to
to get people um that are undecided at
maybe they watch and go oh this person
is kind of representing me
as an undecided voter they pulled up
tweets and other things from all of
these [ __ ] that were
undecided voters they are rabid
rabid anti-trump [ __ ] people
and pro like uh uh kamala harris this
one this is one of the
one of the nicer ones that she did she
goes i'll be volunteering she's a
[ __ ] kamala harris person
so how is she undecided
donald trump is pathetic no one knows
more about absolute not
a [ __ ] thing than donald trump like
trump is a [ __ ] [ __ ] undecided voter
donald trump is pinker than the piggy is
a little racism there too
feel sorry for melania oh my god i got a
visual gotta go earl
so so these are people that of course
were undecided loser
here's another one this is the pastor
that was on
i never once supported trump and won't
now what i will do is call him out uh
for their tomfoolery uh where's the
other ones there's one here
yeah no go back i totally get what he
means by
making america great again back when all
the oh
the m word did what they were told in
all industries would have the audacity
to try and enter a white establishment
and didn't talk back to cops
oh that great america gotcha so these
are the undecided voters
that abc decided to put in their town
to ask the president questions to see if
maybe they
do want to support trump they're on the
fence you know
biden trump and trump might have
convinced them
you could tell by their tweets all trump
had to do was tell him you know his
and they would totally be willing to
vote for trump this
is what state-run media is
this is state-run media the liberal left
the propaganda wing of the liberal left
is mainstream media so while they
load up anti-trump [ __ ] activists
for an abc town hall cnn did a town hall
with joe biden
and it couldn't have been [ __ ] nicer
just asked him the nicest question or
they just asked him
how bad is donald trump joe biden oh
well he's like it's terrible that's that
was the town hall so again
uh when you see [ __ ] like that why then
am i supposed to believe these news
when they put polls out when they put a
poll out saying
joe biden's five points ahead in
pennsylvania and
every indication that we see like those
tweets were an indication
that we see with our own eyes telling us
what really is going on
instead of what the media was telling us
that these are undecided voters
they were obviously rabid anti-trump
so when they say biden's ahead and in
pennsylvania by five points
the real thing i see are people from
pennsylvania supporting donald trump
huge rallies you see uh cars
with the trump parade flags going on and
um lawn signs
support all the comics tell me when they
go to uh pennsylvania and
uh they just see lawn sites people that
live in pennsylvania they just see lawn
signs for trump
that's what you see and then the media
says the one thing and we've been so
conditioned over our lifetime
so conditioned over a lifetime aside
from the past few years
to believe the news we're told we have
to believe the new they're the news
and we have this weird thing in us that
tells us we have to believe it that it's
and it's not they are liars they have an
they are shills for the left-wing
activists left-wing politicians
communists that's what they are that's
what they do
so when you see things like that
uncommitted voters and they turn out to
just be
people that have been tweeting
anti-trump repugnant [ __ ] for for years
uh you you say yourself it's just
another thing that goes oh they're lying
they're lying to us the media lies to
that's what it does to meet its end
which is at this point right now to get
uh and harris elected to get their
liberal agenda through
uh to cover up for politicians and
that's what they do so they lie to you
the people that have been conditioned
their entire lives
to believe this [ __ ] and it's
finally happening that people are going
hey wait a minute
because we always thought oh they lie a
little bit i guess sometimes they get a
story wrong or they like no no
they are constantly lying to you it's a
constant lie and if they ever say
anything that resembles the truth it's
to set up the bigger lie
that that's kind of what it is like the
three-card monty player
that has his partner like go look
oh i won and then you come up and
there's never any winning
that's the only time you'll ever hear
any form of the truth out of them
if it's purposefully done to set up the
lie that they wanted to originally tell
and this isn't crazy right-wing
hysterical uh [ __ ] conspiracy [ __ ]
this is stuff we see it we see it with
our own eyes
there you saw a great example abc
uncommitted non-committed voters abc
complete anti-trump people that were
just right there on twitter
all they had to do was check every one
of those people's twitters
and see wow these aren't uncommitted
voters they seem to despise trump
let's get them off the panel and get
what we've advertised this as as
uncommitted voters talking to donald
but no because they knew it and they
wanted that to happen
they wanted it to be uh anti-trump
just like they wanted it to be pro-biden
people for his town hall at cnn
where they gave him cushy questions
because he's a mental patient
so i i i i really people got to get it
in their heads
this is just they're lying all the time
to you they are lying constantly
there's no exception uh and and it's
it's for power and uh
to get a liberal agenda across
even fox news i love the people that
still go oh what faux news
oh trump's fox news you just you got to
pay attention to
the changing times because fox news is a
piece of [ __ ] now too
fox news constantly now all you see are
these anchors
or whatever the [ __ ] they are with these
crazy liberal nuts on and they don't
call them out on anything
they're able to still recite the stupid
trump uh calling the soldiers
losers and uh um what are they called
suckers suckers and losers uh and they
still run with that story and the people
on fox news go
well i'd like to thank you for being
with us today also we spoke with
they don't even call him on it go hey
that's totally disproven
24 people have come forward and said
that didn't happen
they have one guy over at the atlantic a
[ __ ] periodical
that said oh yeah trump called him that
so one unnamed guy
24 guys with with actual reputations
uh and and some form of prestige and
said it didn't happen
enemies of trump bolton he said it
didn't happen
but they keep running with it and joe
biden keeps getting it in his prompter
he gets all mad you see him
i just want to sell you and donald trump
called my son a loser
and he gets all excited and they have to
go in his earphone and go
hey don uh hey uh uh biden um joe
calm it down comment down you're getting
a little carried away
it's uh it's a crime
this is criminal at a huge
just a huge level what's going on the
deception we are getting from
politicians and the media
is is criminal at a level of of treason
it's it's that criminal it might not be
treason but it's a level
that is treasonous it's so
um insulting to the american people
that these are supposed to be our eyes
and ears much like the
the politicians are supposed to
represent our what we want
from the government what what they're
supposed to do representing us
the media is supposed to be our eyes and
as they watch these people to make sure
they are indeed representative
of the american people well they're
they've all said [ __ ] you
to america they've all just said go [ __ ]
yourself the politicians
are [ __ ] us left and right with no
representation of what the people want
and the media is blatantly lying to you
and covering your eyes and ears
and then occasionally whispering lies to
you that's that's exactly what's
and it's [ __ ] infuriating and like i
said it's a level of treason
uh it's a treasonous level of crime that
that's happening to the american people
these days i'm disgusted with it to the
point where i think i'm gonna have a
ah i should have been more patriotic
starting the show i want to start the
show every day
with the pledge of allegiance which is
very good i think we have it
here you could uh say it along
we're going to have a very important
dignitary say this i pledge allegiance
to the united states of america
one nation individual under god for real
thank you thank you thank you joe biden
for that rousing rendition of the
i don't remember for real being in there
for real one nation an indivisible under
the god for reals
for reals moniques
he's [ __ ] that's the pledge of
by joe biden did he try to do it without
under god and then [ __ ] up and then
went back to under god like he did with
when he said
uh all men and women created it says all
men created equal
he had to throw women in and it totally
threw them off
they said you're done and alabama
all women men and women are the you know
you know the thing that was the other
part he added in there for real and you
know the thing
do you have that one because that one
really i love that one all men and women
created the gods
and it's i pledge allegiance to the flag
to the flag he said i pledge allegiance
to united states of america yeah it's i
pledge allegiance to the flag of the
united states of america
and to the republic for which it stands
one nation under god
indivisible with liberty and justice for
all that's the pledge of a [ __ ]
allegiance we could probably officially
take out the indivisible part right
oh my god one nation completely
yeah because that's what it is i learned
that in kindergarten
and it never left my mind i could recite
perfectly every time without even a hint
and this [ __ ] it just
dimwit he [ __ ] it all up trying to
or take out under god i pledge
allegiance to the united states of
one nation individual under god for real
for real man it's for real
what the [ __ ] he's running for president
of the united states and he can't even
the national not the national the
present pledge of allegiance
he can't even recite the pledge of
every child especially when he was
growing up
every kid learned that you had to know
there wasn't a cue card up on the
[ __ ] wall maybe in first grade for
the dummies
but you just knew that you put your hand
on your heart you recited the pledge you
sat down and learned nothing in school
because school's useless kids
but uh that's exactly what what the what
the [ __ ]
the presidential candidate for the
democratic party
cannot recite the pledge of allegiance
of the united states of america
right there tells me it's a no-go
that's a deal-breaker that's the
that isn't trying to recite the [ __ ]
you know uh
10th amendment off the top of your head
what is it
uh what's this one what it's the pledge
children know this although now i doubt
he's not right
what are you doing and again the
mainstream media
wouldn't you say something wouldn't the
question they're supposed to question
that if the entire country is talking
about how
[ __ ] joe biden is mental why the [ __ ]
isn't the mainstream media
asking him that at these events
whenever they get this limited time with
his highness
to [ __ ] do an interview why don't
they say joe
there have been a lot of questions about
your cognitive abilities
and i know they've asked them that in
the past but not pressed them on it
we've noticed many times that you forget
your train of thought
you seem flustered you seem tired
can you tell us are you okay are you
willing to take a
test the cognitive test for the
they have to take physicals you know
they take a physical and it comes out
and goes oh the candidates in great
what about mental acuity tests what
about a drug test like trump said he
wants before the debates
which i'm still convinced will not
happen we are talking a week away
we are a week away from these debates
and i still
tell you this [ __ ] will not be
on that debate stage
yesterday he was doing a um he
was doing a speech with a mask on at the
which he doesn't do he usually walks up
to the podium with a mask takes it off
and gives his speech he was doing it
with a mask on he was coughing as he
came out
and today they called a lid at 9
30 a.m a lid by the way for you
political outsiders
is when uh the press uh the person in
of the media for joe biden tells the
rest of the media
that joe will not be doing anything
he will not be out he will not make
appearances he will not speak to the
it is an off day for joe biden it's
called a lid
and they put a lid on joe biden at 9 30
this morning
just a a little uh over a month away
from from the election in the heat of
all of this
and he's taking a day he's taking a day
where no one gets to talk to him
and like i said yesterday he looked very
bad at that podium
so uh my theory is there will be a
health reason and i believe
it will involve covid in some way shape
or form
where they say joe biden cannot
participate in the debates
he is ill he is ill
and camilla harris will step up this is
this is the democrats way of
proving camella it's sort of uh
a small scale version of what the
presidency will be
he's supposed to do this he's supposed
to do that oh my god joe can't do it
camellia steps up and they go she can
step up for joe
look she's taking his place just like
she will
if he's president we don't have to fear
she's doing a great job
this is their way to shove that down
your throat because again
everything's some [ __ ] psyop or a
goddamn just
blatant lie from these people so so
uh they're they're prefacing it the past
couple of days by getting a very slowed
uh sicker looking joe biden and now they
call a lid on him today
very early in the morning and i believe
this is the prelude
to saying joe biden cannot participate
the uh debates because of
and like i said i believe it will be a
covet thing he'll emerge from it
very quickly within a week he'll emerge
from it
and they'll look at him like well he's
got to be healthy he got over covered
look he's a hero trump almost killed him
with his policies
but now he i it sounds crazy doesn't it
it sounds crazy but if this actually
comes to fruition
you better [ __ ] knight me i want a
for brilliance is that it brilliant
i am [ __ ] brilliant i've seen this
[ __ ] too many times
i know this act it's an act we're
watching a play
we're watching horrible cinema and and i
honestly believe that's what they're
trying to do here
it's all scripted it's all [ __ ]
except for what donald trump is doing
the monkey wrench
the monkey wrench in the whole works the
[ __ ]
dog that runs out onto the [ __ ]
baseball field
you know the bird that flies across when
the big unit pitches
that's like what trump is he's [ __ ]
up the program for these people
but he's also exposing it we're now
seeing every [ __ ] thing that they've
been doing for years
and now the covers off we get to see it
and now it's just
it's not only blatant but it's at a
level that's so
[ __ ] high with their [ __ ]
that that it should be obvious to
everybody but there are enough mental
patients out there
that they just don't see what's going on
and they need to open their eyes
at least please before november uh third
you've got to open your eyes and realize
that a trump uh presidency is necessary
to continue
uh our lives as americans i honestly
believe that i think a biden
harris presidency will plunge us
into a a a dark a dark era
of socialism and uh pandering
uh blame white guilt uh
zero retribution for for horrid behavior
we we just that's what we're looking at
that's the potential here
it is a very important election i know
they say that every year
they go this is the most important
election of our lives i think yeah i
don't know
things are going good this guy doesn't
seem too crazy and this is that and that
is that
this really is [ __ ] uh like key
we really need to get out it doesn't
take long
we really need to get out it's a local
[ __ ] school building or whatever the
[ __ ] they do
you're sitting at home it's five minutes
you drive there you place your vote
and and you leave and and then at least
you did
something you feel like i did something
uh and and hopefully it it
comes up for trump and and trump wins
and you know we could get back on the
road to recovery like we were before the
the covid
uh and i think that'll happen very
quickly i think without a presidential
in the mix and even the down ticket
items believe me don't
miss out on those just [ __ ] get get
these mental patient liberals out of
but uh yeah it becomes um
that you did something uh we need this
to be
a mandate we need it to be such a
such a landslide that any fraud can't be
thrown in there uh and it tells all
these [ __ ]
no this is the american people voting
this is what they [ __ ] want because
that's what we're hearing with this
supreme court nominee
we ought to hear what america wants they
should elect the president and then the
president decides who the
the supreme court justice is yeah they
did donald trump
in 2016. that's how it works he's
president for four [ __ ] years
so he's still got a few months left
january 20th
until january 20th he could still do
things the president does
and then he can't unless he was
reelected on november 3rd but
to say that it's some unconstitutional
irregular thing for him to appoint a
supreme court justice during his tenure
as president
regardless of what time it is [ __ ] you
and like we should offer the democrats a
a common courtesy like they gave to
or they gave to trump with the russia
[ __ ] and the impeachment [ __ ]
and the steel dossier [ __ ] and the
grab her by the [ __ ] [ __ ] and [ __ ]
the stripper [ __ ]
all of it [ __ ] them they don't deserve
pelosi schumer those old fossils
they don't deserve a a minute
of thought by the republicans and donald
after all the [ __ ] they pulled like
they're supposed to go oh you're right
you know it doesn't say in the
constitution but we should be nice to
and let them pick a supreme court
justice this isn't a game of monopoly
with your little sister
this is [ __ ] life this is all our
lives are dependent
on who gets elected this election which
supreme court justices are appointed i
tell you personally i don't give a
flying [ __ ] about abortion
you could suck a kid out of you you
could keep it till term
i don't [ __ ] care but that isn't what
the supreme court's about
if you talk to liberals that's all it's
about oh boy we want the right
to kill our unborn babies how about
all the amendments in in the
our bill of rights how about that how
about those decisions that are supposed
to be made
by constitutionalists and purists
and not interpreted by these left-wing
douchebags who think uh uh
the other the second amendment where it
says shall not be infringed
means it shall be infringed that's their
based on their own political and and
moral ideology
[ __ ] you i like the idea that that
conservatives uh make up the supreme
that are more uh um staunchly adherent
to the constitution abortion
like that's all they [ __ ] do on the
supreme court
is arguing about your [ __ ] stupid kid
cause your boyfriend didn't pull out
that's what my [ __ ] problem my
problem is guns
my brown's the right to satiate into
this microphone
without being crucified for it that's
what the supreme court does
i don't care i don't care if you suck a
baby out and it sounds like thanksgiving
dinner i'll take a leg
cause that's what they do you know it's
not pretty i'll tell you that much

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SHAFAQNA – Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), we now know that vaccines are not a miracle of modern medicine.

A doctor successfully retrieved documents about vaccinations, showing that the UK government experts had been covering up vaccination hazards

Freedom of Information request filed in the UK by a doctor there, reveal 30 years of secret official documents showing that government experts have:

1. Known the vaccines don’t work
2. Known they cause the diseases they are supposed to prevent
3. Known they are a hazard to children
4. Colluded to lie to the public
5. Worked to prevent safety studies

nsnbc reports:

Those are the same vaccines that are mandated to children in the US

Educated parents can either get their children out of harm’s way or continue living inside one of the largest most evil lies in history, that vaccines – full of heavy metals, viral diseases, mycoplasma, fecal material, DNA fragments from other species, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80 (a sterilizing agent) – are a miracle of modern medicine.

Freedom of Information Act filed in the US with the CDC by a doctor with an autistic son, seeking information on what the CDC knows about the dangers of vaccines, had by law to be responded to in 20 days. Nearly 7 years later, the doctor went to court and the CDC argued it does not have to turn over documents. A judge ordered the CDC to turn over the documents on September 30th, 2011.

On October 26, 2011, a Denver Post editorial expressed shock that the Obama administration, after promising to be especially transparent, was proposing changes to the Freedom of Information Act that would allow it to go beyond declaring some documents secret and to actually allow government agencies (such as the CDC) to declare some document “non-existent.”

Simultaneous to this on-going massive CDC cover up involving its primary “health” not recommendation but MANDATE for American children, the CDC is in deep trouble over its decades of covering up the damaging effects of fluoride and affecting the lives of all Americans, especially children and the immune compromised. Lawsuits are being prepared.  Children are ingesting 3-4 times more fluoride by body weight as adults and “[t]he sheer number of potentially harmed citizens — persons with dental fluorosis, kidney patients tipped into needing dialysis, diabetics, thyroid patients, etc — numbers in the millions.”

The CDC is obviously acting against the health of the American people. But the threat to the lives of the American people posed by the CDC’s behavior does not stop there. It participated in designed pandemic laws that are on the books in every state in the US, which arrange for the government to use military to force unknown, untested vaccines, drugs, chemicals, and “medical” treatments on the entire country if it declares a pandemic emergency.

The CDC’s credibility in declaring such a pandemic emergency is non-existent, again based on Freedom of Information Act. For in 2009, after the CDC had declared the H1N1 “pandemic,” the CDC refused to respond to Freedom of Information Act filed by CBS News and the CDC also attempted to block their investigation.  What the CDC was hiding was its part in one of the largest medical scandals in history, putting out wildly exaggerated data on what it claimed were H1N1 cases, and by doing so, created the false impression of a “pandemic” in the US.

The CDC was also covering up e financial scandal to rival the bailout since the vaccines for the false pandemic cost the US billions. And worse, the CDC put pregnant women first in line for an untested vaccine with a sterilizing agent, polysorbate 80, in it. Thanks to the CDC,  “the number of vaccine-related “fetal demise” reports increased by 2,440 percent in 2009 compared to previous years, which is even more shocking than the miscarriage statistic [700% increase].

The exposure of the vaccine hoax is running neck and neck with the much older hoax of a deadly 1918-19 flu. It was aspirin  that killed people in 1918-19, not a pandemic flu. It was the greatest industrial catastrophe in human history with 20-50 million people dying but it was blamed on a flu. The beginning of the drug industry began with that success (and Monsanto was part of it). The flu myth was used by George Bush to threaten the world with “another pandemic flu that could kill millions” – a terror tactic to get pandemic laws on the books in every state and worldwide. Then the CDC used hoax of the pandemic hoax to create terror over H1N1 and to push deadly vaccines on the public, killing thousands of unborn children and others.  (CDC will not release the data and continues to push the same vaccine.)


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Part 1

it's been endless riot coverage
for months now and it's kind of getting
see all these stories about anti-fun
black lives matter smashing things up
and i'm like we get it man
they just want to watch the world burn
but i have another riot story for you
and it's not necessarily a riot but it's
getting pretty close
to it this time over in the uk
this one's different people are starting
to riot over the coveted lockdowns
these aren't conspiracy theorists these
aren't far right
individuals they're regular people
saying enough
already and you know why i find this one
fascinating first of all
riots among regular people not
ideologues i find very interesting
but in florida governor desantis reopens
florida restaurants and bars at full
after decline in covet infections and
ends fines
for not wearing a mask we're starting to
see the inverse
in some places here but we're also
seeing harder lockdowns in some places
and i can only imagine what's to come if
the lockdowns remain in place
in the uk we've already seen protests
we've already seen protests in europe
now they're clashing with police cops
are pulling out the batons and attacking
people who are saying
we want to live our lives we've got some
weird news in the us 18 to 22 year olds
banned from gathering in boulder
after coronavirus surge that seems to be
a violation of the civil rights act i
suppose you can't just tell people of a
specific age they can't
come out and do things that's a
violation i believe of
civil rights i mean what is that title
seven i'm not entirely sure but i'm more
interested in why people are starting to
fight against cops and i'll tell you
the police in the u.s and in the uk are
going to lose
all of the goodwill from the people
we see these leftists coming out
screaming black lives matter and
smashing things
saying abolish the police and what do
the rest of us say that's absurd we need
the police
and then the police turn around they
arrest a woman in ohio because she was
sitting outside get this
apparently there's a so there's a video
going viral of this woman sitting in
not wearing a mask so the cop's taser or
one cop tases her
and then arrests her people have have
started saying
the wind suffers from asthma and that's
why she wasn't wearing a mask
apparently that didn't matter because in
some places unconstitutional edict
is more important than just letting
people do their thing
so you know what's really funny when i
see these stories about cops arresting
conservative journalists or i shouldn't
say conservative journals but
journalists right
daily caller reporters get arrested and
then you have i believe was the editor
in chief of the daily caller telling the
cops hey those are our reporters and the
cops saying too bad
we're not releasing them okay you're
stepping on people's toes now
i understand if a journalist gets
arrested because the cops can't tell the
and many people defend the cops saying
well how are they supposed to know
yes but when they've been brought to the
station and they've been brought in
they're being processed
and the editor-in-chief says these
people work for me they're not rioters
or extremists the cops should say
okay confirmed they didn't they said
no the charges stand you think
these these cops these departments think
that that regular people are going to
keep defending them
if they keep enforcing unconstitutional
no and it wasn't i'm not the one who
brought this up
a ton of right-wing personalities early
on were saying
these cops who now want everyone to
defend them better think twice
when they violate the law by following
unconstitutional and often illegal edict
from these executives bill de blasio for
instance now look i understand the uk is
not the us
so there are differences let's read the
from the evening standard trafalgar
anti-lockdown protests shut down by
police after
thousands of maskless demonstrators
social distancing i would like to
deliver the world's
biggest go-f yourself to the evening
and the rest of the press that are like
masculist demonstrators are ignoring
social distancing and they've been doing
it for
months the black lives matter protest
again i know i know
uk is different from the us we've had
ongoing riots but it's been the same
thing here
trump supporters aren't wearing masks
great now do black lives matter
oh but these people aren't really
spreading because they're outside okay
then explain why 18 20 year olds
18 to 22 year olds can't gather it's
bs authoritarianism police dispersed
over fears they were putting people in
danger oh
man did they really
disgusting bottles thrown and batons
used as clashes broke out
jeremy corbyn's brother pierce and
conspiracy theorist david ike among
now i gotta tell you i'm not entirely
the appropriate response to all of this
is to be throwing bottles at anybody
once again we are seeing police trying
to enforce
you know look large gatherings cops are
going to come out
and if people are going to riot cops
should be there
i think there's an easier way to deal
with this instead of going out
in massive groups of you know 10 000
plus or whatever i think more i think
it's like 50 000 or something like that
well we'll read the number i don't want
to overestimate because i don't know for
i think people should just go about
their lives as the protest
i don't think violence is going to help
you out as much as i think it's
particularly interesting to see regular
people step
up i think the violence is is not
we'll see how it plays out you know what
i'm going to say this
violence won't help you win elections
but i think it'll help you end lockdowns
and i i because we've seen how black
lives matter has been given impunity to
go around smashing things
however ultimately i think the violence
any potential violence
is going to result in everything just
getting worse for everybody so i'd have
to say this right
i do not encourage this nor do i i
support it
but i don't know what to tell you the
lockdowns are very very different from
black lives matter where you have a
media i mean think about it this way
the media telling you all of these
things about uh police and justice and
and then we have to end up we end up
breaking it down finding out it's not
the lockdown stuff they're ignoring
reality and then we have to do our
research and find out what they're
saying is not true
it's a very complicated subject because
i can get banned just for saying this
what i mean is
look we know that covet is dangerous but
in florida they're pulling up
all the restrictions because the science
has come out and we flattened the curve
so if the goal was to flatten the curve
we've done it now you're going to get
riots which i'm not a fan of
i'm absolutely not a fan of i'm not a
fan of it i don't care who does it
but this is not these are not leftist
ideologues they're regular people
they say clashes broke out as huge
anti-lockdown protests in trafalgar
was shut down by police after crowds
ignored social distancing rules
thousands of massless demonstrators
descended on central london
on saturday for a we do not consent
despite pleas from police for people to
abide by coronavirus restrictions
the demonstrators were seen carrying a
variety of signs flags and placards
as they crammed into the square with
some cheering
clapping and shouting we will win no one
appeared to be wearing face coverings or
sticking to social distancing measures
one of the things really interesting
about this is the image you see right
someone's holding up a sign that says
when tyranny becomes law resistance
becomes duty
and it is the revolution fist
this like these people were saying they
were protesting fascism
so was this antifa maybe maybe this is
something that's going to unite
everybody in the uh in you know in in
the uk
they say jeremy corman's brother pierce
that's left and conspiracy there's david
you got left and right and up down
whatever the demo uh so they say hours
later police at the event was being shut
because demonstrators were putting
people in danger of transmitting the
they warned that anyone who stays could
be subject to enforcement action
here's what i want to make the point i
want to make on the violence thing
when black lives matter comes out in in
the in the us and they destroy
everything there's burning things down
and the government the the d.a won't
and we see these people actually just
get you know they're allowed to do
whatever they want
don't be surprised when other people
feel that riots work
now they don't they they they typically
negative sentiment towards whatever it
is you're fighting for and right now
the majority of people at least
according to many polls support the
i'm not i'm not saying it's a strong
majority i don't think this is
necessarily going to help
but i can see with the economy being
shut down people suffering losing their
jobs and not being able to make money
i'm not surprised it's happening with
black lives matter they have more of a
nebulous cause they can't see
a handful of of individuals had their
rights violated their lives taken
i say a handful because it's like 13
according to the wall of the washington
13 unarmed black men who were shot and
killed by police now these are tragedies
this problem needs to be solved but it
is not a nationwide lockdown suppressing
the rights of every single person
but when black lives matter gets away
with burning everything and setting
surprise surprise other groups are like
i guess that's the only thing you can do
because they said that is okay
and is that what you really want maybe
it is
i think it'll ultimately be bad for
everybody maybe these cops will start
you know to back away we'll see
they say as officers tried to disperse
the crowd bottles were thrown and
scuffles broke out
police donning riot helmets used batons
against protesters
leaving some with visible injuries
officers were also seen removing sound
while several protesters were led away
in handcuffs another demonstrator was
physically carried away from the scene
by officers
piers corbin the brother of former labor
leader jeremy corbyn was among those the
conspiracy theory conspiracy theorist
david ike who has made several false
claims about the chronovirus was also in
in a statement the metro police said
crowds in trafalgar square have not
complied with the conditions of their
risk assessment
and are putting people in danger of
transmitting the virus
this is this has voided their risk
assessment and we have informed the
event organizers
they are no longer exempt from the
regulations we are now asking those in
trafalgar square to leave
officers will be engaging with crowds
and informing them of this development
now i can be critical of the clashes for
sure i'm not going to play a game where
i think one side is allowed to use
violence and the other isn't no
it's all bad violence is all bad but i
won't be stupid enough to ignore the
that we're talking about regular people
who are being oppressed by their
government and mass
versus specific cases of injustice which
uh an assessment on an individual basis
we have problems the system in the u.s
we can we can go for uh reform most
people want reform and the republicans
even offered it up
but the left continues to riot i won't
agree with that
what we're seeing here while i'm not a
fan of fighting with cops and throwing
bottles or anything like that
is the result of a massive population
being suppressed
very very different the left will tell
you in the u.s it's the same way
they'll say oh but tim don't you
understand no you're you're wrong
you're wrong when someone loses their
life it's a tragedy
but with 375 million police interactions
last year
and 13 unknown black men being shot and
killed what we have are tragedies
and we need specific individual justice
we have issues with some a bit of how
the system works in terms of
warrants and entering people's homes and
how we're allowed to defend ourselves
and gun rights
but these are not there's not one simple
fix here
when it comes to what's going on with
kovid you have the government ignoring
the science and telling people to shut
they're going to say by by leaving now
you can keep yourself safe and avoid any
enforcement action being taken by
the protest comes a week after a
separate event which saw more than a
dozen officers injured
when a small minority targeted police
more than 30 and more than 32 arrests
were made
the metropolitan police earlier said it
had been engaging with organizers
throughout the week to remind them of
their legal obligations
and explaining the events could be in
breach of covet-19 regulation
while protests are exempt from the rule
of six which is in force in england
organizers must submit a risk assessment
and comply with social distancing
police said some organizers had done so
but where this had not happened
the met will increase their engagement
and encourage attendees to disperse
i can't speak for the uk i can't speak
for florida governor desantis is
shutting it all down check this out
they say desantis on friday lifted all
coveted 19 restrictions on businesses
including restaurants and bars
and dropped penalties for not wearing a
face mask sparking a
protest among upset residents desantis
made the announcement during a noon
press conference in saint petersburg
and quickly drew ire from residents who
protested the new protocols
he argued that the threat of the
chronovirus pandemic
which has surpassed 7 million cases and
203 000 deaths had eased sufficiently to
allow the state to enter phase three of
its reopening
we are not closing anything going
forward phase three
which takes effect immediately allows
restaurants and bars
to operate at full capacity with limited
social distancing protocols
here we can see desantis holding up
survival rates by age group
we can see 0 through 19 is 99.997
20 to 48 is 99.98 50 to 69 is 99.5
and 70 is 94.6 showing
the survival rate of this is
high businesses should maintain
adequate sanitation practices among
employees and patrons during all hours
of operation
menus if laminated should continue to be
cleaned after each usage
paper menus shall be designated for
single use and then disposed of
immediately after use
but establishments will also be able to
operate at a minimum of 50 percent
regardless of local rules
the order also requires local
governments to justify any coveted 19
related restrictions on restaurants and
it's unclear how miami-dade county and
broward county will navigate the new
as they continue to have the highest
cases in the state florida's coveted 19
dashboard reports that broward
recorded recoded 75
872 confirmed cases and 1 364 deaths
dade county dwarfed that with 106 167
000 cases
and a death toll of around three
thousand additionally phase three
allows for fitness recreational and
personal care businesses
to operate at full capacity removing
restrictions set in earlier phases
this will be very very important to the
industry the republican governor said
every business has a right to operate
you can't say no after six months
and just have people twisting the wind
so i want to show you the story
18 to 22 year olds banned from gathering
in boulder colorado after chronovirus
young people if you do not like this
there is an option it's the republican
party they're looking at the science
they're seeing the
the survival rate is ridiculously high
and they're saying okay it's time to
move forward
the democrats on the other hand are
panicked and refuse to accept
responsibility for their jobs
hard decisions must be made right now
we have flattened the curve it is so
flat can't even see it anymore
we had something really crazy happen
earlier this year
a lot of people were you know we saw
these videos of you know in china people
collapsing in the street that was
crazy and so we said we gotta lock
things down
15 days to slow the spread 15 days
we'll slow it down well we saw a major
wave of cases and deaths we saw crazy
things happening and all of it made
it really did maybe we didn't do it
perfectly maybe that there's too much
damage to the economy but
based on the information we had
including myself and and some mistakes
were made
we did our best there's a panic
situation we're well beyond this now
as we can see with governor desantis i
believe it is now incumbent upon
these democrats to accept their
responsibility it's time to start
reopening which many are
many are but it's time to start
reopening and it's time to
stop these ridiculous lockdowns lest we
see people start
rioting specifically about covid
now they're writing about black lives
matter but it's only a matter of time
before regular people start getting
angry as well
we can see that the curve has been
flattened we've done the best we can
and we can't just sacrifice everything
at this point i guess the best solution
would be
protect the vulnerable and allow the
younger generation
and those who are not vulnerable to
begin working again because they'll
absolutely survive even if they do get
now we're seeing from i think like the
new york times or some health expert a
million people will die if we lift
now what's happening is that democrats
don't want their name attached to any of
it so if
one person dies and they release a
lockdown everyone's gonna blame them so
they're like oh but i don't want people
mad at me
yeah because they're not leaders they're
losers they're people who just say
whatever they have to say to get elected
instead of doing what they actually need
to do which is lead
their jurisdictions so i look at this
this story about the 18 to 22 year olds
you know what's funny is i heard
something similar recently
local colleges are banning young people
from gathering
and i find that very very weird why
young people survivability rate is like
99.9997 or something something like that
like even if they get oh but they could
spread it to grandma and grandpa well
they're at college
man these are these are these are people
who are at colleges okay not all of them
but a lot of them
so they're going to spread it to
themselves it's like a faculty thing
i'll tell you what man
i don't i'm not i'm not a scientist so
you always got to talk to your own
your doctor will tell you what's right
for you don't take my word for it don't
take trump's for a word for it don't
take biden's word for it or pelosi or
mcconnell any of these politicians
just talk to your doctor they'll give
you the appropriate advice
you need we want to make sure
everybody's safe when it comes to policy
there's a bigger question how much
damage are we doing
and how much will people tolerate and
that's where things get scary
what we're seeing in the uk is
destabilization people are fed up with
the lockdowns
and now they're they're bordering on
their you know they're bordering on
clashing with police fights are breaking
out because people are reaching their
end this experiment needs to be stopped
because you can see in the uk the
tolerance is evaporating
early on we heard that locking down
these economies would result in massive
starvation for people around the world
who rely on our assistance
but it was deemed that we better take
care of ourselves and you know what
forget them it's a
surprisingly america first policy from
these democrats i get it
but what about the people in the us who
are suffering too and can't work at a
certain point the damage of an economic
shutdown outweighs
the damage from kovid and these leftists
don't seem to get it
they're like oh but what about the
economy yes the economy is quite
literally how food is transported from a
warehouse to your house
i saw a really uh it's not really a
really funny
meme i guess as an image it's a quote
it's an idea about a pencil
that the pencil has an eraser it has
metal around it it's got
you know wood it's got a graph a
graphite in the center
and no one person can create a pencil
they can't do it and it reminds me of
this ted talk about
a guy who tried to make his own toaster
from scratch he couldn't do it
because the making the plastic was
impossible so what he did was he
mined plastic refuse the point is
that everyone has to work together piece
by piece to make sure that something can
be done
you can mock the economy but then where
do you think your food will come from
it doesn't just be you know they don't
just milk a cow and then bring the
bottle to your house
it has to go from the from the dairy
farm shipped in big containers to
processing plants where it's homogenized
pasteurized then they put it and then
then it goes to a bottling plant or
maybe they bottle the same place but
there's intermediaries
and there are individuals who handle
every aspect of the job and there's
people who are stocking it at grocery
then you can go buy it you can't just
shut the economy down
because you will eventually kill people
and that's the difficult decision these
democrats don't want to make even now
and you know what it's probably because
they can use it to justify mail-in
voting which is broken
and then win i guess
at least that's what they're thinking
and now we're seeing melon melon ballots
found in dumpsters and ditches
i'm not going to react to the
melon-bound stuff on this one because
we're talking about coven
but i'll just leave it here if you in
the u.s
we we often say that the riots are are
really inflamed because people were so
tense from being locked up for so long
they went nuts they lost their jobs
they're broke they're angry and they
found an outlet
the us is lucky i guess because if it
wasn't black lives matter riots i
believe you would see coveted riots
if people weren't allowed to do with you
know what they wanted to do in the uk it
seems like they're going to start having
coveted riots because even the left and
the right are both saying
end it now but they're going to you know
what their feckless politicians are
going to be like i'm not taking
responsible for a death count
and they won't do it and i think it'll
only get worse from here
not in the u.s though at least not in
the republican areas
so uh you want to go out for for dinner
go move to florida
stay away from new jersey i'll leave it
there next segment's coming up at 4 4pm
over at youtube.comtimcast it is my main
channel thanks for hanging out
and i will see you all then

Part 2

across the country police are risking
losing all of the good will and good
faith of the
regular people defending them when these
leftist extremists come out and say
defund the police abolish the police and
all cops are bad
you see i think police don't get enough
credit for the most part and what i mean
by that is
we don't put out videos when cops do a
good job
sometimes you'll see a viral video where
a cop is playing basketball with the
kids and high-fiving them
but for the most part those don't go
viral as much as say a cop beating
police brutality makes people feel angry
they demand justice
and these videos go viral and then
everyone hates the cops
you then see the police in new york city
putting out a big press conference
saying 375 million interactions
overwhelmingly positive and no one talks
about it but now you're stripping our
okay i'll defend the police only so far
because i've absolutely talked about
problems like this idaho man arrested
for not wearing masks at outdoor worship
unbelievable he told laura ingram the
moscow idaho coronavirus order is
and then we have this story from nbc
coronavirus violations get maryland man
sentenced to
year in jail sean marshall myers 42 had
two parties at his home in march that
each had at least 50 people in
two two parties at his own home
jail for a year so who are these cops
who will walk onto someone's property
and arrest them for having a gathering
on their own property
a violation of the first amendment that
congress shall make no law establishing
yaya you get the point
who are these cops that will ignore
their oath to the constitution
assuming they've taken one they'll
arrest worshipers who are outside
what about that cop in ohio who
apparently arrested a woman
who was sitting outside with her family
socially distant and wasn't wearing a
you you do you have to wear a mask when
you're outside
and socially distanced that to me is
absurd especially when you consider
all the protests so let me let me point
something out to you and then i'll read
you mean to tell me that the cops will
not arrest black lives matter
for not socially distancing they'll
they'll stay back they'll stand down
but they'll arrest people singing songs
and you want me to come and defend you
mark my words police if you keep
an imbalanced system this way where the
rioters can destroy
everything and the rest of us are
suppressed by you
don't be surprised when it flips around
you see
in milwaukee black lives matter
protesters with signs
went to a man's house a house shining
harassing him and the cops arrested
him when he pulled out his gun
why should i assume you'll be there for
me when all this is going down now i get
it not all cops are bad but we're seeing
too much of this and too much too quick
the black lives matter activists will
call the police and they will laugh and
cheer when the cops do what they want
i wouldn't be surprised if they call for
defunding the police
create their community policing and then
regular americans
who are sick of watching innocent people
get arrested say you know what defund
them get rid of them we're done
the fastest way to defund the police is
exactly this
and i wonder if that's the point and
these cops don't realize it
you know i've often talked about in in
certain circumstances why this happens
and you know within reason i understand
i do i don't like it
but think about it a cop is told you've
got violent rioters throwing bricks
now they're shooting at cops and we want
you to go out and deal with that they're
gonna be like no way
i'm gonna stay back i'm not gonna get
involved in new york city during some of
the widespread riding people were
complaining that cops weren't stopping
the rioters
and many people said it was because the
writers and the democrats have been
insulting it and attacking the cops the
cops are like i'm not gonna do anything
about it
but it's so easy for a cop to be like
well you know bill de blasio painted the
street so i better protect it
when you get a woman like beverly beatty
she came out and she threw paint on the
they arrested her and people were saying
like oh i feel bad for these cops having
to arrest their own supporter i don't
the cop chose to do it dude you know
what man
i i i don't support it i don't i will
absolutely criticize
all of this and say the police are
running the risk of getting me to say
you know what defund them get rid of
you want to come to my neighborhood
where they arrested some gym owners
and you think i'm going to keep
supporting you if you keep doing this
i'm not and i don't care and you know
what's funny
people seem to think they can come to me
and they can say tim if you don't agree
with my opinion
look i don't agree with with everyone's
opinions i don't i don't stand for
and i'm not going to stand listen if a
cop kills somebody
all right and we can prove it that it
was intentional lock them up
absolutely fire them strip them lock
them up of it strip him of his pay and
like that take all that stuff away if a
cop wants to defend
bill de blasio's illegal black lives
matter painting i say
fire him on the spot it is a violation
of the law
of our constitution what he's doing he
was stealing
taxpayer money for his political slogan
cops protected him my support only goes
so far
i'm reasonable i try to be i understand
cops have been there for me in several
and i'm not going to blame the cops when
i get pulled over
and you know there's an infraction a
headlights out or something it's like
well you know these things happen
i'm not going to blame the cops when
they're honestly trying to do their jobs
to keep the peace
and maintain order but i'll blame them
when they ignore
the law ignore the constitution and
things like this
shocking and offensive i will say
i can already hear the left saying but
you don't care when they kill people tim
of course i do lock them up throw away
the key
i don't believe in the death penalty on
that look if a cop comes out
and he kills somebody and it was
intentional it was intentional or even
charge him cop in the brenna taylor case
got reckless and
wanton endangerment because he was
firing blindly all right well
what am i supposed to say about that the
the guy the cops who returned fire got
no charges
i get it that was a tragedy the dude
brennan taylor's boyfriend was
someone barging his house and so he
fired first the cops returned fire i get
it man these are tragic instances that
sometimes they happen
let me show you the story a man who was
arrested for singing mask less than an
outdoor worship service in moscow idaho
called the incident
unbelievable gabriel wrench a lot of
lata county commission candidate was one
of three people arrested wednesday at a
psalm singh
attempted by some 150 people in the
moscow city hall parking lot the charge
violating a coronavirus order according
to the local news
i did not think it was going i was going
to be arrested
i didn't think i was going to be sighted
wrench said adding that his church
had been organizing the psalm sings
throughout the shutdown
we just started singing the songs and
they come up to me and my mom first
and then the guy standing next to me was
my friend and i put my armor on him and
this is my friend and that's why they
proceeded to arrest me
laura ingram asked if it was moscow
russia or moscow idaho
as protesters are given free reign over
city and suburban streets
i don't even recognize this country she
said the idaho arrest came as a woman at
a grade school football game in logan
was tased and arrested wednesday by
police for not wearing a mask in the
it's unbelievable the juxtaposition of
rioters being able to go out to the
maybe if i had a gun or a molotov
cocktail i would have been fine wrench
wrench who pointed out his county had
not had a single chronovirus death or
with 392 confirmed cases called the
covet 19 resolution
uh petty and tyrannical according to the
anyone who violates the order is subject
to a misdemeanor charge
which carries a maximum punishment of
six months in jail
and a one thousand dollar fine wrench
also claimed
the mayor attended a religious ceremony
on september 5th and did not wear a mask
or practice at social distance
and also attended a private party of
about 50 people three days before
with no masks or social distancing
tyranny is stupid and tyranny requires
so what happens is once you kind of put
your your foot in it
your pride and arrogance is starting to
drive the rest of the edict he said
so now when we test that tyranny when we
come up
and test that tyranny it pushes them to
actually bring force to the issue
and that's why they arrested me the cops
did not want to arrest me i don't care
what the cops wanted to do i care about
what they did
i'm not gonna listen if a guy robs a
and shoots someone am i going to be like
well he really didn't want to shoot
someone he was just robbing the bank
no i understand the cops weren't
breaking the law by showing up
but i don't care if the cops wanted to
arrest him they committed a crime as far
as i'm concerned
because there is no constitutional basis
for arresting a guy
outside singing a song okay
maybe it's not a crime because violating
the constitution isn't criminal as far
as i understand
but what their word is garbage as far as
i'm concerned
if you don't care about the rights of
and if you don't care about being
reasonable to the individual then i'm
not interested in supporting you
will i come out and say all cops are bad
no but i've seen too much of this
and you got me close saying you know
what how about this department we
abolish it
straight up why not do the people of
moscow idaho
need cops to be showing up to their
worship service and arresting them what
a waste of our time
what a violation of our rights now
they're not going around shooting people
or anything like that but still
if people look like i said if we can
clearly see you violate the law then so
be it punishment
i've talked about it before when i was
in new york and they
falsely arrested a photographer and my
live stream evidence exonerated that
and there was no accountability for the
officer who lied
under oath you want to be
you want to be everything they claim you
are officer
you want to be with the left said you
were by all means go ahead and do it
and then see how long it takes for all
of these constitutionalists and
conservatives to say you know what
fire them all i don't think you're going
to see conservatives they abolish the
police but i'm certain you'll see them
arrest the officers fire them strip them
of their pensions things like that
you want to violate your oath of the
constitution and suppress people's
then don't be surprised when they show
up to your house protesting it's already
starting to happen in the uk
people are clashing with cops these cops
that there is there is there's no line
that can be crossed there is
when people go around smashing stores
and burning things down
we expect you to stop them when people
are standing in a parking lot singing
we expect you to smile and wave they're
but we also have the guy hosting a party
going a year and getting a year in jail
sentenced to a year in jail for throwing
goodwill only goes so far i'll leave it
there next segment's coming up in a few
minutes and i will see you all shortly

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governor romney i don't have to go into
how many times they've told called you a
flip-flopper in terms of issues and what
you believed as governor of
congressman paul respect you i don't
know that you've changed much except
your party
it's time we brought our troops home
from around the world
we need to come home from korea we need
to come home from japan
and we need to come home from europe we
need to spend all that money
here in this country we should bring our
troops home change our foreign policy
quit these
ridiculous wars we would be safer and
richer for it
you have a government that provides
national defense but you don't have
militarism and you police the world
maybe we could take care of some people
back here at home if we weren't spending
1.5 trillion dollars a year
on our militarism that money needs to be
spent back at home
and uh we would have more defense not
less defense
you know i served five years in the
military i've had a little experience
i've spent a little bit time over
in the pakistan afghanistan area as well
as iran
but i wouldn't wait for my generals i'm
the commander-in-chief
i make the decisions i tell the generals
what to do and i'd bring them home
as quickly as possible and i'd get them
out of iraq as well
and i wouldn't start a war in libya i
quit bombing yemen
and i quit bombing pakistan i'd start
taking care of people here at home
because we could save
hundreds of billions of dollars our
national security
is not enhanced by our presence over
we have no purpose there we should learn
the lessons of history
and the longer we're there the worst
things are
are and the more danger we're in as well
because our presence there is not making
the other two parties uh no longer
stands for the constitution and liberty
and that there's no difference between
the two
i mean whether you have republicans or
democrats in office
government gets bigger taxes go up the
deficit gets worse
but when you look at it where the
democrats democrats are in charge of
republicans are in charge
personal liberties are intruded upon we
go about the world uh trying to
uh interfere in the internal affairs of
all nations and uh
where we have any eternal conflicts it's
what our founders intended unlike what
the constitution said
and unlike our american tradition of
minding our own business
and letting the people decide what is
best for themselves
and letting the market work herself we
really don't have a free enterprise
system here but we don't really have
democracy here
uh because you know if you're in a third
party if you're in a green party or
libertarian party
you don't get any credibility you can't
get on the base you can't get on the
ballots hardly at all
and it's very very difficult and if the
two parties are the same
you don't really have a democratic
choice here so
yes i think we have a long way to go to
set good standards here
this is my whole argument i think
there's a lot of goodness in america and
we should spread our goodness
but never through force we should be
talking about what we can do
here at home to set a good example have
a healthy
vibrant economy protect civil liberties
and have a foreign policy where we're
mining our own business
but have trade with people and talk with
people well you know i i did that one
time in a third party and uh we don't
have democracy in this country that it's
so biased if you're in a third party
you can't i can't get in debates as a
third party candidate
when i did as a third party i spent over
half my money just trying to get on the
so we don't have a good democratic
process what happens if you come to the
conclusion as millions of americans have
the parties aren't different they're all
the same the monetary policy stays the
same the welfare system stays the same
the foreign policy stays the same
they get pretty disgusted so there is
but one party
so people who want to participate you
know when they more or less have to get
one of the major parties there's one
documentary that's been put out recently
that has
generated a lot of interest called
freedom the fascism and we're moving in
that direction
we're not moving toward hitler type
fascism but we're moving toward a fat
softer fascism
loss of civil liberties corporations
running the show
big government in bed with big business
so you have the military
industrial complex you have the medical
industrial complex you have the
uh financial industry you have the
communications industry
they go to washington spend hundreds of
millions of dollars that's where the
control is
i call that a soft form of fascism
something that is very dangerous
we should be bound down by the by the
but the people in this country think we
live in an age of relative
ethics is what what they have come to
the conclusion of
sure profess to believe in the
constitution but
why have we gone to war since world war
ii without a declaration of war
why do we have a monetary system that is
not designed by the constitution
why do we have a welfare state running
out of control not designed by the
constitution you can't pay
lip service to the constitution without
obeying it
and we should have peace and prosperity
that should be our goal
we in foreign policy ought to have a
golden rule we ought to treat others
as we would want others to treat us and
we don't treat others so fairly we treat
them like we're the bully that we're the
policemen of the world
and we're going to tell them to behave
if we don't if they don't listen to us
we bomb them
if they listen to us we give them more
money and it's bankrupting this country
because we don't live up to our
principles the principles are embedded
in our constitution
property and free society should be
owned by the people and shouldn't be
regulated to death by the governments
whether it's washington dc or local
governments right now
we really don't own our land we just pay
rent on our land and we listen to all
these regulations
more people die from the lies government
tells they told lies
in the 60s and i served the military in
the 60s for five years how many people
died because they lied us in the war
how many people have died because of the
lies that were told to got us into iraq
and now in
afghanistan our government doesn't
always tell us the truth that's how we
go to war
and that's how we get in they tell you
they build up the fear
like uh just like after the crisis
you know the financial crisis the whole
world would end unless we bail out all
the rich people
and bail out wall street and bail out
all the bankers so
uh but people now in a very healthy way
are very skeptical of what the official
pronouncements are from the government
and i can consider that very good i'm
known as the taxpayer's best friend i've
never voted for a tax increase
and i voted for the least amount of
spending i am known for sticking to
principle and not flip-flopping
your solutions on stopping drug trade
is give up give them give up the world
i say zero tolerance we use the military
aid we stop it from getting into the
country we cut it off at the source
why why give up another fight
is a tyrannical approach to solving a
social medical problem
and we endorse the idea of voluntarism
and self-responsibility family friends
and churches to solve problems
rather than saying some monolithic
government is going to make you take
care of yourself and be a better person
it's a preposterous notion it never
the government can't make you a better
person it can't
so you shifted the burden and the reason
that the epa was created the reason the
clean air act was passed was to
deal with the very issue of liberty why
should you do so
should we have two sets of rules one
prior restraint on every economic matter
but i'm not allowed to have prior
restraint on your tv program
it's the same principle no no no no no
congressman look the first amendment is
different we all appreciate that
speech is something sacrificing we as
freedom lovers don't see the difference
we believe that
individuals property rights are the same
as speech rights you can't have
two kinds of rights this is what
happened but you endorse the status quo
of all the conservative liberal
arguments today because you think
there's economic rights over here
and there's political rights over here
anyway let's switch gears
do you feel better
anyone anyone that suggests that iran is
not a threat to this country is not a
threat to stability in the middle east
is obviously not seeing the world very
he sees it exactly the way that barack
obama sees it that he has to go we have
to go around and apologize for the fact
we've gone out and exerted our influence
to create freedom around the world
congressman paul 30 seconds you've heard
the war propaganda that is allowed to
lead us into the sixth war
and i worry about that position iran
is a threat because they have some
militants there
but believe me they're all around the
world and excuse me
they're they're all around the world and
they're not a whole lot different than
iran does not have an air force that can
come here
they don't have they can't even make
enough gasoline for themselves
and here we are you know building this
case out please please
uh they're building up this case like
just like we did in iraq built up the
war propaganda there was no al qaeda
in iraq and they had nuclear weapons and
we had to go in
i'm sure you supported that war as well
it's time we
quit this it's time it's trillions of
dollars we're spending on these wars
that's fairly normal but you're not out
there waving scientists
i believe in values but i do not believe
in using force to put those values
i don't believe in using force to make
you a better person for your own sake
but i don't believe in putting force on
you to make you
more responsible economically i apply
the rules equally to
social justice and economic justice i
don't understand this division
why you may defend uh social liberty
liberties where rather well but
as soon as it comes to me spending my
money assuming responsibility
i i see well why why are you applying
why are you working
and you're the only one that i know and
we don't change anything we
if we got in this trouble because we had
low interest rates
getting businessmen and savers to do the
wrong thing just doing more
of the wrong thing continuously i can't
see how
this is going to be helpful my question
to you mr chairman
is this um what will it take
for you to say to yourself um
could i be wrong you know what if i'm
you know uh how long is this going to go
on 9 trillion
what if say in five years from now we're
in a deep deep slump
with your definition of inflation what
if we have high prices going and the
economy is very very weak and
unemployment is high
would you say to yourself then boy maybe
i really messed up maybe i was on the
wrong track maybe the free market
people were right maybe keynes was wrong
would you ever consider that or are you
absolutely locked in into your business
i'm always open to changing my mind when
the facts change absolutely
what would you do in other words saying
what you don't think should happen
has a value to a point but in reality
what do you think the american
politicians and bankers ought to be
i wouldn't pretend that pouring kerosene
on you started with i would work i'm
sorry to interrupt you but i want you to
start it with i would
okay what i would do is allow the
liquidation of debt to occur
you want the people to spend more money
and buying up
assets you want these assets uh priced
in the marketplace so we know what their
values are
that's why that first package of the no
one in the market will do that
as you know there's no value there
that's a good information then there's
no value why should you dump that on the
american taxpayers that's a strong
message that if it's worthless
you don't dump it on agreement that's
why our slop is getting worse
how do you get this cut thank you
governor romney that raises the question
if you were president united states
would you need to go to congress
to get authorization to take military
action against iran's nuclear facilities
uh you sit down with your attorneys and
tell you what you have to do but
obviously the president united states
has to do what's in the best interest of
the united states did he need it
uh you know we're gonna let the lawyers
sort out what he needed to do and what
he didn't need to do
congressman paul do you believe the
president needs authorization of
congress to attack strategic targets in
nuclear facilities absolutely this idea
of going and talking to attorneys
totally baffles me why don't we just
open up the constitution
and read it you're not allowed to go to
war without a declaration of war
now as far as fleeting enemies go yes if
there's an imminent
attack on us we've never had that happen
in 220 years
the thought that the iranians could pose
an imminent attack on the united states
is preposterous there's no way this is
just an attack
leading to this this is this is just war
propaganda continued war propaganda
preparing this nation to go to war and
spread this war
not only in iraq but into iran
it is a road to disaster for us as a
nation it's a road to our financial
disaster if we don't
read the constitution once around the
that's called my way or the highway oh
come on but my way or the highway
so you're criticizing bernie sanders for
saying it's his way or the highway
no i'm talking about legislation well no
i mean you pass legislation because you
bring people together
i can't see how you can write it off so
no it's you're saying no compromise so
it wasn't well well i blamed you my
magnum point do you think i should
compromise on the first amendment
on property rights on your property
right should i sell your house because a
businessman wants it
and he can pay more taxes why don't you
want somebody to
stand on principle why
another question about electability
do you have any sir there's always the
question as to whether or not
you are in fact viable your differences
with the republicans on the
with the rest of the republicans on this
stage has raised questions about whether
or not you can actually win the general
the republican nomination sir
well we've only had two little primaries
so far so it's pretty premature to
which one is going to be the candidate
but you know
when you think about it if you measured
everything i've ever said
every vote i've ever taken against the
you know i'm strict constitutionally so
are you suggesting the republicans
should write me off
because i'm a strict constitutionalist
i'm the most conservative member here i
have voted
you know against more spending in
wasting government than anybody else
so you're suggesting that i'm not
electable and the republicans don't want
because i'm a strict fiscal conservative
because i believe in civil liberties why
we not be be defending civil liberties
and why should we not be
talking about foreign policy that used
to be the part of the republican party
mr republican robert taft didn't even
want us to be in nato
and you're saying now that we have to
continue to borrow money from china
to finance this empire that we can't
let me see if i get this right we we
need to borrow 10 billion dollars from
and then we give it to musharraf who's a
military dictator who overthrew an
elected government
and then we go to war we lose all these
promoting democracy in iraq
i mean what's going on here
and you're saying and you're saying that
this isn't appealing to republicans
where did where did this come about i
think this is a republican message
i defend the platform they used to say
we gotta get rid of the department of
it doesn't say that now we as
republicans went and doubled the size of
the department of education so
where where have we gone i think we've
lost our way in the insinuation that i
am less republican because of that
congressman thank you very much
you have to have a gold coin standard
and anytime you
quiz or question the integrity of the
government you should be able to take
that certificate to the bank
and make sure they do have the gold sir
if you don't have a gold standard for
our money could this lead to
no it not could it is it will if we had
the proper rule of government
believe me if we just you know basically
followed the constitution we wouldn't
even have to have an
income tax we would live within our
means and we wouldn't be able to print
money and we wouldn't be able to borrow
like we do
there are 38 million people today that
have no health care after the
government's been in health care for
45 years we spend a lot of money on
health care the government today
the price has gone up the quality has
gone down the distribution
has been eliminated there are more
people without health care now since the
government's been in the business okay
but how you what do you do to get better
health care it's sort of like asking how
do you deliver bread to poor people
how do they get bred they work and they
go out and get it
services and goods in a free society are
by the marketplace but not by government
so if you're really doesn't
have a responsibility to come and take
care of them personally we do yes but i
don't have the right to steal from you
because somebody on the street needs
your help
you have an obligation personally to
help them but i don't have the right to
interfere with your right
to take something from you and deliver
it to somebody on the street
and you have to remember there are more
people on the street today without homes
without medical care since we've been in
the business of welfare
so if we want to eliminate most of the
people who are in need
you have a free market system but the
question is still legitimate
because there'll still be some people
who will have need our answer to that is
it has to be taken care of through
voluntary means never through coercion
never through force
social security the people should know
the truth that it's bankrupt and that
young people won't get anything
and therefore we should start to
privatize it are you still in favor of
abolishing social security
yes but not oh not overnight matter of
fact my my program's the only one that
is going to be able to take care of the
i'd like to get the young people out out
of it just in the
generation because there's no money
there and they're going to have to pay
50 years and they're not going to get
anything there's no money there i'd take
care of all the elderly
all those who are who are who are
but i would save the money from this
wild spending overseas we can save
hundreds of billions of dollars
and still take care of the elderly i
don't want
taxes on the social security benefits
that they receive
i have a bill in that would secure the
trust fund where none of that money
could be spent
in the in the general revenues if you
became president you would transition
completely out of social security and
medicare you know if i can get the
people to agree and the congress degree
yeah that would be my program
is to transition out because this one
has failed
i would cut massively on this overseas
spending hundreds of billions of dollars
and work our way out of it if there's a
threat to our national security
you never act secretly through the cia
or doing anything militarily without the
consent of congress
70 of our military money is spent
overseas subsidizing rich allies it
should be spent on the defense of this
uh we'd get out of the persian gulf we'd
back off we'd bring all our troops home
we'd bring all our missiles home
we'd defend america and we wouldn't
anytime they threatened us we'd defend
ourselves we'd have
armed neutrality but uh we would reduce
the number of nuclear bombs maybe by 75
we wouldn't get rid of them but we'd
drastically reduce them would do away
the confrontation but stand firm and uh
ensure of ourselves we wouldn't go in
half-heartedly into anything
such as we did in vietnam to lose sixty
thousand men
in a no-win undeclared war that is
complete nonsense
and the result of the republican
democratic foreign policy of 50 years
and it's going to continue it's going to
get worse well they know that the most
important thing for freedom and
peace is for me to obey the constitution
and where is it the authority has
constitution for us to police the world
i think when our national security is
threatened the american people have a
right to vote through their congressman
for a declaration of war
this is the kind of thing that leads to
uh vietnam war type wars so you u.n
this is the kind of thing that leads to
korea's vietnam
and useless wars this is why we did not
win the war
in the persian gulf sure why we're still
facing with this problem
so for us to unleash bombs on iraq
at this particular time to kill more
innocent people
for narrow political reasons no there is
absolutely no need
to cause more bombing because of a very
overall flawed foreign policy how are
you going to vote on impeachment
i'll vote for impeachment for all four
articles yes uh
unenthusiastically because i think the
charges are way too mild but i wish the
congress would address the
unconstitutionality of presidents waging
that to me is a lot more serious than
monica lewinsky
matter of fact our national security is
more jeopardized
by permitting this to happen because
we're liable to start a war we're liable
to have
our military men killed we're liable to
more attacks on us by terrorists
our foolish policy in iraq invites
terrorist attacks against u.s territory
and incites the islamic fundamentalists
against us and he wants to know if you
agree with senator mccain's statement
that the united states might need to
u.s troops in iraq for as long as even
100 years
i don't even think they should have gone
so keeping them for 100 years where's
the money going to come from
you know the country's in bankruptcy and
when i listen to this argument i mean i
find it rather silly
because they're arguing technicalities
of a policy they both agree with they
agreed to going in agreed for staying
agreed for staying how many years and
these are technicalities
we should be debating foreign policy
whether we should have interventionism
or non-interventionism
whether we should be defending this
country or whether we should be the
policemen of the world
whether we should be you know running
our empire or not and how are we going
to have guns and butter
you know the 70s were horrible because
we paid for the guns and butters of the
60s now we're doing the same thing
and nobody even seems to care the dollar
is crashing and you're talking about
technicalities about who said what when
i mean in in 19 in 19
in 1952 we republicans were elected to
stop the war in korea
1968 we were elected to stop the war
in vietnam and tragically we didn't stop
it very fast 30
000 more men die so when i talk about
these long-term stays
i think how many men are you willing to
let die for this
for something it has nothing to do with
our national security
there were no al-qaeda there had nothing
to do with 911
and there was no threat to our national
security they never committed aggression
it's unconstitutional it's an undeclared
war and we have these silly arguments
going on about who said what when
i think it's time to debate foreign
policy and why we don't follow the
and only go to war with a declaration of
war governor huckabee the idea of 100
year involvement of the u.s the idea of
100 years
they don't want our troops on the
arabian peninsula
we have no need for our national
security to have troops on the arabian
and going into iraq and afghanistan and
threatening iran
is the worst thing we can do for our
national security i am less safe the
american people are less safe for this
it's the policy that is wrong tactical
movements and shifting troops around and
taking in 30 more and reducing by five
irrelevant we need a new foreign policy
that said we ought to mind our own
bring our troops home defend this
country defend our borders
so if
so congressman paul and i'd like you to
take 30 seconds to answer this
you're basically saying that we should
take our marching orders from al qaeda
if they want us off the arabian
i'm saying i'm saying we should take our
marching orders from our constitution
we should not go to war
we should not go to war without a
declaration we should not go to war when
it's an aggressive war this is
invasion we've committed the invasion of
this war
and it's illegal under international law
that's where i take my marching orders
not from any enemy
we don't have to have more courts and
more prisons we need to repeal
the whole war on drugs it isn't working
as more and more begin to know the
status quo has got to go
they're bound to say yes to a man named
a man who makes the establishment panic
grassroots are growing way too wild too
with no donations from goldman sachs
they're still having trouble trying to
hold them back but it's not
about a man am i clear it's about a man
who will carry on an idea
the script you've been given doesn't fit
is the given dr paul
has been robbed in every state he has
been in it's a sin when the teleprompt
the readers keep spinning having the
people believing dr paul
isn't winning the smear campaign is
wearing off fast
exponentially we are tearing off masks
the mass media ain't making it fair once
we kill the central bank we can take it
from there
he's a statesman so why do they hate him
he was delivering babies back in 1963
and he just
helped give birth to
back in 1984 telling you how central
banks were profiting from
but lo and behold the drug that
inevitates most of the members of
has not been touched because they're of
their drinking
he was alcohol babies back in 1963 and
he just helped give birth to the baby of
he's a statesman so why do they hate him
he was delivering speeches back in 1984
telling you how central banks were
profiting from war
you don't know the man from mechanic to
call ron paul a racist to call me a
there's not a candidate that you can
trust more
his face should be on rushmore
because at one time it did have real
history shows that people have chosen
gold first
and probably silver second i'd rather
have cigarettes than pieces of paper
no you can't you can't have a government
like this without an income tax but we
don't want a government like this this
is not the kind of government that was
designed by our
founders of the country it's not what
was written in the constitution we've
only had an income tax since 1913
if you want a welfare state and if you
want to police the world and pay for the
defense of japan and germany
send foreign aid to the soviet union you
not only need the income tax you need
the federal reserve to print up the
money when the deficit
is accumulated so we think the
government should be much smaller if
government is small
then you don't need an income tax on
occasion i've taken the position
uh quite frankly i don't believe we need
the income tax and we don't need the
internal revenue service
if you were president would you work to
phase out the irs
what we do on the floor no we're dug a
hole for ourselves and we've dug a hole
for our party
we're losing elections and we're going
down next year if we don't change it and
it has all to do with foreign policy and
we have to wake up to this fact even if
we lose elections we should not lose our
honor and that
is more important than the republican
we have lost
we have lost over 5 000 americans killed
in afghan
we've lost over 5 000 americans over
there in afghanistan
in iraq and and plus the civilians
killed how many more
you want to lose how long are you going
to be there how long what do we have to
pay to save face
that's all we're doing is saving face
it's time we came home
gentlemen thank you wendell
congressman paul you your answer is to
cut both taxes and spending you say that
you would eliminate the irs
the cia the federal reserve
the department of homeland security
uh i know that you used to want to end
the fbi i'm not sure whether you still
support that idea sir
perhaps you can tell us but if you get
rid of the cia let alone the fbi
how would president paul have any idea
any intelligence of what our enemies
foreign and domestic are up to well
you might ask the better question uh
before 9 11 we were spending
40 billion dollars a year and the fbi
was producing
numerous information about people being
trained on airplanes to fly them but not
land them
and they totally ignored them so let's
go to you speaker gingrich
recently uh dr paul referred to you as a
chicken hawk
because you didn't serve would you would
you use that phrase again
yeah i i think people who don't serve
when they could and they get uh
three or four or even five deferments uh
aren't they they have no right to send
our kids off to war
and and not be even against the wars
that we have
i'm trying to stop the wars but at least
you know i went when they called me up
but you know the the veterans the
veterans problem is a big one we have
hundreds of thousands coming back from
these wars
that were undeclared they were
unnecessary they haven't been won
they're unwinnable
we have hundreds of thousands looking
for care and we have this
epidemic of suicide coming back and so
many have
i mean if you add up all the contractors
and all the wars going on afghanistan
and iraq we've lost 8 500 americans and
severe injuries over 40
000 and these are undeclared wars so
rick keeps saying we you don't want this
libertarian stuff but what i'm talking
i don't bring up the word you do but i
talk about the constitution
constitution has rules and i don't like
it when we send our kids
off to fight these wars and when those
individuals didn't go themselves
and then come up and when they're asked
they said oh i don't think i could one
person could have made a difference
i have a pet peeve that annoys me to a
great deal
because when i see these young men
coming back
my heart weeps for them

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get well soon

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show y'all something else
just go with me go with me here i'm
gonna type it in because i already
pulled it up
for donate
what does this say up here y'all can't
see it cause it's small maybe i can zoom
it in
act blue oh it ain't gonna zoom that
y'all can do it on your own act blue
that's what it says here
at blue dot com forward slash donate
this is why think about this
they ain't doing nothing for black
people act blue
has their stuff online where it shows
that they give 1.1 billion dollars to
political candidates who
have all been democrat none of this
none of this shows or is sent to the
black community
none of it uh george floyd's family
didn't get none of this money
uh sicario turner's family didn't get a
touchdown elite family didn't get none
of this money
they got merch on here though they got
all this stuff that they pushing
and getting all these sign ups and you
get your email though so they can sell
your information
what are they doing none of this goes to
black people
none of it and just let's just go let's
just for the sake of argument let's go
let's go to antifa because i don't even
want to click your body
for takes you to joe biden this is that
let me see if i click 15
what's the what's the url up here act
blue dot com forward slash donate four
slash abide in 2020
money from his site money for blm
is all going to act blue
it's all going to act blue now you
should know
you know what happens when the money
goes through at blue as a payment
they get a cut out of money from all of
the people that donate through them they
get a cut a nice little cut
and acts blue as a company they donate
to whoever they want that's going to be
uh democratic people so if joe biden
gets a big donation
aside from what they raised through
active blue
if they get a big donation from act blue
where is that money going
you think can you donate into a black
lives matter it's gonna stay right there
nah like a big piece of your money is
going towards
joe biden it's going toward people that
don't really think that black lives
matter to abortion causes and everything
so what's really going on look at this
this is actually it's all
it's all feeding a cycle it's one
vicious cycle man
it's just feeding it
look at it look at this look at this i'm
just reading what the
blue websites say it says powering
democratic candidates
committees parties organization
and c4s around the country that's what
that's what act blue says
this on their website this is what they
and y'all just saw who have act blue
associated to their donation tab
but they put the black folks up here get
you emotional
get you round up so you want to go uh
get rid of the police
and you want to go on here and be an
activist you go here
they take your money here you go to
biden they take your money here act blue
is powering democratic candidates
committees parties organizations
and c4s around the country black lives
matter is not a
certified 501c3 i don't believe they're
are it's a for profit i believe it's for
profit now i could be wrong but i know
for a fact they're not a 501c3
because if they were to follow 501 c3
they'll take their own donations
but they don't they feel the through act
blue now i don't i want anybody
anywhere to explain to me
how y'all still talking about black
lives matter
and y'all know it's going straight to
democrats it ain't going to black folks
and most of the candidates on there are
white candidates look who they put up
the president
a white man

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Imagine being so greedy that you keep you job until you die just so no one else gets it.

Once there was a wicked witch in the lovely land of Oz
And a wickeder, wickeder, wickeder witch there never, never was
She filled the folks in Munchkin land with terror and with dread
'Till one fine day from Kansas way a cyclone caught a house
That brought the wicked, wicked witch her doom
As she was flying on her broom
For the house fell on her head and the coroner pronounced her dead
And thru the town the joyous news was spread
Ding-dong, the witch is dead! Which old witch? The wicked witch
Ding-dong, the wicked witch is dead
Wake up, you sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed
Wake up, the wicked witch is dead!
She's gone where the goblins go below, below, below, yo ho
Let's open up and sing, and ring the bells out
Ding-dong! the merry-o sing it high, sing it low
Let them know the wicked witch is dead
Ding-dong, the witch is dead! Which old witch? The wicked witch
Ding-dong, the wicked witch is dead
Wake up, you sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed
Wake up, the wicked witch is dead!
She's gone where the goblins go below, below, below, yo ho
Let's open up and sing, and ring the bells out
Ding-dong! the merry-o sing it high, sing it low
Let them know the wicked witch is dead

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