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Personal Note: I adamantly disagree with a point made in the following video. Thanos being painted as a sympathetic villain in Infinity War and Endgame was not only stupid but COMPLETELY WRONG on every level. It was simply zero population growth / Extinction Rebellion / environmental communism pornography.

no it's no secret that I've got a bit of
a love affair with James Cameron movies
in fact I've spent nearly 10 hours
ejaculate in over aliens in Terminator 2
you know but when sermon er actually
told a viable story instead of over
writing their own continuity and soiling
their legacy with increasingly desperate
attempts to jumpstart a new franchise
anyway back to James Cameron the man has
been responsible for some of the
greatest blockbuster movies ever made
using a unique combination of fast paced
hard-hitting action groundbreaking new
technology meticulous attention to
detail inspired casting choices strong
writing and iconic characters to bring
his artistic visions to life
nice one Jim the problem with all this
success is that eventually it can go to
your head with no one left who has the
balls to call you I challenge your ideas
or rein in your ego when you need it
you're free to be as impulsive excessive
and self-indulgent as you like and the
quality of your creative output
inevitably suffers just ask George Lucas
in Cameron's case the end result of this
uncontrolled burst of ego driven
creativity was avatar the most
successful bad movie ever made
but drinker you indefatigable
Renaissance man I hear you see avatar
made almost three billion dollars how
can you possibly claim it's bad when
it's one of the biggest movies ever made
because my simple-minded friend
box-office revenue doesn't determine
whether a film is objectively goods I
can't believe I'm actually having to see
this but gate receipts don't make
something a meaningful artistic endeavor
if they did then Resident Evil would be
just as culturally significant as
Schindler's List the sad reality of
cinema is that sometimes bad films make
lots of money and really good films
don't make any and this particular bad
film made a shitload of money see the
world went absolutely nuts for avatar
back in 2009 and to this day I still
don't know exactly why it's like
we all switched off our brains Fortuna
half-hours steered all the pretty colors
and somehow bought into the collective
delusion that we just witnessed the
greatest spectacle in modern cinema
people were even claiming to suffer from
[ __ ] depression when they had to
leave Pandora and go back to the mundane
reality of their real lives yeah it's
right growing up in Scotland your dicks
anyway no it's a decade later and we've
had plenty of other spectacles to marvel
at and since we've been hearing more and
more noise about the first of four
sequels this due to hit cinemas next
year I guess this is as good a time as
any to revisit the original avatar and
see if I can make sense of this [ __ ]
so grab your shots of unobtainium and
let's begin avatar kicks off in the mid
22nd century and things are looking bad
for the human race Earth's natural
resources have been depleted force in
mankind to spread her into the galaxy in
order to survive the search for new
resources eventually leads to the jungle
world of Pandora and the discovery of a
new energy source called unobtainium I
find whatever the only problem is the
primitive natives of Pandora a race of
giant blue Smurf people called the Navi
who are kind of hostile to the humans
encroaching on their territory Oh No a
group of technologically advanced
invaders gradually displacing the
peaceful but primitive indigenous
peoples from their land so they can
plunder it for wealth and resources
whatever could this be a reference to
any way to help explore Pandora the
humans have invented artificial Navi
bodies that they can download their
consciousness into avatars if you will
why go to the trouble of creating
massively complex and expensive alien
bodies to walk around in when satellite
mapping aerial reconnaissance unmanned
drones robotic probes and [ __ ]
respirators are already available and
easily to use because the script needs
the plot to happen I guess anyway this
is where we meet the plank of wood that
as the main character Jake Sully is a
paralyzed war veteran whose twin brother
was originally going to pilot one of
these avatars but then he got killed and
because it's only compatible with his
genetic code jake is given the chance to
control it instead okay it's kind of
clunky but I can live with her I guess
so Jake accepts the offer and goes to
Pandora and this is where we get
introduced to the three main factions at
work first
there's the group of scientists led by
Ellen Ripley who operate the avatars and
try to maintain a peaceful relationship
with the Navi then there's the military
led by Colonel Quaritch who are supposed
to protect the mining operation for the
unobtanium but basically just what an
excuse to kill things lastly there's
Parker Selfridge a slimy corporate
[ __ ] who runs the show and doesn't
much care what happens as long as his
company keeps making money so basically
we've got a peaceful environmentally
harmonious indigenous people under
threat from the 20 vows of greedy
corporate capitalism and a destructive
war mongering military you know we tend
to think of preachy political
grandstanding in movies as being a
pretty modern phenomenon but James
Cameron was doing this [ __ ] way back in
2009 anyway Jake downloads into his
avatar and off he goes but soon enough
his recon team gets attacked by a CGI
monster and he's forced to go on the run
which brings him into contact with this
sexy blue minx her name's not eerie and
she's about to shoot him but a jellyfish
floats by and it's like nah well that
was lucky timing anyway and the theory
takes him into her tribe and starts to
teach him her ways so he can learn more
about their culture what does this
remind me of know I got nothing I love
how he's been there for like five
minutes and he's already managed to
achieve more than the other scientists
have done in years isn't plot
convenience a wonderful thing
no Quaritch thinks this is all fantastic
and orders Jake to spy on the Navi for
him why don't know they're [ __ ]
primitive hunters mate it's not like
they have strategic war plans forget to
uncover anyway I think you can
see the moral conundrum here the more
time Jake spends with the Navi the more
he finds himself sympathizing with their
situation and questioning his loyalty to
the humans and it doesn't hurt that he's
got this fine piece of blue ass to come
back to what's this a beautiful native
girl who takes the romantic liking to
the mysterious outsider providing a
conduit for him to integrate into her
culture where have I seen this before
the final straw comes when the humans
send a comically huge excavator into
Navi territory and Jake attacks it what
does this remind me of so with the Navi
up in arms the battle lines are drawn
Quaritch puts Jake and the scientists
under arrest and convinces Selfridge to
authorize an airstrike on the Navi which
kills a whole bunch of them and knocks
their giant tree over like a big
building coming down what does this
remind me of things are looking bad for
our intrepid heroes but then Michelle
Rodriguez shows up playing an angry
tough-talking Sarah Connor wannabe you
know just like every other rule of her
entire career she rescues the gang from
prison and they escape but Ellen Ripley
gets wounded in the crossfire so they
took her to a different giant tree and
then Navi tried to transfer her mind
into her avatar body permanently what
the [ __ ] how is any of this happening I
mean how is there even a mechanism for
something like this when have you ever
been required to transfer a human
consciousness into a biological
remote-controlled robot have you done
this kind of thing before with other
people can anyone download into anything
else I know which body I'd go for anyway
it doesn't work and she dies oh no I
hope Jake doesn't get put into a similar
position at the end of the movie because
that would be terrible
well I suppose I should at least give
camera and some credit for setting up
this plot devices in advance instead of
just pulling out of his arse with no
warning like JJ Abrams probably would
have done so I guess it's time for the
big finale
quark since always forces to bomb what's
left of the Navi into oblivion
while Jake rallies all of the warriors
to defend it becoming a savior to them a
white Savior if you will then there's a
bunch of fight scenes and Michelle
Rodriguez gets blown up and there's a
funny shot where Anna tiri gets stunned
by a nearby explosion and sees the
battle happening in a slow motion days
where have I seen this before
naturally the bomber gets blown up but
the last seconds and it all comes down
to a fistfight between Quaritch and Jake
a human in a mech suit versus a
dangerous alien a whereof I know I never
mind sooo chorus gets the upper hand by
damaging the pod that hoses Jake's human
form and exposing him to the toxic
atmosphere well lucky he happened to
crush lands so close to that thingy but
it's okay because natira shows up at the
last second and makes sure that he gets
the points and the movie ends with Jake
going through the magical download
process which works this time because he
remembered to wear his plot armor and
that's it that's the plot for dances
with Fern Gully Pocahontas aliens while
Saving Private Ryan from 9/11 no it's a
well known fact that I'm a cheerful
optimistic soul who tries to see the
very best in everything so traditionally
I like to start my reviews by
highlighting the positive aspects of a
movie it looks nice I guess I've never
gotten particularly excited over stuff
like shot composition color palettes or
camera angles and generally I'm off the
opinion that most big-budget movies made
in the past 15 years
look tolerably goods were the few
exceptions of course
but even I recognize that avatar is a
visual masterpiece filled with vibrant
colors breathtaking landscapes and
fascinating alien ecosystems yeah it
doesn't make much sense when you think
about the logistics behind it but
pouring down your brain and watching it
unfold for the first time in a 3d movie
theater was a pretty impressive
experience helped by an excellent
soundtrack that really captures the
feeling of wonder and adventure which is
just as well because the rest of this
movies a steaming pile of Donkey [ __ ]
the biggest bone of contention with
avatar has to be its story which feels
like a cheesy simplistic amalgamation of
ideas pilfered from five or six other
better movies a flawed but sympathetic
protagonist drawn into a brewing
conflict between two antagonistic
peoples gradually questioning his
preconceptions as he learns more about
his supposedly brutal and savage hosts a
cautionary environmental message about
the dangers of callously exploiting the
resources of a lush but dangerous
paradise without considering the wider
implications of these actions a romantic
love affair between two characters from
vastly different cultures set against
the backdrop of an epic confrontation
it's all been done a million times
before and while I acknowledged that
there's nothing inherently wrong about
reusing classic tropes and ideas and if
you break them down far enough most
movies contain the same basic
foundational plot elements but Jesus you
can at least try to put an original spin
on it you could introduce a bit of
nuance and complexity encouraging the
audience to look at a well-worn story
from a fresh perspective or you can do
what Abbot R does and take the simplest
quickest and easiest route to your end
goal using every dirty trick in the book
to get a reaction take the Navi for
example they're practically a textbook
example of how to emotionally manipulate
your audience they're similar enough to
us in general appearance that viewers
can impose human identity on them and
see them as people even if they
technically aren't they're graceful and
aesthetically pleasing so the romantic
relationship between Jake and natira
doesn't come across as weird and
uncomfortable because let's face it if
now he happens to look like this or this
or this
then avatar would be a very different
movie they even have big innocent
trusting eyes typically associated with
animals because nobody likes to see an
animal getting hurt or killed
lastly they're portrayed as living in
peaceful harmony with their environments
while the humans are violent and
destructive seeking what they want and
killing anyone who stands in their way
as an interesting little comparison
consider the aliens from district 9 they
certainly don't look attractive and they
don't seem to have any redeeming
qualities at first glance but the
difference here is that district 9
script actually puts in the work to help
you understand their origins and
empathize with their situation and by
the end you're rooting for them just as
much as the protagonist
it doesn't matter that they look like
giant prawns the Navi on the other hand
to come across as kind of creepy and
manipulative when you consider the
motivation behind them you're expected
to like them because they look nice and
they're being oppressed by evil people
that's it
no this is where strong characterization
could really help out many adults Tori
has been elevated by complex characters
and great performances and in this case
we've got I'm honestly struggling to
think of something interesting to say
about geeks Sully
as far as protagonists go he's kind of a
blackhole of personality and charisma I
mean he got injured and he's in a
wheelchair now so that's something I
guess but even that doesn't seem to give
us much to work with I never got a sense
of a once-proud and formidable man
struggling with the limitations of his
physical condition or bitter about the
opportunities that he's lost it's not
helped by an anemic performance from Sam
Worthington who generally acts like he
can't quite believe he's starring in a
big-budget movie and as a result neither
can I he doesn't have the charisma the
screen presence the magnetism or the
acting chops to carry a movie like this
and the problems only get worse when
he's buried under a layer of CGI if I
was feeling super charitable I'd say
Jake was intentionally written to be as
generic as possible played by an
unmemorable actor so he could become a
kind of avatar for the audience to
themselves on soo but that's probably
given the film too much credits
the teary isn't much better she gets the
occasional feisty moment but honestly I
never got a sense of who she was what
drives and motivates her what she values
and fears I mean she falls in love with
Jake because the script needs it to
happen but I don't really understand why
also this is kind of a nitpick but if
you're gonna give her an outfit that
leaves their boobs exposed don't resort
to the old strategic nipple cover in
routine it just makes her look like a
character from a JRPG no I'd love to see
that the antagonist totally saves this
movie but that would be a big old lie I
mean Stephen Lang certainly gives it his
best shot and compared to Worthington
he's definitely a commanding presence
but the script doesn't really give him
much to work with Quaritch isn't the
kind of guy I wanted to know more about
because there's nothing to know there's
no tragic backstory no personality flaws
or outside pressures that put him on a
collision course with the Navi he's just
a guy that likes to blow stuff up the
best antagonists are the ones with
understandable motivations the kind of
guys you almost feel like you could
agree with if things were slightly
different like fan oz from infinity war
for example he's personally witnessed
the devastating effects of
overpopulation in a world of finite
resources so he sets out to correct the
problem on a universal scale using the
most brutal of methods he doesn't really
want to do it and he certainly takes no
pleasure in it but he knows he's the
only one with the will and the means to
see it through and he's utterly ruthless
in the pursuit of his goal he's still
doing a terrible thing but he's doing it
to serve a higher purpose and you can at
least see his point of view even if you
don't supports it wouldn't it be
interesting if Quora CH had an equally
compelling motivation like if he cared
deeply about the troops under his
command and only committed to open
warfare as a last resort or he lost
people close to him because of the Navi
ultimately setting him on a path of
revenge or he was acutely aware of the
desperate situation on earth and was
willing to do anything necessary to help
humanity survive wouldn't a little bit
of moral ambiguity make him a more
interesting nuanced and fleshed out
character without undermining his role
as an antagonist
now just serve up a cartoon bad guy
that's irredeemably evil so the audience
can feel angry when he does bad things
and sheer when he dies and I guess that
pretty much sums up the entire movie
really avatar is all about surface level
spectacle and shallow emotion dazzling
the viewer with grand visuals but
failing to deliver anything deeper
that's worth reflecting on sick away the
3d and the big cinema screen and what
you're left with is basically a two and
a half hour tech demo loosely strung
together by a thin derivative plot that
borrows elements from far superior
movies and simplistic characters that do
the bare minimum to get you invested a
movie that doesn't earn the big
emotional payoffs it tries to deliver
because it refuses to put in the work to
get you there for all the money and
creativity that clearly went into its
production avatar ultimately tells the
cheap manipulative shallow lazy story
and it's such a shame because with just
a bit more work and thought put into the
writing I think it could have been so
much more but hey it made money lots of
money the problem is that its success
was mostly a combination of good luck
good timing and good word of mouth
unfortunately it's pretty rare for those
three factors to line up twice in a row
especially when you leave a 12 year gap
between your movies I suspect James
Cameron might learn this the hard way
when avatar two finally comes out either
way the drinker will be there to give
his opinion on it anyway that's all I've
got for today
go away No