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The following is under construction and will constantly change. Check back often.

9/11 - A false flag used to justify destroying Israels' neighbours with American resources.

ABC - Always Being Commies

abortion - The act of murdering children in the womb.

African American - A stupid term used by empty headed loser idiot retards to refer to black people.

alt-right - At least they're not Communists.

America - China's bitch.

Anita Sarkeesian - Is she dead yet?

Antifa - Communists.

athletes that kneel during the national anthem - Communists.

BBC - Brits Being Commies

Bill Gates - A silver spooned geek with an ugly wife that stole software then changed the laws governing software theft and became a billionaire in the process who's now LARPs as a doctor but is really just following in his daddy's, Thanos style population control agenda, footsteps.

black lives matter - A true statement you may or may not want to say.

Black Lives Matter - A communist organization that tricks you into supporting it with its name.

British Royal Family, The - Incestuous German family supremacists.

Dr. Fauci (aka Dr. Death) - An evil doctor that will say anything for the right price.

capitalism - The free and voluntary exchange of goods and services.

CBC - Canadians Being Commies

CBS - Commie Bull Shit

Cenk Uygur (aka Chunky Yogurt) (aka Fat Brown Buffalo) - A communist immigrant from Turkey that named his news organization, The Young Turks, after a terrorist group.

conservative - A liberal from 20 years ago.

COVID-19 - The 2019 seasonal flu that is being exploited usher in global Communism.

Democrat [citizen] - Not a good, normal person.

Democrat [politician] - A scumbag.

Donald J Trump (aka Drumpf) (aka Orange Man) - Just another selfish, power hungry politician bent on destroying America like all the others.

female - A woman.
female 2 - The more important yet inferior gender.

feminism - Islam is right about women.

feminist - Women without husbands to nag.

Firefly - The best television show ever made. Tied with Little House on the Prairie.

freedom - The world's most abused word that used to mean that you are free to do whatever you want as long as you're peaceful doing it.

gender pronouns - Self appointed titles SJWs give themselves to make themself feel special in their war against civilization.

gender studies - Anti-sandwich classes.

Greta Thunberg - A retarded Swedish girl trained to recite environmental communist talking points.

Halloween (1978) - The best horror movie ever made.

heterosexuality - Normal sexual behaviour.

Hollywood - A place where stupid lazy narcicst prostitutes go to earn a living instead of getting a job.

homosexuality - Abnormal same sex sexual behaviour.

hypenosis - A term coined by Doomcock from the DVD Overlord YouTube channel that is used to describe Hollywood's tactic of combining hype and hypnosis to put you in a trance like state so they can easily manipulate you and profit from you thinking their crap is actually good.

incel - Jut close your eyes and pretend you're fucking Farrah Fawcett on a waterbed.

lesbian - A woman that hates men by dressing like men and acting like men and uses a plastic penis to fuck other women like men.

lesbian2 - A woman who lacks sandwich making abilities.

liberal - A word Communists adopted and ruined that used to mean that "all men should be able to work and keep the fruits of their labour".

Jews - The chosen ones.

Justin Trudeau (aka Justin "Blackface" True Dumb) - Canada's gay Prime Minister.

libertarian - The correct way to organize society.
libertarian 2 - A person that calls themself libertarian that may or may not understand libertarianism.

Libertarian Party - A useless libertarian organization.

Little House on the Prairie - The best television show ever made. Tied with Firefly.

Madonna (80's pop singer) - A tool used by record companies to shit on Christians and promote promiscuity.

male - A man.
male 2 - The less important yet superior gender.

mask wearers - Empty headed loser idiot retards.

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (aka Michelangelo) - The best artist of all time.

NBC - Nothing But Commies

NFC - Nigger Fag Cunt

NFC2 - An organization made up of nigger fag cunts.

Pac-Man - The best video game ever made.

Pro-Choice - A movement designed at making women feel better about killing their children.

Pro-Life - A movement against women murdering their children.

Progressive - A term communists have adopted for themselves to trick people into joining their ranks.

race retardation - Everything a leftist tells you about race.

racism - A made up Communist word with no real definition that actually means 'you're treating a group of people in ways I don't like' but SJWs now use it to mean "people I don't like".

rap music - Shitty music made for shitty people.

Republican [citizen] - A good, normal person.

Republican [politician] - A scumbag.

retard - A really, really, really, really, really, really dumb able bodied person not to be confused with a handicapped person.

snowflake - The act of a SJW becomming so intentionally odd that they are in a category all by themselves then constantly compains you that don't see them as part of the group.

Social Justice Warrior (aka SJW) (aka empty headed loser idiot retard) - A bunch of abnormal people bent on destroying normal people.

socialism - An system where government has absolute power and control over everything.

Stanley Kubrick - The best director of all time.

television - A collection of Jewish media companies.

TheQuartering (aka Fat Gay Bunyan) - A YouTuber.

Tim Pool - A Chinese communist who's beginning to see the error of his ways.

trans - A person that falsly believes that they can transition from one sex to another but is still attempting to do so.
trans 2 - A fad being used by communists to destroy civilization.

Twitter - A right-wing website that publishes leftist insanity for us all to mock.

Unpregnant (2020) - The pro-child murdering comedy by HBO and middle finger to Unplanned (2019).

Weapons of Mass Destruction (aka WMDs) - A lie told to Americans about Iraq to justify a war.

white privilege (aka white supremacy) - Something white people have earned over the years working hard, working smart, making good neighbourhoods and making good countries.

Wizard of Oz, The (1939) - The best movie ever made.

Zoe Quinn (aka Meetoo Murderer) - The penal code known as the Constitutio Criminalis Carolina (1532) decreed that sorcery throughout the Holy Roman Empire should be treated as a criminal offence, and if it purported to inflict injury upon any person the witch was to be burnt at the stake. Source